Flyers Wearing “16 Knock Knocks” T-Shirts Under Uniforms

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Photo: Frank Seravalli, Daily News

Catchphrase! Get your catchphrase!

Frank Seravalli of the Daily News discovered this t-shirt, which will be worn by the Flyers under their uniforms. The shirt, 16 Knock Knocks, of course, pays homage to the Mac Miller’s Knock Knock song, which was heavily featured in 24/7.

There’s a saying on the right sleeve, “What a Great Day,” which is apparently something Jaromir Jagr says every day: []

The left sleeve of the shirt features the Stanley Cup logo. According to equipment manager Derek Settlemyre, the quote on the right sleeve, which is “What a Great Day,” originates from Jaromir Jagr's mouth daily.


See the full picture of the shirt here. Sadly, the Flyers aren’t selling them, but our friends from Philly Phaithful are selling this one: [buy any 2 shirts, get a free "Philly Never Stops Fighting" t-shirt for FREE]

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You know what to do.


31 Responses

  1. Retarded. I agree with Lenny, the song is an embarrassment. You couldn’t pay me to wear one of these.

  2. Awful lot of trolls out today. I dig the 16 Knock Knocks shirt.
    Saying the song is an embarrassment is saying the team is an embarrassment. Like it or not, that’s their victory dance.

  3. Hate the song.
    But it’s all about team unity people. This team is tight – that’ll go a long way. Unlike when Richie and Carts were here.

  4. The comments on this site are embarrassing. It’s not any of your Monday morning quarterback, bitching, whiny asses choice as to what song professional athletes want to play after they win. If this song gets them going and provides a way for them to further bond as a team, then let it go.
    I’m glad it’s not available for the public (although I’m sure at some point it will be). It’s been a great year watching this team and I’m excited for the playoffs!!
    Knock knock and Let’s Go Flyers!!!

  5. Team unity doesn’t take away from the fact that the song, and by proxy, the shirts are terrible.
    And I refuse to listen to 97.5

  6. True THAT Flyers fan!!
    Amazing on how a PHILADELPHIA sports blog, we have a bunch of idiots whining about what our own team is wearing…UNDER our jerseys no less.
    Mac Miller is their jam and I say if some Knock Knock tee’s are what they wanna rock, FUCKIN RIGHT!

  7. 610 really blows, Ike n Mike are retards, Angelo is a dumb dego. The only good ones on the station are the Cuz and Chip Snapper

  8. Mayes and Bruno are the only Sports radio hosts worth listening to anymore. WE’VE GOT HOCKEY ACTION, YO
    Give Jose a night time show

  9. I can’t stand the cuz & macnow… Does the cuz still talk about his kid 24/7 & macnow about food????

  10. Yea the Cuz has to knock that shit off…Macnow is the worst though, should have put Ike with the Cuz and made Macnow a janitor

  11. i’m waitin for macnow to eat the kid…the cuz stinks. Fuck Mac Miller and his beatdown redneck pissburgh ass!

  12. Settle down fucktards. Its not the “knock knock” song he linked the other day, its the one from 24/7. Of course its awful, buts its funny and makes me want to celebrate every win. So just join In and enjoy the ride people. And the only thing worth listening to on WIP is Brian Startare. Everyone else ranges from so so to fucking terrible.

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