Lavs Fist Pump GIF



Video of full reaction after the jump. It was a double pump combo with an elbow thrust.


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  1. I’m jamming to mac millers knock knocks as we speak while watch dis fist bump!!!!! Looks like lavs is yelling knock knocks during his fist bump.
    Flyers will sweep the devils.
    Knock knocks

  2. Lavs needs to keep an eye on his bench Tuesday. Kovalchuk had such a bad game, the Devils might try to hide him by putting him in a Flyers uniform.

  3. best head coach in hockey. what a great signing this guy was. from top to bottom, this organization is stocked

  4. DAMMIT…. T Bone beat me to HADOOKEN!!!
    Bryz is gotta be better but they take this series in 5

  5. Other than the people in the background wearing orange instead of black, this looks exactly the same as the fist pump from game 1 of the pens series.

  6. Shit is gonna get crazy in Lavs’ bedroom later tonight. He is a fucking smooth operator.

  7. Between Lavy’s fist pumps and Tim Saunder’s “He SCOOOORRRREEES!!!” calls, you can’t help but taste the jam.

  8. Remember everyone was worried about Lavy wussifying the flyers back in like November 09(?). Thank god they made the move away from John Stevens this coach is a perfect fit.

  9. I’d love to see a mash-up of the two fist pump gifs set to the DOOP…unfortunately I’m technologically challenged- any takers?

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