Jayson Werth’s 2011 Season: “A Fart in the Wind”

Screen Shot 2012-04-02 at 9.53.08 AM
How many roads must a man walk down

Before you call him a man?

Yes, and how many seas must a white dove sail

Before she sleeps in the sand?

Yes, and how many times must the cannon balls fly

Before they're forever banned?

The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind,

The answer is blowin' in the wind.


Or a fart. Sometimes a fart blows in the wind.

What better way to get Opening Week started off than by quoting The Great One himself, Jayson Werth. 

Asked yesterday about his disappointing 2011 campaign – the first season of his seven-year, $126 million deal – JW had this to say to Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post:

“I do feel like it was an easy fix,” Werth said. “That doesn’t always translate into great numbers. But I feel confident about this season and this team and where I’m at and what I’ve done. Last year is just one year. I got six more years on this contract, and I plan on playing after this contract. I’ll look back and 2011 will be a fart in the wind.”


See– that’s weird. Unfortunately for Jayson, a fart in the wind doesn’t always just disappear. Sometimes you get that crazy pre-storm wind, which is as unpredictable as it is worrisome, and it often blows the fart right back in your direction, encircling you and your friends in stink for minutes… sometimes even seven years. But I think we’re overanalyzing things. 

Kilgore has more from Werth, who, at one point this winter, got lost on his way to Nationals Park and wound up parking illegally in front of the Lincoln Memorial before having an epiphany in front of the larger-than-like statue.


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  1. hey remember when …
    all you people were upset about not bringing him back
    funny how you all hate him now
    Beez Nutz

  2. Dave G, he was asked about his contract, WTF do you expect him to do, ignore the questions?
    I also love how the ONLY people that rip Werth, how much he makes, what he says, etc. are the ones that are acting like they never liked the guy and knew he would struggle last year. Same ol’ fair weather fans that ACT like they know something about Baseball, guess what, YOU DON’T! I see Brian and Dave are those same type of band-wagoners.

  3. Did you post this because it’s about Jayson Werth or because he mentioned the word “fart”? If it’s the former, let it go. If it’s the latter, well…let one go!

  4. @ Kyle, your new “auto response” makes make want to punch your face in every time I read it.

  5. This is off topic but what happened to Buzz On Broad? Is it still around or did Kyle get rid of it?

  6. Kyle, I love the blog but I also want to punch your face in when I see your “auto response.” Are you too busy not posting any new material to respond?
    I honestly do love the site and I am not trying to be one of the douchey douchers on here. Alls I am saying is keep it personable.

  7. I liked Werth when he was here and was pissed we didn’t resign him, until I saw what the Nats gave him. Way over paid for him and I had a hunch he would struggle last year. Why wouldn’t he struggle down there? He isn’t a guy you build a lineup around. He was great here because he batted behind a power hitting lefty. It really isn’t possible for his numbers not to go up this year so he should have a better year. Not sure if he’ll ever replicate his numbers from ’09 or ’10 though and that makes his contract a bad investment.

  8. Werth sucked before he came here. When he got here, he benefitted from a favorable spot in the order. Now, he sucks again. Why is this a surprise to anyone?

  9. Agree with James 100%. I wanted him back, but when I saw what DC offered him, I couldn’t hold his decision against him, nor could I hold the decision of the Phillies NOT to pay him $126 million against Ruben. No one in Philly saw him as a superstar, he’s a ensemble player with great numbers batting behind Ryan Howard. No more, no less. Let’s see where he ends up this year. I doubt it’s much better than last.

  10. who cares ? he was here, we won – great. he’s gone – let it go Kyle
    for the 100th time
    let it go
    did he phuck someone in your family?
    let it go! get over it!
    MOVE ON with your life man!

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