Game 6


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  1. If our boys don’t take care of business today, I’m afraid the improbable will happen. Let’s fucking go!

  2. Fluery has that swagger back.
    I cannnnn feeeeeeeel ittttt in the air tonnnnight

  3. Pens Fan I’m going to tell you one last time. Get out. You quit after game 3.

  4. @CB Troll, What do you mean? He’s a real Penguins fan. Only there when the times are good.

  5. Like I said Philly in 6…
    Rob House Pens in 7…wrong.
    Temple and house you can go fuck each other now…
    Good night…

  6. BTW Gustaffson was INCREDIBLE tonight.
    Oh and the stupid ass chick the other night saying Lavy needs to go…
    He took a team full of rookies and got them all to buy into a system and beat the stanley cup favorite Pens…
    Learn hockey…

  7. Fucking G is a boss. Great game
    Chirp has been on top of his comment game lately

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