Jersey Foul: Flyers Fan Wears “The Black Guy” Simmonds Jersey to Game

Screen Shot 2012-04-29 at 7.28.30 PMPic via (@Frankie_Ice7)

Not even sure how to react here. My first reaction was to chuckle, mostly because someone had the balls to get this made. The second reaction – and probably the correct one – was to just shake my head. It’s one thing to acknowledge (and perhaps even joke about) black hockey players, since there are so few of them (currently 28), but it’s another thing to walk around the Wells Fargo Center wearing Wayne Simmonds’ #17 with a nameplate reading “The Black Guy.”

There’s a big difference between acknowledging the fact that the Flyers have a black player on their roster and going out of your way to point it out. Clearly, this guy lacks the undefinable filter that discriminates between humorous social commentary and just being an idiot.

This of course comes just a few days after Simmonds gave his thoughts on hockey fans hurling the n-word around Twitter in response to Capitals forward Joel Ward scoring the Game 7 winner against the Bruins.

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98 Responses

  1. You know, I’m thinking that this is just a great way to celebrate the greatness that simmonds in a satirical way. Can’t wait for Wayne to find his postseason game. Anyone else starring to thick flyers kings is fate.

  2. I think he did it BECAUSE of the comments on Twitter aimed at Ward and black hockey players, not because of under-representation in the league.

  3. Dudie has balls.
    Can only imagine what this is doing to Edward Murphy. Has to be killing him seeing this display of ignorance

  4. Would I wear that…absolutely not…but do I really think he meant it as something bad…no. I think after the Ward comment that Boston fans made with the “n” word he thought it might be funny and I agree he had a Carter Jersey and said “hey let me make a new nameplate with The Black Guy” not thinking that this might be taken on a not so commical level. I think he got what he wanted…you have it on your Crossing Broad Site don’t you. THis is the stuff that brings it to light!

  5. It was wrong to do, because you can not lightheartedly make fun of race and have black people be the butt of the joke. If it was a Sixers game, and someone had a #00 jersey that read “The White Guy”, THAT would be hilarious. BTW, Vucevic doesn’t count because he’s a disgusting, uncircumcised European.

  6. What started off as a spectacular Sunday has been completely ruined by this heinous act of disgusting bigotry. I am outraged that another youth of our community has taken the wrong path in life. It is 2012 people. It is time to stop judging people by the color of their skin. Wayne Simmonds is a stand up gentleman and does not deserve this kind of treatment from anyone, especially not from our fans. Grow up Peter Pan
    If anyone knows anyone in the Law Enforcement community that can act on this, please let me know.

  7. Dis is just wrong. It would have been better if he just put knock knocks as the name on the jersey like I did

  8. Very poor taste. Simmonds deserves the utmost respect by all the fans of our Flyers. He’s been a rock for this team time and time again, and disrespect (even if it’s meant to be ironic and/ or funny and not disrespectful)is the last thing he’s got coming to him. Stay classy my friends.

  9. This guy is a good friend of mine. Great jersey, and all he got was high fives from people. Stop complaining, pussies.

  10. First of all, it is Edward. I am not sure, but I believe it is a hate crime. I can’t wait to hear Mr. Simmonds take on the matter. I just feel for the fella, he has had a rough year, first the banana incident and now this. All the guy does is play the game the right way, the safe way. This the thanks he gets. And then to top it off, I read these insensitive comments throughout this board and I am OUTRAGED. The future of this country is unfortunately not as bright as I had hoped with all of this ignorance
    In another note, I tried to set up a meeting with Mr. Snider over player safety and he denied me. I can tell he really doesn’t care about the livelihood of his players.

  11. ^”Edward” get out of your bubble! You are the ignorant one! You want to live in some kind of dream world! GET WITH IT. It was a joke, a lame one, but damn. It doesnt mean the future of the world is in jeopardy you moron. No one should be arrested. Ed Snider is a genius if he denied you a meeting.

  12. Eddie, calling someone “the black guy”, who is indeed black, is not a hate crime. If I called you “the annoying white guy”, would that be a hate crime? I guess it could be considered a hate crime if someone called a white guy, “the black guy” but that wasn’t the case here. I also requested a meeting with Ed snider because I don’t like the cost of the beers, but he didn’t take my meeting either. Go figure.
    Oh and FU rob house

  13. Pretty sure Simmonds has said that he wants to rise above being “the black guy” and instead be known as a good hockey player. That’s why this is jersey is sad.

  14. I actually find this man’s jersey offensive. Back in the days before Honest Abe Lincoln, this would be great, but it’s 2012 fella.
    How do you think the Secret Service would feel about someone holding a sign that read we love you President Black Guy? That wouldnt go over well at the white house and shouldn’t be allowed in Mr. Snider’s house.
    This outright racist pig shouldn’t be allowed to go to anymore games and whoever’s season tickets he bought should be banned at well.

  15. Mr. Snow, I am glad that player safety and racism are funny to you. Sad
    I echo the thoughts of Mr. Merschen.

  16. Eddie “xfinity live” Snider is way too $$ hungry to ban this racist from future games, parking lots & xfinity live. Sad that all Eddie Snider cares about is $$ over issues of hate crimes & player safety.

  17. Fast Eddie Murphy is on his game once again. I too believe that idiot should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The person who made the jersey should also be prosecuted. These hate crimes have to stop. Its white on black crime. McNabb’s old man was right. On top of it, cheap ass Ed Snider won’t do anything about it because he’s all about money. Doesn’t care about winning.

  18. This guy could of had a banana peel on him & mr.snider wouldn’t have done anything.
    Capt J is right, he hasn’t won a cup since 1975. Just care about the ole mighty dollar.
    Ed Snider is a cult leader who has the card carrying flyers fans brainwashed.
    Kind of like Steve Jobs with those apple hipster losers

  19. Yo Murph, relax bro. It’s a game. These guys make billions of dollars to play a game. They know there is a chance for injury.
    You need to relax man. Nobody else cares if they get hurt.
    And all these morons that are siding with Ed or Fast Eddie whatever the hell you call him…. You are just encouraging his stupidity.

  20. I don’t think it’s racist as much as I think it’s just rude. Simmonds is a man, he has a name. And unless he’s said that he thinks its funny and it’s ok to make ‘ironically racist’ jokes about him, it seems pretty dickish not to use his name. Especially when you don’t know the guy and your joke’s not all that witty.

  21. “Cory Lidle Flying Lessons”…Now thats funny. The shirt…..a bit rude but kinda funny too.

  22. Without reading ANY of the above coments i say this, This fucking white asshole who (and I’m white) needs to be regulated. This offends the fuck out of me. Fuck this racist fuck. I hope he runs out of gas In the wrong part of town.

  23. Sadly it’s 2012 and still there are those stuck in the 1950s mentality….like the Bruins fans….Philly aint Utopia by a long shot, but we have a wicked sense of humor. One guy in the 700 level used to wear a Andy Harmon jersey with “White Guy” on the back. Racism is taught to us as children by parents who have short memories about Ellis Island. That being said, i never knew Grant Fuhr was black. I only knew he was a great player. Peace Sells.

  24. @Devils Fan–Agreed, he is stirring up shit. Plus Kyle is the same guy who created misleading facebook pages, spam, and fueded with the fightins.

  25. re: fightins- spamming etc.
    yes, i did create facebook fan pages for a few athletes to start, helped me get some exposure for the blog initially. let’s face it, it takes a while to gain any traction in a crowded market, i figured it would be a good way to get my stuff in front of people. most people liked it and came back.
    i still use the pages because it does help with visits, but at this point, it’s only a small percentage of them. slightly annoying? maybe- but it’s easy enough to unlike or block. i never spammed other blogs – sometimes linked in forums, never blogs.
    i started the site a year ago in december, grown it to a point where i quit my job last month. the t-shirts and tickets are a big part of that, but i don’t make the t-shirts, nor do i own the tickets. i am partnered with philly phaithful and we have an agreement on sales i generated. similar deal with tickets- affiliate commission.
    the fightins took issue with me when i started using the same ticket service they did, not selling phillies tickets at that point, mind you. meech pitched a fit saying i should have “asked him” to use that service (which about 10 other blogs all use now) and that was the start of the issue. they went out of business because meech is too busy to keep the site running and, im guessing, couldn’t figure out a way to make enough money from it.
    last month, i wrote something criticizing one of their guys, ryan, who faked a jon heyman account on twitter then made fun of all the media folks who picked up on it. that basically sent all the fightins guys over the edge and they troll on me on twitter every chance they get. often will say i make **** up, steal stuff from the 700 level, generally call me out on everything i do.
    nothing to defend, that’s the deal with the site and the fightins. i work my ass off with the site and turned it into a full-time gig and opened a bunch of doors for myself in the process. got a lot of help along the way from 97.5, 610, nbc, fox etc who have all mentioned us.
    i try to keep the ticket and t-shirt posts to a minimum, but most people find the ticket service useful and buy the t-shirts, and it helps pay the bills, so i try to limit it as best i can.

  26. Interesting..there have also been accusations that you delete stuff, have similar stuff to the 700 level.

  27. i only delete stuff that is obscene or the pricks who claim i stole stuff from the 700 level. newsflash, we’re both philly sports blogs, we’re going to have the same stories from time to time. do you think abc accuses nbc of stealing a story about a **** fire in kensington if their truck was there first? no, sometimes they’ll be first, sometime’s i’ll be first. keep in mind, they have like 7 guys, i basically have one. plus, even on the same stories, their **** generally lacks creativity, humor, or entertainment value. they benefitted by being the first and consistent- good for them- but i find their site generally boring and a design that looks like it’s from an angelfire page.
    so that’s my “defense” for similarities between me and the 700 level. we’re both sports blogs, i feel mine happens to be significantly better. anyone is free to disagree with that, but yeah, i am going to delete stuff that says “i stole something from them.” that’s not true, and often times i’m first with stuff.

  28. I’m going to go out on limb and say this guy isn’t wearing this in a hateful way. Probably thought it would be funny.
    In other news, the white guys and the black guy wearing orange and black got this series started off right with a big win, lets focus on that and move forward. Big win boys!!!

  29. Printed newspapers are going the way of the dinosaur. Internet sites and blogs are the new communication. so naturally there is going to be competition, etc. I prefer the inside info, backround stories, and the personalties of the players. The corporate team “image” is boring…and Kyle has tapped into a segment of society- Entertainment/Sports that is as old as the Roman Coliseum….now every city in the U$A has their own coliseum….Maximus was right. We are entertained.

    Who is this clown over on the Devils board?:
    “Overall, I left proud of the devils fans for how different our arena is – despite some of the lack of attendance at some games – our fans appear way more behind their team, work with them, and try to rally them. I was actually more impressed with the participation of the Florida crowds than I was this Philly crowd.”

  31. Typical Devils kool-aid drinker. I believe you have to suck Lou Lamorello’s dick to get a paycheck on time up there, which would explain the internet praise.

  32. I highly doubt the thought “Should I really wear this?” went through this dudes mind. If it had gone through his small, racist brain, then he wouldn’t have wore it, let alone had that name plate made.
    This is an absolute embarrassment. I hope I see this fool and his jersey at one of the games.

  33. I hope a black guy beats his ass, and then gets a picture standing over him and pointing to the name …and then that picture gets posted here on CB

  34. Wow … when did phlyer fans become such panty wastes?
    You people need to move on from the white guilt you’re carrying.

  35. seriously i think everyone is overreacting about this. its was ment as a sarcastic joke if anything towards everyone else making it about racism white guilt is killing you people i sure he is a fan of simmonds truth be told he is the only black guy on the team so what. I don’t think it is in anyway racist u people need to chill out before labeling a fan of simmonds as a racist that jersey cost probaly close to 200 dollars i am sure he didn’t get it with the sole purpose to be racist. and i am sure if u ask 10 black people 9 out of them wouldn’t care stop walking on eggshells all the time when talking about color simmonds is and should be proud he is a black man in the nhl and he shouldn’t hide it or be a subject that is to taboo to talk about. just RELAX and give it a chuckle.

  36. First off the dude wearing this is a complete dooshebag. And your an asshole scumbag for posting it. I know its not that big of a deal but people like you are the reason this is even talked about. Its not newsworthy at all but yet you post it. Fucking scumbag, your a slut for web hits.

  37. I would let anyone bang my wife, if that guy isn’t from South Jersey and tells people he”s from Philly

  38. That jersey is hilarious! Anyone who is offended needs to get over it. Especially if you’re white and offended.

  39. This is ridiculous. This is not funny, especially after all of the racist crap that just got said from Boston. This is giving Philly fans a bad rep. This guy is obviously a fake flyers fan (only comes out when the playoffs are around) and is trying to be cool (TOOOOOL)

  40. Andub (friend of guy in picture),
    It you polled the black population who actually live in Philly, I wonder if the majority would be offended by the jersey. Especially because it was worn in an arena full of white people. Would your friend wear it walking down the street in Southwest or North Philly? If he would not, would that make you and him “pussies?”
    Racism and disrespect are not always qualified by the sender or his friends, they are often determined by the perceptions of those who are on the receiving ends of messages. The message on the jersey was clearly sent for the attention it would gain. So, you have not right to judge what kind of attention it receives.

  41. I don’t have the time or patience to read all of these posts leading up to mine… Because I already know how this went… The majority of people will see this and say it was funny, get a quick laugh out of it and it will NEVER AFFECT THEIR LIFE! Then there are going to be a few douche bags that are going on and on about how it’s racist, how it’s embarrassing, etc… And these self-righteous , holier than thou, pretentious assholes are exactly why things like this become big deals, racist, and embarrassing. They’re incapable of weighing intent vs impact. Clearly the guy is simply trying to make a joke, sometimes they’re in good taste, sometimes they are not, but he’s only trying to spark a chuckle, is that so wrong? And guess who is offended? Some white guy jerk off who probably works in HR at some stick-in-ass corporate office somewhere, because the “black guys” are laughing too. Being offended is a matter of choice. You can choose to be offended and believe that the guy walked around Wells Fargo trying to piss off black people, or you can choose to accept as the joke it was meant to be. The black guy goes without say. It’s Wayne Simmonds. So I ask anyone, did you NOT know who’s sweater he was wearing (even though it was probably an old crybaby Carter Jersey anyway)? No, you knew he was referring to Wayne Simmonds. And how do you know that? And does knowing that mean you too are racist? No, it doesn’t. The truth is, he’s a black guy. That’s not racist. You can distinguish him from the rest of the team from the highest nose-bleed seats… Why? Because he’s a black guy. That’s a fact, not my opinion… And he’s the only one. That’s why you knew who he was referring to and that’s why you can pick him out, even from the nose-bleeds – and there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s ok to be black, and it’s ok to acknowledge that somebody is black (or white or any race for that matter). Wayne Simmonds is a black guy. THEE black guy. OUR black guy, and we love him, not because he’s black, but because he’s a great hockey player. So, we can all climb down off our soapbox now and laugh, and move on (including me). You’re not offended, stop acting like a douche. Did I get that about right? Good summary of a post thread I didn’t need to read to summarize? I thought so. People are so predictable.

  42. For those of you who said it was poking fun of the April May and June “Flyers Fans” you are correct…I know the guy pretty well…good dude…funny dude and he has been season ticket holder for 27 years…has a Shjon Podein jersey for cripes sake…it was meant to poke fun at them..nothing more. Now let it go.

  43. Todd, you are really pretentious, weird, and your post was piss poor. You know dick about human nature, history, race, and are clearly not from our city. Hopefully, you had the time to read this. If not, I’m sure you know exactly what it said without reading it.

  44. Anyone that has a problem with how Todd nailed exactly how “you people” were taking it should kill yourselves, you’re ruining this country.

  45. Hey TCR,
    Are you coming with Todd and me to the rally tonight? Do you have an extra white hood? Mine’s in the wash…

  46. The fact that he wasn’t escorted out of the building, speaks volumes about the Flyers organization. Karma is a beach – the flyers won’t win the cup this year.

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  48. @Kyle Scott – Props on how you covered this – acknowledging that its a little funny and stupid at the same time. Also, you’re way funnier than the 700 level. It’s not even close.

  49. It’s a little scary when people think this is acceptable. There’s nothing light-hearted about this and to me it just seems plain ignorant. You say it’s just a joke and grow up? What’s mature about this? What’s next, people tying noose’s around his bobble head? Is that going to be just a joke also? Some of you have no idea what it’s like to walk in another person’s shoes.

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