Flyers Prospect Nick Cousins Appreciates a Good Fartbox

Screen Shot 2012-04-10 at 2.14.18 PM
My biggest dilemma today – seriously – was trying to figure out if fartbox was one word, or two. We’re going with one, for now.

2011 Flyers draft pick and current prospect Nick Cousins… actually, fuck it– you can read the Tweet. He, like most men, loves a good pair of yoga pants.

You know, I wonder if the folks behind Save The Tatas can come up with a cause that utilizes the hashtag #betterfartbox. I'd donate money.

H/T to reader Andrew

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8 Responses

  1. the only reason i go to the gym… i could work out in under 30 minutes if i spent less time watching the asses and camel toe.

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