Did Jimmy Rollins Mind F&#$ Josh Thole Last Night?

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Sadly, the lone Phillies highlight (other than Cliff Lee stroking two base hits) from last night’s loss to the Mets was the Phils pulling off an odd 3-1-6-4 double play in the second inning.

For Whom The Bell Josh Tholes advanced to second on R.A. Dickey’s sacrifice bunt. Jim Thome appropriately tug out Dickey and threw the ball to Lee. 

Routine as it gets, right? 


Inexplicably, after arriving – uneventfully – at second base, Thole turned and walked back to first, where he was thrown out. 


It seemed like a typical Mets brain fart, but upon closer inspection Thole appears to have been duped by Jimmy Rollins, who cooly told the unfortunate Met to hold up, similar to the way a gentlemanly shortstop might do on a foul ball.

After the game, Thole offered an explanation, saying that he knew the ball was fair but had no idea why he returned to first: [NJ.com

“I don’t know,” he said. “I was coming in to second. And Jimmy put his hands up, like ‘Come in easy. You can come in easy.’ I knew the ball was fair. I even looked down. You can go watch the video. I checked in. The ball was on the floor. I just took off running back to first. I’ve got no other explanation.”

“I realized when I was jogging back to first,” Thole said. “After I looked at the umpire, and got a weird stare from him, and then I looked back and the ball was on his way to first. I didn’t know what else to do. I just kept running.”

“I saw the ball on the ground in fair territory,” he said. “The video is incredible. I don’t know what I was thinking.” 


Ladies and gentlemen, the 2012 Mets: so bad they can’t even explain it

Video after the jump.

video via Deadspin


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  1. Once again, a failure to mention the Phillies inability to score more than 2 runs. Or the failure to mention Lee getting hit around.

  2. as pessimistic as i am about this season, they did get what, 10 hits? its more of a fluke i think. the hits didnt line up when they mattered, but we still got them. i bet tonight we get between 5-7 runs

  3. Lee didn’t get hit around. What did he give up, 4 hits? He threw 2 mistake pitches which is just part of the game. That is why there are only 20 perfect games pitched in the history of baseball.

    Calm down, people.

  5. I wonder if Kyle leaves hickies on Rube’s taint considering how hard he sucks his dick.

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