Jeremy Roenick Rips Yinz (Again)

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Yesterday, before the Flyers embarrassed the Penguins in front of their Halloween party fans, Jeremy Roenick spoke with Anthony Gargano and Glen Macnow on WIP about the Penguins and their fans.

The grammaticals, for your reading enjoyment:

“A lot of Penguins fans today on Twitter, telling me I don’t know my ass from my elbow. They’re kind of crazy. I wonder how many games they played in the National Hockey League. But, I guess they know better than I do.”

“I only broke my jaw, and broke my nose, and broke all my fingers, and broke my ankle and broke my toes. Yeah, I didn’t win a Cup, but I still battled in it, though. But I guess they can tell me what I don’t know and what I do now. It’s amazing… it’s amazing. It’s amazing to me. It’s also amazing to say what a loser I am, you know. I just played 27 holes at Donald Trump’s golf course. Had a great time today, getting ready for the best time of the year, playoffs. And these people are tweeting me, probably from their rock breaking jobs or toilet bowl cleaning jobs, telling me what I don’t know and what I do know. It’s amazing to me. It’s amazing to me. It’s amazing.”

“Isn’t it amazing? I don’t have a life and I’m such a loser, but I can still go out and play golf in 55 degree weather.”

“Didn’t you know, you can’t do that. You can’t say anything bad about the Penguins or Sidney Crosby or Malkin or anybody. You’ve got to be very, very quite. You’ve got to make sure you respect them.”

“They’re probably the best players in the league. I’ll take Malkin over Crosby seven days a week. But if you offered me Giroux? I’ll take a Giroux, or a Hartnell.”


This should go over well.

Listen to the full audio after the jump. Fun starts around 6:30 mark.

audio courtesy of WIP


50 Responses

  1. terrible shirt
    Shocking the cuz didn’t bring up lil ant & macnow talking up burgers to JR.

  2. I dont listen to anything he says anymore
    he is just trying to win flyers fans back
    he was my fav now I hate him
    No Love,
    Beez Nutz

  3. “Isn’t it amazing? I don’t have a life and I’m such a loser, but I can still go out and play golf in 55 degree weather.”
    “and wear this awful fucking shirt. What LOSER could pull this off?!”

  4. Briere was offsides on the 1st goal. Got a freebee. On his second goal, he shot the puck on net and got very lucky. The Flyers only played well for a short period of time. The end of the second period and the start of the third. They looked OK in overtime. If they don’t play much better, they’ll lose unless they get lucky.
    pens in 6

  5. Good call Yinzer. I’m sure you looked past the fact that the pens scored on an obvious icing. And keep in mind, the more you discount how the flyers “only played well for a short period of time” and how they “looked OK”, you’re forgetting that the team that only played well for a short period of time still beat the pens. So what does that say about your squad?

  6. The Penguins got a freebee on their third goal – Penguins fans seem to be forgetting that part, along with Crosby’s usual embellishments.
    Coming back from a 3-0 deficit to win 4-3 in overtime has nothing to do with luck. It was all resilience and hard work.
    Please give Kris Letang our thanks for assisting on the game-tying and game-winning goals.

  7. @penguins fan
    are you an idiot, seriously? The Flyers slowly took that game over after the first period. The penguins were dead in OT, your boys cant wait for the shootout anymore.
    We’re even on bad calls. Your 3rd goal should have been an icing so nice try calling BS on danny’s goal, but not your own.
    The pens got a lucky bounce on the first goal with it landing where Grossmann couldnt see it and the third goal when it should have been icing. The flyers got lucky on 2 goals – dannys offsides and dannys shot from a bad angle that went in.
    So that means 2-1 Flyers on legit skilled goals.
    Your defense sucked after the 1st and Malkin disappeared as the game went on because Couter owns Malkin.
    You had us down 3-0 in your building and you couldn’t get it done. We’re in your heads. We’ve owned your team this season.
    Schenn is your daddy. Now get back in the kitchen.

  8. Roenick is a douche, but I dont care I love him. Dude came back and played with a broken jaw and was able to score on a breakaway which unfortunately is a rarity for players in flyers jersies.

  9. @Penguins fan who goes to Temple****
    You are correct – the first goal was offsides. Replays and screenshots show it. That said, the Pens third goal came from a missed icing call.
    I think it’s great you want to support your team, but you also have to own up to their mistakes/missed calls just as much as you have the right to point out the Flyers missed calls and mistakes.
    The Pens looked tired and sluggish from the second period on. My guess is they thought this game was won. Not surprising, the score was 3-0. Having said that, their arrogance took them out of that game. They thought they had the Flyers beat and they stopped working. “If they don’t play much better, they’ll lose unless they get lucky.” – your statement applies to your own team just as much as it applies to the Flyers.
    This series is absolutely not over, and is only going to get tougher for each team.
    I will also say this, if you want to continue to come on to a rival team’s/city’s blog, then you need to own up to the mistakes of your own team as well. Otherwise, check out a few of the Pens/Pittsburgh blogs and comment there.
    Flyers in 6

  10. “Penguins fan who goes to Temple” Are you fucking retarded? We were 1-1 on the PP, your precious pens on the other hand were 0 for 3. If that continutes you will be swept..

  11. LOVE JR!
    And the Flyers got their first & only power play of the game in the 3rd period? Hmmmm
    But, you go ahead & cry like you always do, Pens fan.
    Let’s go Flyers!

  12. flyersgirl38 – Let’s Go Flyers- what’s for dinner tonight??

  13. hilarious interpretation of lat night’s game. Why dont you transfer to Bucknell Pens fan?
    O and by the way, Pens third goal washes out Briere’s first. O and by the way, this is not the first time the Flyers did this to the Pens. O and by the way, Fluery was not good in March and it appears it has continued. Maybe he should just stop the puck instead of breaking his shoulder to make a routine save like “extraordinary.”

  14. Just throwing this out there because it has been pissing me off all season…The fact that Pens fans boo Jagr is beyond comprehension. I thought maybe they’d boo him the first game back and then acknowledge how important he has been to their franchise at some point. Shit, Talbot got a standing ovation and doesn’t have 1/3 of Jagr’s credentials. Jagr is the second best player in franchise history, helped lead the Pens to multiple cups, and, based on his time in Philly, appears to be a class act. Pens fans should be embarrassed.
    Im sure that moron Pens fan on here will respond with classless acts by Philly fans but I am talking about an entire fan base acting like idiots in unison by not acknowledging an all time great. Im not saying they should cheer him, but to boo him? Its totally absurd.

  15. “The Flyers only played well for a short period of time. The end of the second period and the start of the third.”
    Which means the Pens played well for the first and start of the second…which means each team played well for half a game…hence the 3-3 tie.
    Flyers were OK in OT? Well if they were OK then what were the Pens? Because we scored and dominated the play for the few minutes we needed to win it.
    Your a fairweather homer…give credit where credit is due. I am sick of people like you and everyone else that is on the Pens nuts saying that the Flyers didnt win the game, they got lucky. Fuck that. You guys got just as lucky with your 3 goals (1 gimme just like us) but we showed more heart and wanted it more.
    This first game has the potential of killing all confidence the Pens might have had if they won. Fleury is struggling and your defense is terrible.
    Flyers are a terrible first period team, Awesome second and third period team. Pens are good first period team but most of the goals they have given up came in the second and third. As the game goes on the Pens get worse.
    What do you think the players are thinking right now? How many goals do we need to score to win when we score 3 in our home building and cant close it out.
    1-5 in your new building against us…
    Flyers never quit. Your pens have the talent, leadership, experience and skill to win this series and its possible they do in the end. But when you blow a 3-0 lead at home. Tip your cap and get ready for game two…
    and dont even try and bitch about officiating. Your team is a bunch of divers and fakes and got 3 shitty PP’s cause of it. Your telling me Crosby, Mr best player in the world cant out skate a 40 year old? Typical pens faking and flopping to get PP’s…

  16. 1) more flyers fans troll the pens blogs then on the philly ones. It was so bad on that the comments were stopped on the 1 post.
    2) Flyers fans like that idiot Chirp have to realize it’s a 7 game series!
    3) pens in 6 & chirp go go goooooooo screw, loser

  17. Chirp should have his own blog. jeeez, that’s a long post

  18. Sorry Chirp, to add:
    4) I’ve been circle jerking with my Temple frat bros to that JR picture all morning. Thanks so much for posting it!
    5) I know my team took at least two dives yesterday and got a goal off an icing call, you’re right… But I just love Sidney Crosby so much I can’t help myself. The entire side of my dorm room is wall to wall Sidney Crosby posters (especially some with his shirt off!! <3 <3 )
    6) My fantasy is JR and Crosby making a "video" together. That would be a dream come true

  19. Your team can’t beat us once let alone 4 out of 6. You are fucking delusional penguins fan. In fact, your team represents your fandom well – see what you want to see, not what actually happens; dive, whine, cry; make excuses, act like we don’t belong on your ice even though we’ve won like 10 of the last 13 games against your scumbag shitty team. Your team thinks it can get by on 2 and 3 goal leads on talent alone and then they stop playing. It’s not anything new. 2009 is a long time ago, there is no way your shit town and your shit team is beating the Flyers in this series. We OWN them. CRYYYYY CRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! BOOOOOOM!

  20. I know, you’re right Chazzo. It’s just that I love whiny bitch players SO, SO MUCH!!!11!!
    I have to run to class now. I can’t skip another one or my parents said they wont refill my Flex Meal Card so I can to Chik-fil-a. 🙁
    I hate being a 19 year old broke colelge student who loves shitty Shittsburgh teams. 🙁

  21. does he think we forgot what he said when the flyers were playing in the finals??? this FLYERS fan won’t ever forget…

  22. Yinzer at Temple,
    Briere being off-sides on the first goal doesn’t even compare to what your team gets away with CONSTANTLY. And you Pitt fans REFUSE to acknowledge it.
    Besides that, the Pens got a freebie on the third goal. One ref called off-sides and the other waved it off.

  23. JR is a bit of a douche, but at the same time I love the fact that we share the same thoughts about the Penguins. In all honesty, I think Malkin and Crosby are great players. But they we’ll never have the heart that Giroux and Hartnell and Schenn and Read and the rest of this Flyers team has. Should be a fun series, hopefully the flyers can take game 2 from the Pen’s and really take a front seat in this series.

  24. “2) Flyers fans like that idiot Chirp have to realize it’s a 7 game series!”
    Is that why I said…
    “Your pens have the talent, leadership, experience and skill to win this series and its possible they do in the end. But when you blow a 3-0 lead at home. Tip your cap and get ready for game two…”
    Man Temple must be real proud of an idiot like you…how did you get into a school when you cannot comprehend?

  25. @Penguins fan who goes to Temple****
    That’s your response to an educated, female hockey fan? What’s for dinner?
    So basically, you have no intelligent response to what I said, so you’ll result to caveman comments that make your small penis seem a bit bigger.
    Congrats to you.
    Looking forward to game #2 tomorrow. Hopefully the Flyers can put in a full 60 and keep the fierce pace they had in the final 40 or so of last night.
    Let’s Go Flyers!!!

  26. Pens forwards hate to back check. They want to hang out between the blue lines. When the Flyers started forcing play down below the circles by dumping the puck into the zone below the goal line, the Pens forwards were forced to skate an extra 20-30 feet each time we had possession. Lavs exploited this in the 2nd and 3rd periods, thus the reason the Pens looked tired….they don’t like to skate back into their own zone. I’m not a fan of dumping the puck in, but this seemed to work last night. The Flyers adjusted their game when they went down 3-0, the Pens failed to adjust their game after the Flyers adjusted theirs.

  27. The Pens overplayed a sleepy Flyers team for the first 1.5, wearing themselves down, then the Flyers woke up for the final 1.5 and tucked the Pens in for bed. It’s obvious which team has better stamina and if the Flyers can come on stronger in the first couple periods they will destroy the much older Pens team. This is a young man’s sport guys. The Flyers are a bit less talented than the Pens, but they are much MUCH Deeper of a team.
    -That is all.

  28. Is that shirt from Bernie Mac’s estate sale ?

  29. lol, ease up on JR, he’s the man…seriously I’ve met and drank with him before, and he’s a really cool dude.

  30. @flyersgirl38…love it!
    @Jonny, great point and I do agree the Flyers in my eyes have more depth than the Pens but our depth is in Rookies where there depth is in veterans and experience. We cant be making rookie mistakes all the time or have our young guys caught up in the atmosphere of playoff hockey. First period they were all out of whack and caught standing around. They need to keep playing like they finished the game last night and they have a shot.
    Lets not forget the little things that Talbot, Wellwood and especially Cooter did for this team last night.

  31. Pens goal #3, which should have been an icing call, was cancelled out by Flyers goal #1, which should have been off-sides.
    After that, it was all Flyers.
    Stop whining about the refs, Pens boosters. They miss stuff (and in the Penguins case, ignore stuff entirely). The Penguins had 3 power plays to the Flyers 1. Gonna whine that the refs were favoring the Flyers still?
    Just accept the fact that the almighty, give-em-the-cup-now Penguins choked big time on a national stage to a not-John-Stevens’ Flyers team notorious for huge playoff comebacks and move on to Game 2.

  32. @Chirp — Thanks 🙂
    And I LOVE watching Wellwood, Read, and Vorachek. I’ve nicknamed them the “Zip Line” when they’re together. Fantastic to watch and crazy fast!!!
    Friday is gonna be tough. The boys have to come ready to play after the puck drop, not after first intermission!

  33. I’ll be right there to pick you up, you adorable little tulip!

  34. Pens fans are like Pens players….amazing until they begin to beat down. Im sorry Brooks Orpik is a douche. He crumbles on a weak hit by a small guy like a total pussy….but then has the balls to go head hunting on Briere, which makes him a classless hockey player. Sidney Crosby will never be respected to likes of PD from Detriot or the Sedin’s of vancouver because he plays the game like a coward. He is talented but when he embelishes and dives and cries instead of playing hard and consistent for 60 minutes he hurts hurt his team and he kills his reputation among NHL fans. Missed calls were even last night….and the Pens had no gas left in the 3rd period. Philly is one of the best conditioned teams in the NHL. Pens players may want to stop wasting their energy on embelishment and save for the ladder part of future games or they may be conditioning thier golf swing a little early this year.
    Level headed Hockey Fan

  35. @MN…he has not been around since I exposed him as a Rangers/Yankees fan…not sure whats up so used to him stalking my life…
    @flyersgirl38…goal in a 7 game series is to steal one of 2 to open the series on the road. I would LOVE to see them take both but you have to be prepared for a completely diff pens team. Cant give up early leads. I am thinking Friday will be a lower scoring game like 2-1.
    Flyers rookies are going to determine how this team does on their cup run. That comeback last night will do nothing but raise their confidence levels.
    Bryz knows his team has his back at all times and expect him to continue his solid play that we saw after that 3rd goal…

  36. @Chirp — Totally agree. It is always an adventure with this team for sure. I think yesterday’s game was tremendous for the rookies in that it allowed them to see that the things they did in regular season, still apply now. That said, tomorrow will be the real test for them, more so than yesterday. They will see how opponents react, change their game, and approach each of them differently. Those adjustments and how the rookies react will be interesting to watch.
    There is nothing better than playoff hockey! Here’s hoping the boys keep bringing it tomorrow!

  37. @Penguins fan who goes to Temple****
    Again with another quality response. Kudos.
    You feel better now? You’ve made the arbitrary “women belong in the kitchen” and sex joke, is there a “gay” joke or “Cryers” comment you’d like to make too? No?
    Awesome. Thanks for adding value to the site today.

  38. To my fans,
    I apologize that I have not been around lately. Unlike Chirp, I have a job and can not be sitting in my parents basement on this site 24/7.
    @ Pens Fan – Chirp is a virgin

  39. @Temple…she knows hockey…unlike 99% of the trolls on here.
    @House…Thats funny cause in your other post you said you were at xfinity live…now its work? weird…

  40. Jeremy Roenick is like your one friend’s sketchy, drunk step-dad growing up. That “creepy old guy in the club” picture is priceless, though. Can’t stop laughing.

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