Claude Giroux: Alpha Male

Claude_giroux_alpha_malevia (@Borntoreign88)

Peter Laviolette on what Claude Giroux told him before the game: “I don't know who you're planning on starting tonight, but I want that first shift.” 

Philadelphia has a new The Shift.


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  1. No denying g is a top 20 player. He played out of his mind today. .
    Well it was nice trolling this site for the last 3 weeks, I hate to say goodbye. I know I will be missed by clueless fucks like chirp & Andy the pussy from San Diego.
    The pens & I will be back next year as the team to beat. Also there are already rumors jags is coming back to the pens.
    On a side this is a best Philly sports blog & it was an amazing experience trolling Fuck off chirp, you no class fuck
    The Penguins fan who goes to Temple

  2. pittsburgh is the last place jagr wants to be. he already said he’s resigning with the flyers if he feels he’s healthy enough.
    besides, stupid yinzers would just boo him again.

  3. Temple…you have been owned.
    You will not be missed.
    Have fun sucking more dick.
    Good bye.

  4. G obviously was all over the ice tonight. But how about Hartnell all but guaranteeing a Game 6 win and getting the GWG!

  5. Pens won’t be the team to beat it’ll be who ever represents the east in the cup

  6. The Pens were the team to beat this year, so I will expecting the same mediocre performance next season when they’re knocked out first round

  7. @Pens Fan who pays money to a PHILLY college….
    Glad your asinine comments are going to exit this blog. I am sure your gonna turn your attention (as all Pitt fans will) to the Steelers 6 super bowls…..and ensuing you rub that in all Eagle/Philly fans.
    Glad trash like you are going home……trolling sites of enemy teams, how much free time do you really have, ya loser…….good riddance dandelion!
    Proud of these Flyers, Giroux embarrassing Crosby today…..very satisfying, but the road continues……

  8. Pens fan from Temple declared that he was done trolling this site after game 3.

  9. —- Pens fan from Temple declared that he was done trolling this site after game 3.
    Posted by: Crossing Broad Troll —-
    He’s done now that his pathetic-ass squad of whining losers (aka “the SI/ESPN favorites”) won’t be playing hockey for another 6 months has been bounced in round 1. Again.
    He’ll be back when the Flyers start Round 2.
    In the meantime: FORE!

  10. House
    Good luck…you need it.
    House. Pens, Sharks, Red wings….Wrong, Wrong, Wrong.
    Chirp. Flyers, Blues, Predators…Right, Right, Right.
    Remember when I came in as a freshman and you got dropped to the 3rd string goalie…
    dont be mad bro…

  11. I was thinking about this yesterday, but this isn’t a new version of The Shift. This was absolutely crazy and awesome, don’t get me wrong, but nothing will replace The Shift.

  12. That was soo much fun when Pitt won both the Superbowl and the Stanley cup in the same year!!!!

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