John Kerry Asked Tony Blair to Broker Peace Between The Flyers and Penguins

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I’m sorry, what?

Today from the nonsensical and out-of-left field department, Tony Blair talks Flyers-Penguins. 

Yep, that’s right, the former British Prime Minister was in Philadelphia last night to receive an award for something or other and told the assembled audience (which I imagine consisted of media and a few hundred insufferable douches) that Senator John Kerry asked him to “bring peace to the Flyers and Penguins.” 

A bit more detail from our friend HughE Dillon at Philly Mag:

He said that he wishes he could help broker peace between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Pittsburgh Penguins after hearing about the discourse of the two teams in a discussion with Senator John Kerry earlier in the day in Washington D.C. 


Well, good luck with that, sir. But just for fun, let’s picture Sidney Crosby as the whining dictator – a female dictator – and the Flyers as a bunker-busting missile, cutting through the rhetoric and directly into the hearts (and minds?) of the Pittsburgh Penguins, who will go home tonight after being swept four-games to zero. 

No truth to the rumor that when Peter Laviolette was asked about brokering peace, he told Blair to go fuck himself.


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  1. Fuck you John Kerry, and fuck you and your nasal voice Tony Blair.
    “I don’t want no peace, if I can’t have equal rights, and justice” -Peter Tosh

  2. Well Senator Kerry, looks like you really stuck your foot in your mouth here. Asking a pansy to bring peace amongst rivals in hockey. During playoffs. In Philadelphia. 3 games up. In Philadelphia. During playoffs. Against Pittsburgh. In hockey. During playoffs. Am I being repetitive? I’m sorry I just can’t figure out what the fuck just happened.

  3. Why does that idiot Penguins fan tht trolls on here, have to say he goes to Temple? Pisses me off

  4. Does Tony even know these two teams play hockey? He had no idea what he was getting into when he opened his mouth

  5. used to intern with the people that put on tht event last night. I started laughing out loud when i saw, “insufferable douches”. Mostly because it’s 100% true.

  6. fucking kerry… rich as fuck from being a grimy lobbyist and using insider trading.. fuck outa my city

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