CSN: New “Ultra-Mo” Camera for Phillies, 2001 Sixers Documentary on Sunday

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You may recall from last season that Phillies broadcasts on CSN featured a third base camera which appeared to have a different frame rate (and more color saturation?) than others (the Flyers and Sixers seem to be using a similar camera to supplement broadcasts, too). The difference was subtle, if noticeable, and had little impact on your viewing experience. This year, however, CSN is stepping it up a notch, with an enhancement that will – presumably – be more intriguing: The network will be featuring an all-new (new to CSN, maybe) “Ultra-Mo” camera to provide super slo-mo instant replay. 

Some details from Philly.com:

"It is crystal clear," says Shawn Oleksiak, CSN's senior executive producer of live events.

Oleksiak says that normal video is captured at 30 frames per second. Ultra-Mo uses a varied, or adjusted, frame rate, enabling more frames per second, which allows clarity on replays that previously was unavailable.

That means CSN is able to slow replays down more than it could before, without losing visibility caused by blurriness. And according to Oleksiak, it should be noticeable. 


We’ll wait to see how it’s implemented, but I’ve always been a fan of FOX-Mo and other, similar super slo-mo cameras. Being able to more clearly see close plays and, really, just the aesthetic appeal of watching a bat hit a ball in stunning clarity will be an upgrade to the broadcast. 

Other news from CSN. On Sunday night at 9 p.m., the network will air Almost Answered, a documentary on the 2000-2001 Sixers. From the release:

Comcast SportsNet takes a look back at one of the most exciting teams to hit the hardwood in Philadelphia in the hour long documentary “Almost Answered,” debuting on Sunday, April 8 at 9 p.m., following the Sixers – Celtics game.  “Almost Answered” is the story of the 2000-2001 Eastern Conference champion 76ers, whose season electrified the City of Philadelphia, before falling to the Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal-led Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals.

Narrated by area native and rock star G Love of G Love and Special Sauce, “Almost Answered” features interviews with key members of that unforgettable squad, including Allen Iverson, Larry Brown, Pat Croce, Dikembe Mutombo and Aaron McKie. Videos and interviews from Comcast SportsNet’s archives help tell the story of this team’s unlikely run to the NBA Finals. 



Thus concludes your TV news. Back to your regularly scheduled snark.


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  1. you realize they ran this same series a year ago? might have been as a feature on sportsnite but cant imagine this is anything new. same name and all.

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