Eagles Release 2012 Schedule

The Sixers and Eagles should just go play each other in a Nobody Cares Bowl this week, because, well, no one cares right now. Anyway, the Eagles schedule (I think the Sixers are playing tonight or something, too):

Thursday, August 9 vs. Pittsburgh 7:30 pm (6ABC)
Monday, August 20 at New England 8:00 pm (ESPN)*
Friday, August 24 at Cleveland 7:30 pm (6ABC)
Thursday, August 30 vs. New York Jets TBD
Sunday, Sept. 9 at Cleveland 1 pm (FOX)
Sunday, Sept. 16 vs. Baltimore 1 pm (CBS)
Sunday, Sept. 23 at Arizona 4:05 pm (FOX)
Sunday, Sept. 30 vs. New York Giants 8:20 pm (NBC)*
Sunday, Oct. 7 at Pittsburgh 1 pm (FOX)
Sunday, Oct. 14 vs. Detroit 1 pm (FOX)
Sunday, Oct. 21 BYE WEEK  
Sunday, Oct. 28 vs. Atlanta 1 pm (FOX)
Monday, Nov. 5 at New Orleans 8:30 pm (ESPN)*
Sunday, Nov. 11 vs. Dallas 4:15 pm (FOX)*
Sunday, Nov. 18 at Washington 1 pm (FOX)
Monday, Nov. 26 vs. Carolina 8:30 pm (ESPN)*
Sunday, Dec. 2 at Dallas 8:20 pm (NBC)*
Sunday, Dec. 9 at Tampa Bay 1 pm (FOX)
Thursday, Dec. 13 vs. Cincinnati 8:20 pm (NFL Network)*
Sunday, Dec. 23 vs. Washington 1 pm (FOX)
Sunday, Dec. 30 at New York Giants 1 pm (FOX)

Here, I have included my game-by-game predictions: win with heightened expectations and insane WIP callers, loss, loss in an “I goofed” game, loss, loss, win with Vick getting hurt and some quarterback we never heard of winning game, loss, loss, win because Dallas will figure out a way to play their worst game of the year against the Eagles, win because it’s the Redskins, loss, loss at home on national TV, win, devastating loss with lame-duck Andy finally conceding his fate, win, loss. 



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  1. I can’t help but notice you have Reid losing after a bye week, I hate fate Andy as much as the next annually disappointed Birds fan, but I can’t pick him after the bye.

  2. I hope people on the radio start predicting the season…….before the draft…….before training camp………..without watching preseason……..dopes. Just watch and enjoy. In the meantime, Go Flyers!

  3. Fuck this team, and fuck all of their players. I would rather mortgage my house to pay for Flyers and Phillies tickets instead of giving one red cent to that cock sucker Lurie and his Hasidic right hand man.
    The only people who still go to these games are pussies who are afraid to walk away, as if Jeff won’t sell them another ticket ever again, and old men in their 50’s who like to think they are still in their 20’s, who go to get drunk as they used to, piss themselves, and then go home an smack their old lady around.
    Oh, and the suits.

  4. @JB – What do mean “start” predicting?! It’s been going on since 7:01 tonight…

  5. Look at the eagles trying to steal the flyers spotlight…
    Typical eagles move

  6. I course I am, Tom “The Animal” Evans.
    You see, it is far easier for someone in my job to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Why you ask? Because society is a pyramid. It takes a lot of effort to reach those people at the top, and even when you do, there are not many of them.
    That’s why we at WIP strive for the brain-dead slobs at the bottom. There’s a lot of them, and its incredibly easy to get their attention. Ever notice that the only advertisers on the station are titty-bars and greasy burger joints? That’s not an accident.
    And for money, I act like one of these knuckle-draggers on a daily basis. Sad but true.

  7. @DJ Ron Hipple
    Are you retarded? The entire NFL released their schedule tonight. Every year they do it in April. I guarantee it has anything to do with “stealing spotlight”.

  8. 10-6 That’s absurd that you think this team will go 6- 10. And I’m 4 for 4 Philly teams so I still do care about the Eagles and yes even the Sixers. How can you say the nobody cares bowl really? Like it or not the Philadelphia Eagles are still the most popular team in this city. Philadelphia is and always will be a football town first that’s just the way it is.

  9. @ Mike Mc
    To be Fair, Kyle meant nobody cares THIS WEEK. I definitely wasn’t watching the 3 hour NFL unveiling. Football is still number 1 to me, but I’d rather watch OTHER teams play hockey playoffs than pay a ton of attention to a schedule for something that is still 5 months away from starting.
    That said, surprised to see so much hate for football and the Eagles. Looks like a lot of people can’t handle the fact that their favorite sport will never come close to being anywhere near as popular as Eagles football in Philadelphia.
    I’m a 5/5. Go all Philly sports! Don’t forget the Union!

  10. how can you all bitch about the eagles when they’re the winningest team in Philadelphia in the past decade? as mentioned above, still the most popular team in the city, and for all of you talking about the white trash eagles fans or 50 somethings drinkning like they’re in their 20’s, you do realize they comprise much of the fanbase for the other teams in the city, right? Fucking tards

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