Let’s Just Avoid Talking About Those 10 Goals

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What… what happened?

I wrote yesterday that, at some point, there was going to be a karma backwash. You can only spend so many days trashing Sidney Crosby and the Penguins on every medium possible – TV, blogs, radio and newspapers – and expect to get away unscathed by the bitch that is karma.

But there’s no reason to panic. 

If before the series you would have said that the the Flyers would be heading back to Pittsburgh for Game 5 with a 3-1 series lead, any Flyers fan would be pleased. As Peter Laviolette told the Flyers after a loss to the Bruins (seen on 24/7): Let it go. Put it behind you. Move on.

Before we do, though, let’s take a look at some of the nonsense surrounding yesterday’s loss. 

– Zac Rinaldo had a bad day. He took a dumb penalty and received a game misconduct after stupidly cross-checking and punching Zbynek Michalek

He’ll likely be hearing from Brendan Shanahan’s arbitrary super-ego.  

Earlier in the day, pictures of Rinaldo posing, shirtless, in front of a hotel mirror, popped up on the interwebtuals (via Busted Coverage and 25 Stanley)… 

Screen Shot 2012-04-19 at 9.00.49 AM

Somewhere, a puck bunny slides closer to the screen and shuts her door.

Luckily for Zac, no pictures of Captain Winky worked their way into the mix. But, in the span of about four hours, Rinaldo had what were presumably intended to be private pictures leaked and likely got himself suspended. Fun.

– Notice all those penalties? Yeah, me too. Turns out officials warned both team before the game that things were going to be called closely. Jaromir Jagr explains:

Q: Did you expect them to call the game like that?

"They said that before the game. They said there was a circus the last three games and they were going to be in charge and call everything. They called both sides. There were so many penalties but we knew that they were going to call like that. The Penguins learned very quickly. They took two penalties five minutes into the game and then we got a bad penalty." 


Unfortunately, after the early calls turned the game into a friendly match, the Flyers (and the crowd) lost all energy, allowing the Penguins to pile on after taking a 5-3 lead early in the second period. 

– That karma backwash thing I mentioned. We were all guilty of it. But this is what I was talking about.

Before the game at Xfinity Live!: [via reader Victoria]

Screen Shot 2012-04-19 at 9.04.40 AM 
More #kidsagainstcrosby. Aubrey via father JD:

Screen Shot 2012-04-19 at 9.05.40 AM 

And this shirt: via (@DC0LLINS

Screen Shot 2012-04-19 at 9.06.36 AM

Let’s just lay low until tomorrow night, Philadelphia.

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50 Responses

  1. I don’t care what was going on. There is no excuse. NONE for whatever the fuck is going on in that first picture.

  2. I wouldn’t mind sucker punching Rinaldo for his terrible play, dumb cross- check & those ridic cell pics

  3. So Rinaldo is a dumb ass.
    Don’t ever expose me to half naked pictures of men Kyle. And especially fat men in diapers.
    The little girl is adorable though. Even though I’m not so sure it’s really ok to raise your kid to be a puck bunny.
    I only worry about one thing besides bears. It’s a long word, but I think everyone will understand it.

  4. 1) Officiating should be the same in EVERY game. The refs from yesterday should be investigated for making such a comment. If there is no standard, then the rules are void.
    2)I can’t figure out if that’s a large man with woman legs and no balls, or a large woman with a beard…. Either way, I won’t sleep tonight.

  5. Any footage of Tyler Kennedy leaping elbow-first into Grossmann’s face for the concussion hit? It’s impossible for a man 5″ shorter than Grossmann to hit squarely up high. Grossmann listed at 6’4″, Kennedy 5’11”

  6. Kyle- this is the second time in a few months that CB froze on my work computer with a picture(s) of shirtless dudes there for all to see (the first one was Pat Burrell). I don’t have the luxury of working in my basement, not that this would make it right, and I’d like to keep visiting the site to kill time at work – but – well, you can see where I’m going with this. Put half-naked dudes behind a link, please. The half-naked chicks are fine, at least if I’m going to be reprimanded at work, I’d like to go down with at least a little bit of dignity knowing that my boss is aware it was a female I was looking at.

  7. LOL @ JT…funny cause thats the first thing I thought of…however I was going to be nice and not say it cause I am done with all that.

  8. Did I hear correctly that Grossman is hurt ???
    That could be a real problem.
    The Original Beez Nutz

  9. @S Harrison: You mean the one that left Cliff Lee hanging after he pitched ten shutout innings? Sure let’s talk about them. That should cheer us up.

  10. in college hockey, we would make rinaldo pay a fine for that.. and also that attempt of playing hockey last night.

  11. In advance
    .. I knew he was hurt before the series started, but I thought I heard Jonesy say on NHL Live that he might miss the next game (i was half asleep though)
    Beez Nutz

  12. About the karma backwash/backlash: So other newspapers plaster Victorino in a tutu or Pronger in a dress on their front pages, their fan bases trash our players… and their teams promptly defeat us. Meanwhile, after a couple days of Crosby-bashing, we get annihilated. Sure, we’re still up 3-1, and the Penguins themselves proved momentum means nothing (see: Game 3 to Game 4 transition). But how exactly does that work out, other than concluding that Philly is just screwed like that?

  13. Holy shitstain, Batman! I know it’s still 3-1, but could there have been a more deflating loss then last night? Now we have to go back to Yinzer Country (albeit a place where the orange and black become a collection of big hairy American and French-Canadian winning machines) Bryz looks slower than a paraplegic monkey going post to post. Get bernie and his 300 lb frame to go all winter classic on the Pens. I’m sticking with my pre-series prediction. Flyers in 6. I hope it ends in Pitt though.

  14. Since I paid to go see that, I guess it can’t be considered rape…Oh well, I’m not too surprised at a flat outing from the Flyers and a balls to the wall effort from shittsburgh. Itll serve as a good wake up call to some of our younger guys hopefully.
    The refereeing was terrible but they had to expect that, plus it was evenly spread too.

  15. THE HOCKEY GODS ARE LAUGHING AT US NOW! It’s cool, just let it burnnnn and take care of business Friday. Still 3-1 guys… not too shabby

  16. All things being equal, I would’ve been okay with a game winning goal by Crosby in the closing seconds of regulation or an overtime loss, but not last night where the Pens, to paraphrase the late, great Richard Pryor, wore out three pairs of kneecaps kicking the Flyers in the ass. But hey, we’re still up 3-1 and still have the advantage. I’m comfortable with that.

  17. Rinaldo should get a suspension just for the cell phone pictures.
    I like how in the Jagr quote he says how the refs called the first three games a circus. Well whose fault is that? The refs have no one to blame but themselves for the first three games getting out of hand. If they just made the proper calls there would be no reason to call games as tightly as they were the first two periods last night.

  18. Rinaldo’s cell phone pictures are embarassing. You would never see a real player like Harts or G doing something that g@y

  19. @PhillyFlash…I would disagree.
    Losing a close game especially having a goal scored late in a game or in OT would have been more heart breaking to this team.
    This team had everything going wrong from the get go and threw the game out after the 5th or 6th goal. It meant nothing at that point. Should be easier for them to just throw this game out and move on.
    Plus with Pitt embarrassing the Flyers its going to make them want revenge and hopefully help them wake up and realize they can’t just show up for a playoff game when up 3-0 and expect to just cake walk. This should be a big eye opener to the rookies and so that is why I would rather have lost the way they did…rather then working their ass off for 60 minutes and putting everything out there on the ice just to end up losing especially if it was by the stick of Crosby late in a game.

  20. Why is nobody talking about Malkin’s elbow to Grossmans head? Anyone else see that? Easily could be 3 game suspension that I guarantee is not even looked at.

  21. @Chirp, I agree. I think last night was just so crazy that it’ll be easier to learn from and put behind them. It didn’t feel as gut-wrenching to me. It was just like “oh damn..ok..next game please”. Not “I can’t believe that happened”. I think more momentum would come from a close late game/OT win.
    Also, I’m glad we kept our cool for the most part. I mean there was definitely some extracurricular activity, but they didn’t embarass themselves like the Penguins did when they lost their hold on Game 3.

  22. Chirp: And getting steamrolled in your own building by a team that scored eight unanswered goals and cracked double digits WASN’T demoralizing? Lord knows the Pens might’ve gone for 12 or 13, given how they played. At least in a close game, the Flyers would’ve fought to the end, been carried out on their shields, confident that they gave Pittsburgh all they could handle, even in a loss, but after that unholy onslaught, they ran up the white flag, something that disgusted me. But I would agree with you that the sooner the team forgets that slaughter and concentrate of Friday’s game, the better.

  23. oh thanks Kyle, now i have a meat rash because of the Rinaldo pics. That dude is hot. I’d ride that bull.

  24. @PhillyFlash…well thats why we have opinions. I dont know what the players are thinking but every aspect of the game was off last night. I think thats much easier to get over then going out and giving a team all you got and still losing.
    Rather the guys chalk it up as “wow we were bad ok lets re-focus” rather than “dam we gave them our all and still lost”
    You almost want them to laugh about it, stay loose and get ready for game 5. Don’t want them gripping their sticks too tight.
    Like I said, just an opinion but to me a 10-3 blowout is easier to get over then a 4-3 loss when the most hated guy on their team scores the GWG…

  25. I wish all you doomsday predicters would take a breath. The pessimism is outrageous. Whether they lose 4-3 or 45-3, it’s wtill worht ONE GAME. We still hold a commanding lead on the series. Let’s not make this game something it’s not. I’m not going to sit around and cry because we didn’t SWEEP a team tat most of the world was predicting to win the Cup. We still have the series in our grasp. Just gotta buckle down and take one.

  26. Leighton and 8 other guys were called up from the Phantoms two days ago, I told you so. Nothing unusual about a team bringing up guys from the A when their season is done.

  27. Temple:
    Bryz: 3-1 with a 4.95 GAA and .844 sv%
    Fleury: 1-3 with 5.43 GAA and .817 sv%
    Why are you talking?
    Our goalie is hurt whats your excuse?

  28. @ Penguins Fan Who Goes To Temple:
    And yours looked like he had brain damage for two games. Jesus, is every Pittsburgh fan part of a sleeper cell?

  29. Chirp/JT – your the two biggest pussies on this site. You talk shit yet neither will do a damm thing about it. I will be at PBR’s tonight balls deep in some Pussy again! if you want to talk shit show up. I;ll knock you both out.
    Chirp – stop making excuses about Bryz. He has sucked all season except for 5 games. STOP. Were you hurt all throughout college? B/c you couldn’t stop a beach ball either.

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