I kind of had a feeling that, when I decided on mean instead of funny for the Penguins eulogy on Yahoo!’s Puck Daddy blog, some folks – specifically Yinzers – would take issue with it.

This guy, Sidney Malkin, using the address [email protected] (I am going to assume that he just registered that, and get pissed that I didn’t grab it first), sent me the following email.

I don’t think he agreed with my take on his team and city.

Subject: HAHAHAHA WOW you suck

You are by far the biggest faggot to ever disgrace the internet. You're writing is absolutely awful and you're blatant ass pain over the Penguins is sad. You come across to not only Pittsburgh fans but even Philly fans as a pathetic piece of trash. Iv'e talked to numerous respectable Philadelphia fans who are embarrassed by your arrogance and ignorance. However, ignorant trash talk seems to be all you know. So in that case you can gladly choke on Rocky Balboas dick and continue coming across as a jealous piece of waste. Your city's reputation of being pure filth is only highlighted by your despicable rants. Somebody is obviously sad or bitter that not only the Penguins but the city of Pittsburgh owns Filthadelphia when it comes to championships and down right class. Highest murder rate per capita in the country hahaha have fun with that you cock wrangling piece of shit! Kyle Scott you can gladly kiss the ass of Pittsburgh and then pull the trigger because your life will forever be miserable. 🙂