Flyers Head to El Vez for Post-Game Dinner

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46 Responses

  1. I want to watch G finger those two sluts that coatsy interviewed after the game at xfinity!

  2. 3 Finger… I bet even you could get you dick sucked hanging with those guys tonight.

  3. Danny B is single…he’s got 3 kids but he’s single. Go for it…I don’t think Couturier would be a cockblock. Danny sends him to bed by 11pm anyway.

  4. @ thomas merchant- i would just want a free smell on those puk bunnies.
    On another note: I don’t know how those guys can enjoy their meal with JVR’s disgusting looking mole staring straight at them.

  5. Coots might fake sleep though & watch you go ATM on Danny B. I heard he has done that a few times.
    Also don’t forget about making breakfast for the boys & coots in the am.

  6. I been playing ain’t nutin but a g thang baby & knock knocks all day!!!
    All I need is to get some pussy

  7. i dont always eat at el vez, but when i do, its after i send those redneck shittburgh yinzers home early…
    stay thirsty my friends

  8. Hey…I don’t know what y’all are doing, but I’m going over to I’m going over to Chris’s Jazz Cafe if you want to tag along.

  9. Flyersgirl, sounds like she would fuck anybody

  10. See this is how players get drippy dick during the playoffs and fall on their faces. “G”, Danny, and the crew need to make sure to wrap it!

  11. Butch…Dry Island was only put in place because certain players (Carter and Richards) drank too much and cared more about the partying then the game.
    He doesnt need dry island when he has a focused team and players like Jagr, Talbot, Giroux, and Briere to lead the way.
    Dry Island…sounds like the story to House’s sex life…

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