In The Face

I’m not even sure if there are words for this one. The defense sucked, the effort sucked, and Bryz moved laterally with the quickness of a duck in molasses. That whole karma backwash thing we talked about earlier… yeah, it’s happening. That said, the Flyers are leading the Penguins, three games-to-one, heading into Game 5.


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  1. Feels good to at least get 1. Chirp your boy Bryz sucks baby

  2. Pens fan from Temple******* said he was done trolling this blog 3 days ago. And now he’s back.

  3. Ready for the greatest Philly choke ever?
    It’s the Flyers losing in 7 to the Pens.
    You scumbags better be ready!

  4. We’ll find out on Friday if what happened last night was a dead cat bounce for the Pens who clearly were in cornered animal mode and just plain wanted game four more. But, the Flyers have already won twice in Pittsburgh, so they’ll have the confidence to go into Consol Energy Center and end the series.

  5. Bryz looks like hextall…. slow stand up goalie..
    why cant we get an elite goalie god?

  6. Look at the pens fans who only come out when they win. so pathetic.
    that being said, the flyers lost because all of their fans got so cocky and said they were going to win. damn superstitions.

  7. Just re-watched the highlights and I don’t think Bryz looked bad until the 5th goal. I can’t blame him for the baby rebound that Malkin scored on.
    I was amazed when he was pulled, but I think Lavy did it to save his psyche from the obvious loss.

  8. Matt Carle, is the worst defenseman in the NHL. I’d rather anyone else suiting up on the blue line instead of him. Ditto for Rinaldo(Carcillo 2.0), he should not be dressing for the playoffs, hopefully JVR could possibly play soon or i’d rather see Zolniercyzk out there instead atleast he has some speed and talent

  9. I think that game got away from them and they gave up. Everything went right for the Penguins. That third goal took a weird bounce off Crosby’s ribs. I agree with our former Flyers defensemen (yeah I’m talking to you Yushkevich) about Rinaldo. It is probably a good result when you think that the Pens won’t get as many PPs as a result of Rinaldo doing his best Carcillo. If we can put JVR in there, provided his broken foot is a go! He can score and that makes our four lines even deeper. I think we win it Friday because the Pens might have blown their load last night.

  10. JVR is too much of a p*ssy do come back & help the flyers out.
    -JVR disgusts me with that mole & attitude he brings to the team.
    -at least house got some p*ssy last night

  11. Beautiful morning. I think I’m going head over to the dining hall to stuff my face with some french toast, eggs, bacon, sausage and hash browns. Pittsburgh lumberjack style

  12. I don’t think Bryz should have been pulled. I know I’m in the minority here, but he should have been given the chance to dig himself out of the hole. That said, the boys got waaaaaay off their game last night. Being on the penalty kill for what seemed like an eternity will do that.
    And I agree with Crosby’s Vagina (sentences I never thought I would type O_o). Some of the fans yesterday were too cocky for their own good. You DO NOT start chanting “you can’t beat us” before the game even starts. There should be a screening process for these people who buy tickets. And the Daily News cover? I was embarrassed at that. But hey, if giving the Pens bulletin board material was the goal – great job! haha, idiots.
    Regroup boys and play your game in the Consol Center, your home away home.
    Let’s Go Flyers!!!

  13. @Temple…Fleury has been equally as shitty.
    Not going to defend Bryz because he was bad tonight. But did anyone notice he was in pain after almost every shot? Something is bothering him and I think its why he couldn’t move side to side.
    I am not going to worry until the series is 3-3 (if they get it there).
    Honestly how many people thought that game 4 in our building would be an elimination game for the pens? Nobody did. Everyone had this series pegged for 6 or 7 games.
    Grossman’s health, Flyers D and Bryz are the biggest concerns right now. Flyers have battled adversity all season long.
    These types of games are the reason why we got players like Jagr and Talbot. I think they bounce back, I can see Pitt winning game 5 but I would fully expect lavvy to have this team firing on all cylinders in game 6. They know they cant have this go 7. But lets relax it was only 1 game.

  14. @ mother f*cking Chirp-
    Flyers as a team took the night off. Disappointing. Bryzgalov, although he has had a few good moments; F*cking SCARY. What happened to the guy who was the player of the month in March? I think we will see a game 6 in Philly and the winner takes the series.

  15. Lots went wrong last night. Matt Read made too many rookie mistakes (what was he doing playing shoddy defense against Malkin???), Bryz was slow and off, tons of dump and no chase with the puck into Pittsburgh’s zone, way too many penalties for stupid stuff which the Pens capitalized on (even a too many men on the ice call by the coaches).
    I feel bad for the folks that paid the money to watch this walking disaster. Imagine being all jacked up coming home, flipping on the Phillies game only to watch Bastardo blow Cliff Lee’s gem.
    Bad night all around.

  16. @ justin, i dont think you can blame bastardo for “blowing” cliff lee’s gem when it was a 1-0 loss. how about the offense or ty bobbleton on 3rd base?
    “James van Riemsdyk, out since March 1 with a fractured left foot, said on Tuesday he could have played in Game 4 if called upon.”
    Read more:
    Watch sports videos you won’t find anywhere else

  17. @Dimitri – True, the offense failed to show up, but then again, it was a true pitcher’s duel with Cain and Lee (until the 9th when Cain came out). Lee could’ve gone another couple of innings if it wasn’t his turn to bat in the 11th. For which, he probably would’ve brought Chooch home with a blooper over the infield rather than Thome striking out.

  18. The greatest thing I heard last night while drowning my sorrows away one PBR at a time was some guy asking his friend if he thinks he could beat Pat Summit in a 1 on 1 basketball game. His friend’s response was “Absolutely. Even if I lost she would forget and Id tell her I won”. That friend was me…

  19. Pens fan from Temple said he was done trolling this site after three games. Now it’s 3-1 and he’s back TROLOLOLOLOL. Flyers in 5.

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