DJ Jazzy Jeff Will Perform at Phillies Home Opener

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Somewhere, Mr. Greengenes makes a sad.

Instead of the usual Mr. Greengenes, who I’m assuming makes a living off playing outside Philadelphia sports venues, the Phillies have announced that DJ Jazzy Jeff will be “spinning” at their Opening Day block party. 

The full schedule events, via the Phillies’ official release, is after the jump. Looks like Lady Pha-Pha will be making an appearance.


10:35 a.m.        All gates open. All fans will receive a 2’x3’ replica of the 2011 National League East Champions Pennant that will fly above Ashburn Alley all season, compliments of Modell’s Sporting Goods.

Opening Day Block Party. Citizens Bank Way. Hip hop legend and native West Philadelphian DJ Jazzy Jeff will be spinning at this annual Opening Day block party. 

                        Phillies batting practice.

11:34 a.m.        Marlins batting practice.

12:15 p.m.        Line up on 10th Street! Fans who have not yet entered the ballpark gates are invited to line up on 10th Street and cheer on the 2012 Phillies as they make their “Leadoff Walk” into the ballpark – escorted by the Cardinal O’Hara High School Marching Band and Budweiser Clydesdales.

12:26 p.m.        Fans inside the ballpark are urged to be in their seats for a must-see pregame ceremony! The 2012 Phillies will make their grand entrance into Citizens Bank Park from a 10th Street Leadoff Walk.

12:39 p.m.        “America the Beautiful” will be sung by the Philadelphia Boys Choir and Men’s Chorale, as members of the Pennsylvania Army and Air National Guard unfurl a large American flag. State flags will be carried onto the field by Philadelphia Police and Fire Department personnel.

12:42 p.m.        Introductions … Marlins

12:46 p.m.        Introductions … Phillies

12:52 p.m.        Moment of Silence: In memory of Jerry Clothier, Phillies Senior Vice President, Business and Finance, and Andy Musser, Phillies broadcaster.

12:53 p.m.        National Anthem: Will be sung by the Philadelphia Boys Choir and Men’s Chorale.

                        Flyover: FA-18 Hornet, the VX-23 Salty Dogs Squadron from Naval Air Station Patuxent River, MD, will fly over the ballpark.

12:56 p.m.        The Leap Frogs, the U.S. Navy parachute team, will parachute onto the field, bringing the first ball.

1:03 p.m.          Ceremonial First Pitch: Elena Delle Donne, University of Delaware Blue Hens basketball star who led the nation in scoring. Ivy Encarnacion, Modell’s Sporting Goods.

1:09 p.m.          Play Ball!

5th Inning           Don’t want to miss this one, as the Phanatic turns into the Queen of Rock and Roll.

7th Inning           “God Bless America” performed by popular band Locksley.

*All of the above events are subject to change, weather and wind permitting.



19 Responses

  1. The GREAT Ivy Encarnacion. Is that the GREAT Juan Encarnacion’s wife?

  2. Like you don’t know who greengenes is. I’m sure you’re always front and center at jacks, getting all sweaty to your favorite third eye blind covers.

  3. Did they start the “walk in from the outfield” entrance in 2009?
    That shit needs to stop, it is a curse.

  4. Greengenes are a joke. I always lol when they get booed at eagles games.
    Will Smith is a loser too

  5. BTW I used to have that same flyers hat back in 1991 that DJ Jizzy Jeff is rocking

  6. @tom
    They did.
    Same day they decided to wear gold uniforms.
    Talk about something going to your head.
    I believe they started the patch on the arm too.

  7. Jealous much? If you had all your info, you’d know they were playing after the game…no doubt to a packed crowd just like all the other shows they do up and down the East Coast. Phills cleary know a good thing when they have it.

  8. That wasn’t a dig at greengenes, btw. was just pointing out that they usually play there

  9. @3 finger lenny…. please tell me when my band got booed at an eagles game. ill tell you when we did. In that dream you had cause it never happened. Mr CB guy: if we made our living off of playing outdoor phila sporting events…we’d be some poor ass mothers.
    the people know why we play where we play. use your head man. Wip, The Fanatic, etc … they know the real deal too.
    Go Phils. we will be there post-season. just like you will be.
    lets all be cool and enjoy the rock, and the season. on that note…
    Mr Greengenes

  10. enough with the Boys Choir and Men’s Chorale too; they are terrible … get Daryl Hall or someone cool

  11. I was at the eagles skins game in 2008 & rem green genes getting booed. I think drunk fans were booing just to boo though because they were losing at the half.
    I think they are by far the best cover band in the city

  12. 1) stop stealing my name handle
    2) I never heard of greenjeans
    3) the flyers are getting beat down tomorrow.
    4) Tiffany sounds like a bitch

  13. this is dumb. i’m looking forward to rocking out with MR Greengenes POSTgame.. i wont even attend jazzyjeff

  14. Tiffany get back in the kitchen.
    I always love the losers that are right up by the stage rocking out to cheesy cover bands like greenjeans & split decision. How do they get beers & piss??

  15. It’s easy to say someone sucks behind a computer. The fact is this. Greengenes plays covers-yes. They are friends of mine as well-that is a fact. I too am a musician and know full well not everyone is going to like what they do or what i do either. But the implication that Greengenes has been riding the sports team’s jock or the implication there of is what pisses me off. Hey Crossing Broad….what would you be writing about if not for these teams. I’m pretty sure you couldn’t make a living swinging fro DJ Jazzy Jeff’s cock. (But it sure seems you would like too)…
    The fact is this-The Phillies themsleves decided to move in another direction with their act for opening day. It happens to every act at some point. But you taking the stand that they are woe is me or crying about it shows how clueless this site is!! Musicians play music because they love it, they love entertaining and they will do so regardless if everyone likes them or hates them. I have always said-if you are getting booked to entertain it’s for a reason. We love what we do, we work hard to refine our craft, we log lots of miles and spend countless hours of practice. And then there’s a site that says hey Wah wah Greengenes we got DJ JAZZY JEFF. I have no interest personally in whatever it is he does live. But he’s getting paid to do it so good for him. Just don’t act like you’re such a bad ass trying to rub it in Greengenes faces. As Bryen would say, “SUCK IT HATERS”

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