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So we figured we’d update you on its plans.

Last year we told you that Howard needed to get special permission to build a “moat” with his new home in Belleair Beach, Florida, which is located just a bit south of Clearwater and Clearwater Beach. The “moat” is – technically – a lazy river, which is not quite as awesome, but significantly more useful (unless of course Howard plans on fighting off medieval curveball hurling troops… in which case he’ll probably need a moat, too).

Howard paid $3.5 million for the lot in February 2011, and construction will get underway this month on the 17,500 square-foot mansion, estimated to cost $23 million

The home, which will be built on land that occupies over an acre of Gulf-front property, will include a “Venice-style lazy river running from the swimming pool underneath a series of bridges” and a bowling alley with breakaway walls. 

Taxes for the lot cost $33,684 in 2011, according to Zillow. So, not surprisingly, the town is eager to make an exception for what figures to be an an over three-year construction project: 

“We will cooperate in every way we can with Mr. Howard,” including requests for extensions on building, as long as there is progress on the house, he said.  

“How can we say ‘no’ to a project of this size when it’s 98 percent done?” added Commissioner John E. Hayes Jr. 

Howard is a multiple MVP winner and star player with the Phillies. Hayes said last May he had met Howard and his family and the town is looking forward to having them as residents.

“They are nice people,” he said.


Nice people with a fuckton of cash.

Howard’s Belleair mansion dwarfs his Philly-area home, located in Blue Bell (picture here).

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