Lavs Fist Pump GIF

My favorite thing about the playoffs– jam.

The full highlights of the game-winner are after the jump.


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  1. First there was no jam, then there was a lot of jam, then the jam slowed down, then when it counted the most there was just enough jam to get it done.

  2. Pretty sure that fist extended all the way to Temple’s campus right up “Pens fan”‘s ass.

  3. Yes it did, it went so deep it tickled my tongue. It wasn’t like any other feeling I felt in my life!

  4. I picture the pens fan that goes to temple as a geeky looking dude that watches the game alone in his dorm room, rocking a crosby jersey wit just tighty whities on (possibly with a skid mark). Just hitting the refreash button on this site

  5. I love the a-hole chanting Flyers suck after the game when the Pens just blew a 3-0 lead.
    And Pierre, Bryz wasn’t struggling, only the 3rd goal was a bad one.

  6. @NeedMoarJam….awesome lol.
    @Chunk…your right about Bryz. First 2 goals were on the D and the even the third goal which may have been bad should have never happened because it was a missed icing call.
    Bryz stepped it up after that and made a few outstanding saves including a laser by Malkin and Sullivan wide open in front off a coburn turn over.
    I don’t expect to see our temple friend here anytime soon…

  7. Sorry, late start to the day, too many men and meat up my ass last night! Who knew i rooted for such a sorry-assed, choking team?!

  8. That was beautiful. Its like a half Tebow that then spring like a rattle snake into a gut punch of a penguin.
    It shall be known as… THE LAVI

  9. It’s like he bent down to tie his shoe and then sucker-punched the air. Love it. Should make it the new dance move.

  10. LOLZ @ 1:57…is sounds like Pierre’s got Crosby’s taint in his mouth….or Pengiun fan who goes to Temple’s mom when she’s gobblin my nob

  11. Anyone notice how late Jagr was to the party lol..
    Also see Rinaldo doing his best work…sitting on the bench…watching the jumbotron…
    All joking aside, I actually like what Rinaldo brings to the table and I honestly feel like he gets a raw deal because the reputation that comes with his name…

  12. Talbot/Wellwood’s reaction on the far right was hysterical as well. Straight vertical on skates with that jump.

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