Game 4 Can’t Come Fast Enough: Some Quotes as The Game 3 News Cycle Dies a Slow and Hideous Death

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The tail of Game 3 has found its end. The talk, mud-slinging and discussion has snuffed out every storyline. It’s time to move on. The fact is, the Flyers still have to win another game, and Game 4 will either send us into a week-long euphoria, anticipating a round 2 opponent, or a two-day panic about can the Penguins do it?

Speaking to the media for the last time before Game 4, the Flyers and Penguins had little to say, but here are the notable quotes:

Sidney Crosby on the Daily News cover

“That’s one of the nicer things they’ve said about me here.” 



Max Talbot thinks it’s stupid:

"I think (Crosby cover) its stupid. That doesn't reflect what Sidney Crosby is." 


Concur. A vagina would have been more appropriate… but it's a family paper (except for the nudey ads in the back).

Steve Sullivan on Neal’s suspension:

"I think we’re like the rest of the league and the rest of the hockey world. We’re a little confused." 


Confused that the guy trucked a puckless Sean Couturier and elbowed Claude Giroux in the back of the head? I’m confused

Finally, and somewhat boringly, the Flyers understand that the Penguins are streaky and capable of pulling off four-straight wins:

Claude Giroux:

"You don't want to give life to Pens. They are kind of a streaky team that can win a lot of games in a row." 


Danny Briere

"That's our goal to finish them. (Pens) one of those teams you don't want to give confidence."


Puck drops in too many hours.


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  1. Don’t defend Crysby Max, remember what the cry baby said. He does not like one person on the flyers. not one. including you max talbot

  2. Flyers don’t seem too penisy right now. I think they have the right mindset going into this game.

  3. Let’s end the drama, and the series tonight. Throttle the Pens early and often, stomp on their necks until they snap, pull their hearts out of their chests and puree them in a Magic Bullet, don’t give the bastards so much as one half of one iota of hope. In short, CRUSH THE MOTHERFUCKERS!!

  4. One time I fucked s girl on her period then made her suck my dick, she kind of looked like Crosby…anyway, 4-2 Pens tonight

  5. Two things:
    Max Talbot is awesome except stop defending your so called “best friend”. Dude, be his buddy in the summer… when you are showing him your name on the Cup…as a Flyer.
    I can only assume that Sullivan is confused that he got only 1 game. I assume that they thought more was coming. Again… I can only assume

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