Screen Shot 2012-04-25 at 1.26.55 PMJagr's post-game celebration… sleeping, photo via his Facebook page

Jaromir Jagr penned his latest blog post on this Czech website. It’s somewhat mundane, but, as usual with Jagr, introspective and thoughtful.

Here’s what he had to say about the Penguins: 

"In any case, it’s a thing of the past now, and I’m not dwelling on it any more. And maybe what happened was for the better. This is destiny. If there had been more interest on the part of Pittsburgh, I might have gone there. And perhaps the season would have been over for me now…. Everything has its reasons."



On Claude Giroux:

Claude Giroux played fantastically. I have been comparing him to Mario Lemieux since the beginning of the season; in my opinion, he has matured into a player who can decide games, including playoff ones, himself, just like Mario used to.

However, our opponents will pay much more attention to him now, after the series with Pittsburgh, much more than they used to. Which means he is in for tough times, but I believe he will cope with it well. In any case, it’s amazing how he plays. Especially now, when the nature of the game has changed, everything is faster and defensemen are bigger.


And on the Russian goaltender:

As to our goalkeeper, Ilya Bryzgalov, his performance in the decisive game was excellent. He had done very well in Pittsburgh before, but it was not so good at home. So I am happy he was able to prove he’s an excellent goalie to our home crowd as well. It’s good for his psyche.


There you have it. Stay tuned for hockey in, like, 12-18 days, or whenever the second round begins.