Of Course I Did an Ilya Bryzgalov Impression on Good Day Philadelphia

I kind of figured that I'd unwillingly stumble into an awful why you ‘heff to be mad? impression during my TV debut.

All went well, I thought, until the awkward high-five… but I’m just going to blame Jenn for having small hands. 

Moments before we went on the air… Bernie Parent living the life, performing a puck-slinging stunt for the Preston and Steve Show:

Screen Shot 2012-04-18 at 11.33.22 AM
Never change, Bernie. Never change.

Video after the jump of Jenn trying – and failing – to kill watermelon Sidney Crosby. Bad omen.


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  1. I got a b-j0b up west chester from that annoying chick on the preston & steve show back in 2001. My claim to fame

  2. My girls has small hands like the chick from Fox. Small mouth too. But that’s cool. Make my cock look HUGE.

  3. That was the shirt you came up with? Which store’s $3.99 bargain bin did you pull that one out of? Otherwise, nice job.

  4. without being “pretentious” and hopefully not offending my boy @Steve
    Preston and Steve are fuckin horrible
    No Love,
    The Original Beez Nutz

  5. I got to meet Bernie Parent a couple weeks ago in a box at the Flyers/Rangers game and he was the nicest famous person I’ve ever met, hands down. Not only did he sign the Flyers puck that I brought, he took his time to really sign his name, not just a quick illegible scribble. Then to cap it off, HE thanked ME.
    Me: “Mr. Parent, would you mind signing my puck?”
    Bernie: “Sure!”
    Me: “Thank you so much.”
    Bernie: “No, thank you!”

  6. Shawn Hill is an embarrassment. Why do people enjoy his Chris Farley stolen moves? Oh wait, he’s fat, so it’s funny. Bullshit.

  7. You did a good job man! A little awkward with the excessive blinking when looking at the camera (nerves) but otherwise great performance!

  8. jennphred can see your brain from down there dude. was the weight room being under renovations when you went to Nova?

  9. I’m hoping to maybe get my dick sucked tonight at xfinity live after the sweep

  10. It’s cool of everyone at Fox 29 and the Preston & Steve show to pretend they care about the Flyers.

  11. What is that giant global spectrum sign all about?
    (i’ve been out of town for two years)

  12. Nice work Kyle, but WTF is with that idiot Jenn, she can’t even hit the sidewalk with a watermelon from the roof, what an asshat.

  13. @ Ron Shelly, so did about 200 other dudes. She’s got great dick sucking lips.
    Has Kyle come out of the closet yet?

  14. In Kyle’s defense, Jen’s a fucking wall-eye freak. How the hell would anyone know which way to look, or what direction to talk in?
    If I didn’t know better, I would say she was tweeking half of the time. I mean just look at how she spells her fucking name for Christ’s sake, she’s fuck six ways to Tuesday….

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