Jonathan Papelbon Seemingly Chooses His Entrance Music…

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In case you didn’t stick around or stay tuned in until the ninth inning of today's game (and if you didn’t, who can blame you?), Jonathan Papelbon debuted what – we think – will be his new entrance music, even though he was entering the game with the Phillies trailing 5-2.

His choice……..

Alice In Chains, Man In The Box.

What, Black Hole Sun wasn’t available?

Look, no one likes the Dropkick Murphys, but at least their song, Shipping Up To Boston, which Papelbon used with the Red Sox, made sense. It was hip when he started using it, and obviously the lyrics are about… well, you get it.  

Papelbon spent half the spring answering questions about his new music, and genuinely seemed to be torn over what to select. So he came up with Alice In Chains (?). That’s a song befitting (AND RECORDED BEFORE) the 1993 Phillies. It’s not a good one, either. Though this lyric fits:

I'm the man in the box
Buried in my shit
Won't you come and save me, save me


If shit is a dysphemism for the Phillies' lineup, maybe Paps was onto something…

Perhaps he will use a different song for save situations, and didn’t want to ruin the surprise during a 5-2 home opening snoozefest. But I can’t imagine he gave the CBP audio folks such specific instructions. Or maybe he did. Who knows? We'll find out if the Phillies ever score more runs than their opponent.

Anyway, Scott Franzke and Larry Anderson were less than thrilled at Papelbon's choice of music. Their reaction, and the song in-full, after the jump.



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  1. In what world is Man in the Box not a good song? And the fact the Larry Anderson and Scott Franzke agree with you is all you need to know. One of those guys is 60. The other is from Texas.

  2. “No one likes the Dropkick Murphy’s” and ‘Man in the Box’ is “not a good one”.
    I’ll admit that it’s easily my least favorite AIC song, but it isn’t bad.
    Your taste in music stinks.

  3. Is the black hole sun reference some kind of shitty joke I’m not getting or do kids these days really not know the difference between Alice in chains and soundgarden.

  4. Great song. 20 years old. It says ‘save me’ in it but besides that it is an awful entrance song for a closer. Jeeeeee-eee–eee-eee-sus Christ (glad I didn’t get a season plan). Hopefully he changes his music before I start watching the Phillies: after the Stanley Cup playoffs.

  5. Just kidding guys. Alice in Chains is fucking awesome. I can’t believe I said this song wasn’t good.

  6. Ok song from a great band. Atleast he picked a tune from the 90s, which was the last time music was any good. Everything out now is hick shit and auto tuned negros.

  7. good band but terrible choice, sounds like pap was overthinking entrance song.
    He would have been better off with YOU’RE THE BEST” by Joe Esposito or Heart & soul by Huey Lewis and the News.

  8. I think he should come in to “shame on a nigga” by Wu Tang

  9. Pap should have picked the ole reliable “We Will Rock You” by Queen. That song used to pump me up before my TBC soccer games

  10. Maybe he is a wrestling fan and is paying homage to Tommy Dreamer’s time wrestling here in Philly? Man in a box was his entrance music during that time.

  11. Nobody likes Dropkick Murphys? Is that why they’ve played sold out shows all over the world for the past 15 years?

  12. It’s not that nobody likes DKM, they even sell out months in advance in Philly every show since I first saw them 10+ years ago… it’s just that they’re a Boston band. If he were to continue using DKM, what song do they have that will A, pump up the crowd, B, make sense for a closer, and C, doesn’t have a Boston reference in it?
    If he were to stick with what he did in Boston, use a local punk band for the music, who would he pick? Kid Dynamite? The Loved Ones? Paint it Black? Dead Milkmen? Not much to choose from…

  13. you people suck – I sound like a hick even though I clearly stated that the country and rap music out now sucks? You sir are the moron.

  14. Good song by a good band. Would it be my choice? Probably not. But who the fuck cares? If it gets our closer amped before he takes the hill, it shouldnt matter.

  15. If he was going Alice in Chains, he should’ve went with “again” or “would” or “die young”…those are better entrance songs.
    I’d run out to either “revolution is my name” by Pantera or the New World Order theme music. That’s right.

  16. “Philadelphia” by Atom & His Package (ha!)
    Maybe choose something by The Boils?
    Fuck it, “Betcha by Golly, Wow” by The Stylistics

  17. Anything…ANYTHING is an improvement over “Don’t Stop Believin'”. Nothing puts fear into another team when your closer comes out to some sappy ass song by a chick band from 30 years ago.

  18. I like how the comment section has turned into a proving ground on how much shitty punk music people know. Take off the Doc Martins people and throw out the Black Flag patch that was safety pinned to your sleeveless jean jacket.

  19. What’s not enticing about making a slow walk to the pitchers mound from the bullpen while “For Whom The Bell Tolls” is played throughout the ballpark? I mean, we do have a Liberty BELL that lights up for goodness sake…

  20. This article hasn’t been relevant for a week but really dude, Alice In Chains along with Soundgarden are two of the most underrated bands in rock and roll history, Cornell at his prime was arguably the greatest singer in history and Layne Staley was by far the greatest singer/songwriter of his generation. Learn some musics

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