Flyers Game 3 Giveaway T-Shirt is Awesome


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  1. If I see that fake hulk hogan at the game today, I’m leaving my seat & suckering in the back oh the head.
    Not in 3 Finger Lenny’s house fake hulk you pussy

  2. this is typical flyers bullshit. this is why the pens are a far classier team than the flyers ever could hope to be.

  3. @calling you out- that doesn’t give him the right to be a dick.
    Not in my house. You’re getting your butt kicked

  4. @ 3 Fingers….what makes him a dick? The fact that he taunts opposing players? Makes up signs for them? Yeah…..Flyers fans NEVER do that huh? The Flyers are the ONLY team in the NHL that whine about what fans say about them. Grow up. He doesn’t harrass Flyers fans (or any other,) he just goes after players. He never beat up a Purple Heart winner and former Marine with 2 of his buddies. You stay classy, Philadelphia.

  5. @ryan perfectly stated. “mommy he made a sign about the dirtiest player in the league. Waaahhhhh!” grow up Philly.

  6. I’d rather hear Pens band wagoners whine then the Pens players…but that ain’t happening anytime soon.

  7. go back to your pittsburgh blogs “yinzers” that being said every fan base has fans that say and do stupid shit. relax. people arguing on a blog in the comments section doesnt mean shit, doesnt do shit, and is retarded. let the guys on the ice do the talking for you.

  8. You wanna punch a guy that’s battling cancer? You fucking tard! You’ll have to go thru me first!

  9. Let the flyers and their fans enjoy their moment while they can. @ LisaR at least Pittsburgh isn’t Filthy..Filthadelfia..And Pittsburgh has been known for a long while as the winning city chickadee doo lol So eat your big fat greasy steaks. Enjoy Fartnall, Jagoff, And Mr Maxipad. Jagoff has always been a Mario wanna be, he never will be. Fartnall idk what the hell he is? Some harry ass monster of some sort. Maxipad well it speaks of rit self. Just remember Pittsburgh is the city of Champions! 🙂 Enjoy your cryers.

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