James Neal Suspended One Game, Arron Asham Suspended Four Games

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The Shanahan hath ruled. 

James Neal will be suspended one game for his hits on Sean Couturier and Claude Giroux. Arron Asham, who attempted to decapitate Brayden Schenn, will receive four games. 

So, in other words, both players are done for the year…

Here's Department of Player Safety chief Brendan Shanahan's ruling on Neal. Cut to SHIELD:


.Video of Asham explanation and GIFs of all three hits after the jump.


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  1. Basically said the hit on Cooter was okay because they believe he was “jumping” to defend himself for an unexpected collision…
    what a load of horse shit…
    go fuck yourself shannahan. Way to protect the players, now Hossa is in the hospital because you refuse to do anything.
    If the players will not police themselves and respect other players then force them too.

  2. totally disgusting and cowardly.
    he had a chance to protect the players and his sport and fucked up big time. look at Hossa tonight, guy might be paralyzed from the same god damn hit. it’s infuriating and Shanahan should be more embarrassed than the Penguins’ fans.

  3. Good! Fuck Pittsburgh in general. The Only good thing that ever came out of that city was fries on a sandwich. Plus every person I have ever met from there was weirder than a Mormon on a moped

  4. Really Shanahan you asshole? You believe that Neal “jumped to brace himself for an unintended collision” did you even watch the replay you friggin dope? Coots was looking the other way.

  5. If Sestito can get only one game for that run at G’s head I would instruct him to do so on Crosby as well then. Both had concussions. Both hits in the head. I would take a collection plate around town and I am sure we could reimburse him for his trouble.

  6. Who the fuck is this Shanahan guy??? Has he even played hockey in his life??? He has it all wrong. Its not about whether the player is injured. Its all about INTENT. That no talent pussy Neal went after our 2 best players. I think we need to get Edward Murphy’s take on player safety, he seems to be more conscious of it than this Shanahan guy.

  7. Shanahan has lost control of the league. The Carkner and Neal suspensions were wayyy too light. Don’t even get me started on Weber.

  8. both deserve longer suspensions and Captain Jack Google Brendan Shanahan…He was a very good NHL player

  9. Totally asinine.
    Apparently this is Inception hockey, where you slow down by jumping into someone’s head.

  10. I’m glad they got suspended, it’s at least a step in the right direction for the league weening itself off the pens tits…. but why the fuck isn’t there a set of fucking rules set in god damn stone!?? Honestly, only one game for Neal?? Both players were terrible but Neal head hunted two concussion victims, left his feet for both hits. Id say his hit on cooter was worse than the hit on alfredson, and he had the other hit on Giroux to go along!! How does the ranger who hit Daniel Alfredsson get more than Neal???He did exactly what the league has said it is trying to prevent, and they don’t make an example out of him. Shanny puts way to much emphasis on injury in these cases and just seems to ignore the intent…seriously, I dont get how it’s so hard to be consistent with these fucking punishments. They’ve only come down severely hard on one or two guys like Matt Cooke since the leagues been cracking down, and until they start suspending people for 20+ games or the rest of playoff series, in this case, the players arent gonna get the message.

  11. Absolute disgrace that they let Neal off lightly because he is a so called star player. The hit on Couturier was way worse. Blatantly tried to injure him. I also would love to get Edward Murphy’s take on the matter. At the end of the day I would like to start a poll. Who is a bigger clueless pu$$y Chirp or Shanahan. I still vote Sabol

  12. Shanahan is in over his head! He could care less about the safety of the players.

  13. Shanahan has zero logic. He says they considered that Neal has been warned twice this year plus was suspended in 2009. So shouldn’t that mean he gets more than one game? Totally assinine. So if he didn’t have a previous history he would have not been suspended? This guy is clueless. Andrew Shaw has played all of 37 NHL games and he gets 3 games. This is comical.

  14. I’m fine with Asshat getting 4 games based on the video, but the explanation of Neal’s suspension is ridiculous. He says they believe his story about not seeing Coots, but then the hit on Giroux is blatently dirty, and they don’t think just maybe the first one was dirty too? To me it looks like he’s looking at Coots the entire time he circles and jumps.
    Also, when will coaches start being held accountable for running a bench where 3 players draw suspensions in 60 minutes of hockey? The coach should be suspended for losing control of his team.
    Also, Crosby is a short, stubby 3====)

  15. i guess we’ll have to till next year to get even with this neal fuck. asham, he might not have a job next year #lackoftalent

  16. If I point a gun at Shanny’s head, pull the trigger but miss, then no injury & we all go our merry way? Makes perfect sense to me.

  17. I really wish the Flyers could sign Donald Brashear for tomorrow’s game…He could dribble Crosby’s head and mouth off the glass, and then paint the ice with the vaginal discharge that comes out.

  18. NHL players are out of control anymore. Something needs to be done. The instigator rule needs to go. These idiots need to be held accountable for running around and attempting to injury other players – regardless of whether they’re star players or not. I understand that the NHL doesn’t want things to get out of hand at the end of games and that’s the reason for the rule but I’d say based on what I’ve seen so far in these playoffs things are pretty much out of hand and it’s only the first round!

  19. Wow…just saw the hossa hit. Hope hell be ok…Now I’m even more mad. That hit and the Neal hit are almost identical. Both players are in the previous offense category…so is Torres gonna get one game or a shit ton? Seriously, it’s like shannahan is just closing his eyes and throwing a dart at a board full of random punishments to pick his penalties. If he and the league would just start bringing the hammer down hard, swift, and consistently in the first place, Neal and torres might have thought twice about even committing to those hits.

  20. I apologize for taking so long to comment but I have spent the majority of the evening on the phone with the league office. Additionally, I have thoroughly analyzed the aforementioned video attachment. I can not express my outrage in words. I can’t believe anyone would allow their young child to watch this violent, potentially deadly, sport any longer. I for one will be at the arena tomorrow with a picket sign. These players are skating around the ice with lethal weapons and in essence playing bingo with each other’s lives. Mr. Shanahan appears to only want to act when a player is severly injured. I just saw a clip of Mr. Hossa carried out on a stretcher. I will be praying for his safety tonight. I hope he can one day walk again. I hope you are happy Mr. Shanahan. Under your watch, you have allowed these players to switch from safe wood sticks to lethal composit steel and allowed the owners to force the players to wear second rate equipment. I would like to start a petition to have Mr. Shanahan fired effective immediately. Disgusting.

  21. I echo everyone else’s thoughts. But watch the on ice angle of the hit on Cooter…you will see Neal turning back towards the offensive zone, then he turns slightly right towards the boards and Cooter, then launches into him. How the league can say it was “believable that it was an unintended hit” is well beyond me….. Plus he has a history of violations…hence longer suspension. Yet Ashem has no prior history and he gets 4 games??? I’m ok with him getting the 4 games, but going by the league’s description he shouldn’t have been suspended……..
    This league is a joke and is failing the players. The players are also failing themselves… If they had been injured he would have made longer suspensions??? Doubt it, they still suck the knob off of the Head Penguin….. what a joke…..

  22. The fact that it took about 3 or 4 vicious hits by Matt Cooke, one of which destroyed Marc Savards career, for them to show him the door for an extended amount of time is really pathetic. I really thought it was gonna change with shannahan…Apparently not.

  23. Really wanna make yourself mad? Consider this. Neil’s hits on Giroux and Couturier, that were meant to injure, only got him 1/2 a game suspension EACH.

  24. Why in the world is this coming out at 11pm??? Looks to me like shanahan released it when the fewest people would be up to see his “definition of contradictory” Rulings. Honestly. What a joke. I hope Shelley etc knock crosby back to second grade.

  25. Shanahan is an idiot. Neal’s hit on Couturier was way worser that the hit by Asham. People get crosschecked all the time….. Asham shouldve gotten 2 and Neal shouldve gotten 3.
    If Heart-nell did to Crosby what Neal did to Girroo, He’d be suspended for 10 games. Muther Fuckers. I’m suckering Fitz tomorrow.

  26. If Cindy Crosby can still spell his name after tomorrow night, we’ve failed as a team. Fuck those assholes. LET’S GO BOYSSSSSS!!!! Philly’s got the brooms out!!

  27. Based on Shanahan’s Neal video…. I thought he was going to hammer him…. guess not.

  28. I guess Pens Fan that goes to Temple has nothing to add to this matter????
    And on a serious note, if 3 Finger Lenny sticks all 3 fingers in a chick’s pussy, is he in fact fisting her?

  29. Sidney Crosby has the same jagged, gnarly, brown horse teeth that RHEA HUGHES has in her ridiculously offensive mouth. His rancid cunt was pulsating blood all over the ice when he saw Claude girouxs mammoth donkey sized penis. When he falls on the ice it’s not a dive, it’s cause he trips on his umbilical chord that’s still hanging from his mal nourished, vaginal body because he just slid out of diarRHEA HUGHES loose, smelly cunt . I hope he fuks penguins fan from temples mom, only to find out that instead of a mom it was a bandsaw and his 2 inch semi flaccid boner gets torn up like a fucking rag doll. After that I hope hartnell throws him into an active set of helicopter propellers and goes straight to hell and waits for RHEA HUGHES to join him.

  30. All flyers fans do is bitch. Your team has zero shot against Boston & new York anyway.
    Bryz sucks

  31. “Your team wont win after you beat my team.” Spoken like a true Yinzer fuck. Go home, you add to the blight of North Philly just being there, you dickless wonder.

  32. WHAT THE FUCK????? The PUSSY NEAL was on a rampage…can ya imagine if he had a gun? Shannahan FUCKED UP BIG TIME!!!!!!

  33. @Penguins fan who goes to Temple**** I’d love to meet you in a dark alley you fuckin coward pussy!!!!

  34. Omg omg omg omg
    I can’t sleep from the anxiety for the start of the comeback tonight omg omg omg omg
    On a serious note once the series is over, I’m done trolling this blog

  35. @Penguins fan who goes to Temple
    we get it you don’t care about player safety when it involves your team doing the injuring. you’re a terrible person and hockey fan. carry on.

  36. Imagine if it was Simmonds that put a hit on pengs player. Shanny would have gave him at least 10 games & an extra 5 for being the wrong shade
    @ Thomas Merschen- I first’d many a wh0re with my 3 finger hand

  37. Neal had two SEPARATE hearings…one for the hit on G and the other for the hit on Cooter. And in grand total he got one game?
    Seriously, what a joke.
    On the other hand, Asham getting 4 was a bit of a surprise to me that he got that many. I figured 2 or 3 for trying to take Schenn’s head off.
    What am I pointing out here?
    They were hammering away about this on NHL radio yesterday…before the Hossa stretcher hit.
    Seems the importance of a player to their team reduces the number of games they are suspended.
    Crazy crazy crazy.

  38. how does angelo cataldi come up with this sh*t? Sicko
    @dino7- how’s the jag running??

  39. That’s right! Neal had 2 separate hearings! And according to NHL the only suspension is for the hit on G!?!? You’ve got be kidding me! Shanahan has lost control and it will be very interesting to see how the league reacts to Hossa’s injury and what Lavs will do in tonight’s game.

  40. As much as I love to have some of our goons destroy Crosby or their players…There is nothing better than sweeping them. Play our game and end the series.
    @Pens guy from Temple…I love your argument of “you guys wont get past boston or NY” That is a great way to defend your team…I am pretty sure 90% of the experts picked the Penguins to beat the Flyers so looks like we are already doing things nobody thought we could…fucking dope.
    Also love that your going to leave the site after this series is over..typical Pens fan when you lose you hibernate until the next time your team is doing well…fair weather fan…
    Why don’t you do yourself and all of us a favor and leave the site now before you pull a crosby and continue to embarrass yourself…

  41. The league has no idea on how to hand down fines. This is a joke. The hits had nothing to do with the game, the intent was to hurt. It’s all about the $$$ KEY players taken out of the game means less people watch, which means less $$$$ generated. I.M.O.

  42. Key players? Who the fuck knew who I was before I scored 40 goals this year? I’m looking forward to being very mediocre for the next several years while continuing to be a drain on Pittsburgh’s salary cap. Thanks for your support, and as always, go fuck yourself Sidney.

  43. If you have ever played hockey,
    since when would you ever “jump” and lay a shoulder into someone to avoid collision?

  44. @Captain Jack: “Who the fuck is this Shanahan guy??? Has he even played hockey in his life???”
    You’re kidding, right? Please tell me you’re kidding.

  45. The hit on Giroux is disturbing. You watch him completely lose his wits and slowly go down. All of these hits we’re terrible and desperate. It’s obvious. Pens got dirtier and dirtier with each goal and more with each game. They were grasping at straws and got exactly what they deserved. If they Flyers win (which they should), I can’t wait to hear Pittsburgh claim how we beat them while they were missing key players, totally forgetting the fact we DESTROYED them with their full squad from Game 1.

  46. It’s not just these calls. Shanahan missed a perfect opportunity to set the tone for the playoffs with the hit on Zetterberg. He failed.
    The worst part, I think, about his rulings are the fact that he is basing the severity of punishment on whether or not the player that was hit, was in fact injured. If we’ve seen anything in the last year or so (and Pens fans trolling on here should agree with this) symptoms for concussions and other problems can take up to several days to surface and then even when they go away could come back again (see Crosby, Sidney for a perfect example). For Shanny to say, “as you can see the player was in fact back in the game and did not suffer injury” is ridiculous.
    Three things need to happen here:
    1. The refs and linesman need more training. Period. They are missing calls left and right, and I’m still not sure how FOUR of them missed the hit on Hossa. Hell, add a 5th one to stand in the area where Pierre is usually creeping during the game to watch specifically for some of these hits.
    2. The NHL AND the Player’s Association need to do something about the lack of respect these players have for one another. Starting with, if you are fined, it is a percentage of your salary, not $2500.
    3. Shanahan needs to set some concreete criteria. You leave your feet – automatic 3 game and we’ll talk if you should get more or if that’s enough.
    This sport is being ruined. Past players are furious, current players are being knocked out of the game, and casual fans (or troll fans for that matter) don’t understand that these dirty hits are NOT a part of the game.
    Here’s hoping the boys come out tonight and play their game and focus on one period, one goal at a time. Let’s Go Flyers.

  47. Well, the league bias continues. Torres is suspended indefinetely for his hit on Hossa. And his hit was MUCH cleaner than Neal’s hit on Cotouriere!

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