Here’s The Hulk Hogan Video Played at Wells Fargo Center

Here’s the video played at the Wells Fargo Center following a third period fracas today. And the differing reactions of Sidney Crosby and Sean Couturier:

Screen Shot 2012-04-15 at 7.00.00 PM
Bonus video of Flyers pre-game playoff video after the jump.


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  1. Summers eve has announced that crosby is now their national spokesman….as well as kotex.

  2. Where is that fuckin’ Princess sASS CUNT now???

  3. Flyers Starting their hooligan shit again, what do you expect Sid to do? He had to try & spark the pens somehow. Especially since Malkin decided not to show up.
    Well may I just say Hartnell plays the hair card. First of all he has a head full of it and it is long. Once his helmet is off and the other guy is trying to get him around it is hard not to. If he doesn’t like it, he could cut it, but he is smarter than that. It wasn’t like Adans had him by the crown of his head – its down to his shoulders especially after playing when it is wet, which is his preference and that’s ok, but don’t cry “he pulled my hair”
    -fuck off chirp. I’m done trolling this site.

  4. Hey Pens fan who goes to temple,be careful in Pittsburgh all those bears can smell your menstruation

  5. Fan that goes to Temple…you sir, are a blithering idiot if you can’t admit that the majority of today’s problems were caused by the Penguins. Hacking at a goalies glove after he has covered the puck is an unwritten rule you learn before you’re ten years old. You refusing to admit that Crosby was in the wrong and say anything about “hooligan shit” just proves how stupid you are. That is the exact reason nobody who reads your comments respects a damn thing you have to say.
    And I know you aren’t done trolling this site so I await your response.

  6. Wasnt Hogan repping the Lighting when they made there cup run while back. He was pumping up the crowd and shit before their games. Snider threw some cash at him and he jumped without thinking. Fuck you penguins bitch that sucks dick at temple

  7. The sound he makes whilst putting his hand up to his ear sounds like he just uncomfortably ejaculated.

  8. Inbreeding causes dillusions of grandeur. The Broke-Dick Birds from Appalachia are worse losers than they are winners and their Kool-Aid drinking fans arent any better. This is what happens when you get coddled by the League all year and then have to play a real hockey game.
    PS: Letang dates guys

  9. Looks Like Ed Snider is using some of that income from X Finity live for something, but for some reason it continues to not be on the safety of his players who continue to have their lives endangered with inadequate equipment. I felt like today was appalling as a fan on all levels. I am writing a letter to Mr. Shanahan

  10. HAHAHA @ Temple idiot.
    Great attempt at justifying your piece of shit team. Crosby, Malkin, Letang, Stall, Kunitz, Cooke are all fucking pieces of shit. They fake, they dive, they cry they whine. They talk the talk but wont walk the walk…
    Attacking Timmo? Attacking hartnell when crosby has him tied up. Cross checking to schenns neck then punching him in the head when down, neal crushing cooter when hes not looking and not hear the puck then going after G’s head…
    You stay classy you piece of shit…

  11. Just so Pens fan that goes to temple knows..Hartnell cuts his hair every 2 years. Reason being…He donates it to Locks for Love.

  12. Pens fan, you think you lost game 1 cause of a non-call? now you know how every other team feels when they play your whiny asses.

  13. @Pens fan from Temple
    Your comments just prove that you are not a hockey fan, your are just a Pens fan. It’s ironic that the owner of the Pens team, came out in 2011 and called out the League for allowing players to come out and blatantly take head shots. He even said at the time that “this isn’t the NHL I know.” Funny how he got so angry about it when it happened to his team, but yet the Pens are the biggest offenders.
    Your interpretation of the game today just proves that you – like the rest of the organization and a high majority of Pens fans – only see these hits and cheap shots as a problem when they happen to your “stars.”
    What happened today was bush league. The Penguins should be ashamed of themselves for what happened, but unfortunately their arrogance will take over and they will see nothing wrong with what they did.
    Congrats to you for supporting those dirty players and their gutless actions.

  14. Disrespectful that hulk hogan did that to pens superfan & cancer Survivor Cy Clark . Sold his soul to evil Ed Snider for a few bucks

  15. Who the fuck really cares that that obsessed pens fan had cancer? It has nothing to do with the fans or the game. If he can dish it, he should be able to take it.
    Hogan repped TB because his wife sang the anthem for them…wait it was his kid that did.

  16. Pens fans just got chased from Crossing Broad lol. He quit before the series is even over. What else are you suppose to do i guess when your team is a bunch of menstrating pussy losers.

  17. I have a feeling we won’t be seeing pens fan that attends temple anymore on my site. Sid needs to be put away wed night
    Chirp owns him

  18. I wish we could trade Crosby and Malkin for Giroux at this point

  19. I would trade Cindy for Bing, a box of TastyCakes and a cheap bottle of sangria right now…’s going to be a long summer.
    When you like the Penguins, you try to be a big man.
    When you try to be a big man, bigger men try to see how big of man you are.
    When bigger men try to see how big of a man you are, you end up losing in 4.
    Don’t like the Penguins….

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