Flyers vs. Devils Round 2 Schedule

Flyers_inPhotoshop via reader Kevin

The full schedule:

Game 1 – Sunday, April 29 at Philadelphia 3:00 PM (NBC)

Game 2 – Tuesday, May 1 at Philadelphia 7:30 PM (NBC-SN)

Game 3 – Thursday, May 3 at New Jersey 7:30 PM (NBC-SN)

Game 4 – Sunday, May 6 at New Jersey 7:30 PM (NBC-SN)

* Game 5 – Tuesday, May 8 at Philadelphia TBD (NBC-SN)

* Game 6 – Thursday, May 10 at New Jersey TBD (TV TBD)

* Game 7 – Saturday, May 12 at Philadelphia TBD (TV TBD)


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  1. Rangers – 4, ottawa was their lone chance to lose this playoffs
    Devils in 6, got to go with experience between the pipes
    Nashville in 6
    Kings in 6
    – House out

  2. Rob house– Marty Brodeur and the devils are gonna stop the flyers offense? Really? Brodeur is a fraud at this point…and the caps gave the rangers fits this season, why the rangers in 4? They barely got by Ottawa, and are a bit injured now, so I don’t think they’re a lock to win the conference, as much as I don’t want the flyers to play em later on.

  3. Peter, I am sorry that you do not understand the game and wear your heart on your sleeve. Let me educate you for a minute. First of all, I hope that I am wrong in my assessment. The flyers are a great offense and a brutal D. If they play defensively the way they did last round, they won’t survive. Here is the key component. The flyers are great on the power play. The Devils are great on the PK. I believe they will neutralize the flyers PP. Its simple math.
    I believe the Rangers are the best team in the game and the matchup really favors them. I will remind you that when the Hawks won the cup, they squaked by the Preds in round 1. Its the nature of the beast, round 1 can be the hardest. Playoffs has been fantastic so far, hopefully our flyers get another 4 knock knocks

  4. Rob, apparently you fail to remember how the Caps played the rangers this season. The Caps have their number and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Caps win in 6. Also, the flyers closed out the series plating amazing defense because of one major part of the game… blocking shots. Plus Bryz stopped 30 shots. Nobody is as hot as Giroux right now. Yes, he is gonna get a lot of defensive attention from now on, but then guess who creates match-up problem… Briere, Schenn, JVR (if he he gets his legs back), Read, Coots? I am doing my best to take a step back and take a realistic look at the rest of the playoffs, and I am honestly confident in the Flyers. Their rookies don’t play like rookies… and its not just one player, its pretty much all of them. The flyers know that they need to block shots to win games; they’re gonna do it… A LOT. Bottom line is NOBODY is as hungry as Giroux… and he is a player that is becoming someone that can take control and set the tone of a game. Both physically and on the scoreboard. 12 More “Knock Knocks”

  5. I been playing mac millers knock knocks non stop!!! Flyers win series in 5 games.
    Ain’t nuthin but a G thang baby!! DJ Ronnie Hip gots the ladies going hey hey… Mr. Snider is the 1 who pays meee

  6. Didn’t the Pens have a top 5 (3?) PK in the regular season? That didn’t seem to work in their favor during Round 1.
    Flyers just have to play their game and limit turnovers in the defensive zone, continue to take the team approach to blocking shots, and the goals will come offensively. There’s just too much talent. Flyers in 6.

  7. I wish Mac Miller wasn’t absolutely horrible so I could enjoy the Flyers playoff song.

  8. Marty stinks in Philly.
    Flyers in 6.
    Most likely the same W/L rundown as the last series.
    Caps knock off the Rangers too.

  9. Rob house is a moron. I guess his own stench has clouded his thought process.. The dude never showered after hockey practices or games. He smelled worse than baby’s diaper full of shit and covered in burnt hair.

  10. Flyers in 6.
    – I miss when the flyers use to play real music like Bro Hymn & van halen. sick of this pu$$y pop rap sh*t they play like doop doop & knock knock, to cater to the phils fans since 2008 scene.
    I like to hear some tunes where I want to crack someones head open like the old days.
    3 Finger Lenny Style

  11. Change of prediction:
    Bryz has some really nice numbers against the devils.
    Flyers in 5
    Chirp- what’s your prediction???????????????

  12. My prediction is that we will see some new troll named Devils fan from Temple**** cruising this site and annoying the fuck out of all of us until the Flyers win in 5, maybe 6.

  13. Rob House is an idiot. And the worst kind… an arrogant idiot.
    Yeah, the Devils PK was great in the regular season. Guess what? So was the Penguins. How’d that work out?
    Says there that the Devils had second worst PK % in the first round… second only to the Pens.
    Also, have you seen Bryz’ numbers vs the Devils this year? No? Okay, I’ll give them to you:
    3-0, 0.29 GAA, .987. Even for you, the ultimate Bryz hater, I don’t think you can complain about that.
    Anything can happen, but saying the Devils are the team best positioned to win this series is idiotic. Which just fits you oh so well.

  14. Oh lol. The Pens fan who goes to Temple is now apparently a Devils fan who goes to Villanova. If you’re gonna do that, add more asterisks.
    Yeah, pretty sure Brodeur’s gonna let in more beachballs then Marc Andre Fleury.
    Flyers in 5, Caps in 6… Didn’t really pay attention in the West. Kings in 6, I dunno about that Nashville game.

  15. He’s playing the “I hope the Flyers win, but the Rangers are just too good” card and the Flyers aren’t even playing the Rangers.

  16. I’ll be at game 4. Flyers in 5. Book it.
    Mr. Kovalchuk,
    Meet Cooter.
    – Love,

  17. Rob, Pete is right… you have your head up your ass.
    That said I do like the Rangers in 7. Its going to be a street fight of a series, I look forward to watching it.
    Flyers in 5, this might be a homer pick calling it 5 games but NJ is old (2nd oldest team in the league) they look slow and 7 games with the Panthers will only slow them down more. The longer the series goes the more it favors the Flyers.
    Nash in 6, Kings in 7, no comment.

  18. It’s to be expected of a Devils fan. The whole state is derivative of somewhere else.

  19. Does anyone know if the games on NBCSN will also be on CSN? For some reason I don’t get NBCSN at school but I get Philly CSN

  20. I love shoving cheestakes up my asshole while drinking myself into an alcohol induced coma…i smell bad, piss all over myself and dont know anything about hockey, im a piece of trash and a PROUD Philadelphia Flyers fan.

  21. Ten bucks says if the Flyers win in a rout, rumors of the Devils franchise moving out of NJ begin.

  22. >>I love shoving cheestakes up my asshole while drinking myself into an alcohol induced coma…i smell bad, piss all over myself and dont know anything about hockey, im a piece of trash and a PROUD Philadelphia Flyers fan.
    Posted by: PHILLY TRASH | April 27, 2012 at 10:57 AM<<< Now this, folks, is what class looks like.

  23. Marty has to be able to stand on his head in order to eak out a win… which I don’t see happening… Flyers have way to much firepower to keep him off balance and Marty no longer has the lateral quickness that he used to – Flyers in 4

  24. Flyers in 5 over the devils. New Jersey has a very hard time scoring. They let up power play goals against Florida, they certainly will let up power play goals against the flyers. Marty is a legend but his magic has run out. The devils barely got by a team that had to resort to two goalies and had little offensive explosiveness. Pay attention to NY and WAS. The caps will give the rangers fits.
    Level headed hockey fan

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