Only Claude Giroux Could Make Holding A Nickelback Gun Sexy (Now With Video!)

Screen Shot 2012-04-24 at 10.36.55 PMPic via (@KellyDaBunny)

Last night, Claude Giroux, Scott Hartnell, Max Talbot and Matt Carle attended the Nickelback concert. There's no less offensive way to word that.

But there might actually be a method to this unfortunate madness.

The NHL and Nickelback recently announced a partnership (why? I don’t know) that will see the Canadian band play two nights at the NHL Awards in Las Vegas in June. Additionally… well, we’ll just let the press release tell the story:

Nickelback's performance is part of a strategic promotional alliance between the League and the band. The partnership also calls for the integration of Nickelback's music into highlight reels during the upcoming Stanley Cup Conference Finals and promotion of the NHL on Nickelback's digital and social media platforms.


Right. In case you haven't noticed, that change has already been implemented.

All of this means that the Flyers’ presence at the concert may have been, um, encouraged. 

Flyers publicist: Hey guys… the league is asking that… well, Nickelback is in town tonight.

Giroux: Fuck off.

Talbot: No way, I’d rather get speared in my fucking penis.

Carle: Whatever Hartnell decides is fine with me.

Flyers publicist: Girls there.

Hartnell: We’re in. 

And perhaps that’s why the Flyers were at Nickelback last night.

Screen Shot 2012-04-25 at 8.11.22 AM

Screen Shot 2012-04-25 at 8.16.41 AM

Video after the jump. Warning: it features Chad Kroeger doing the most Chad Kroeger thing ever: attempting to be a badass and using the phrase “we’re going to jam some metal." Plus lots of F-bombs.


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  1. The giroux effect: he makes everything he is with better. I bet nickelback sounds like Led Zeppelin tonight

  2. So this, a recycled Washington nationals talking point, a bunch of pictures of an irrelevant semi good looking chick, and a yourube video making fun of Sidney Crosby are more important than one of the most beloved eagles ever, BRIAN FUCKING DAWKINS, retiring. B-Dawk retiring, doing so as an eagle, getting a halftime ceremony retiring his fucking number, and the HOF talk that surrounds his retirement have gotten ZERO mention on this site. None. Dick. Nada. Zilch. One of the few true bright spots in the Andy Reid era is officially coming back home to be immortalized as an eagle, and this site decides to focus on some reporters saggy tits.
    ….What. The. Fuck.

  3. Meh, the Eagles aren’t even playing for what, 4 more months?? That means he’s retiring when, exactly? Why should we care when it’s Flyers playoff time?!?! The focus is right where it should be, on the orange and black!!

  4. Kelli…so some broad who is a sideline reporter for…wait for it…the sixers, a team that has been irrelevant for years and isn’t worth an ounce of energy, gets precedent over one of the most beloved and intense Philly athletes ever? Awesome.

  5. Covering the Sixers is fine — especially since they clinched the playoffs (even though everyone knows they’re not going anywhere.) But wasting effort covering the new sideline reporter’s cans at the expense of a token nod toward Weapon X is a joke.
    I like the light stuff, but there are sports stories that actually matter, too.

  6. One of the greatest human being (as a man & athlete) to ever put on a Philadelphia uniform (any sport) is retiring and this asshole doesn’t say a fucking word about it! You’re really coming off as out of touch with your readership on this one. This was the first place I came to see what was posted about b dawk when I heard he retired and there was NOOOOOOTHING! What a joke! Kyle Scott blew this harder than his mom did 3 finger Lenny at xfinity live after game 6. You’d rather post vids of your funny looking self smacking hands like a little bitch with that chic on fox. Fuck outta here. By the way, that shit you posted on yahoo fuckin sucked too.

  7. Why should we care When it’s flyers playoff time? For 13 years #20 put on that jersey and sacrificed everything he had on that field. A athlete that finally understood the Philly fans. One of the most respected men to ever play in this city yet this website posts a pic of G at a nickelback concert? Or what the nationals are doing to “take back there park” Who the fuck cares about that? Alge crumpler hasn’t been relevant since 2004 and I wonder why. Kelli… Smh

  8. Everyone loves Dawk, but the Iggles F’d him like they do everyone else in this town. I hope he retires a Bronco. The Iggles dont deserve it. Lurie, Reid and Vick all need to go.

  9. What do you want Kyle to write about Dawk? This site is for funny shit. I don’t need him to write about every piece of Philly sports news. That’s what CSNPhilly is for.

  10. No the eagles FO don’t deserve it but we as fans do. Jason.. Kyle can’t pay some respect to one of the most beloved sports athletes to ever play in this town? Read Tony’s post

  11. What a bunch of sissy bitches on here. BDawk is and will most likey remain my fav Eagles of all time, but for you cry babies to belittle the site or Kyle becaus the article you were expecting wasn’t here is just pathetic. I don’t rely on crossing broad to get ALL my Philly sports news, but I come here to get my dose of off the wall, obscure Philly news regarding the teams I love that I can’t get elsewhere. Keep up the great work Kyle…
    also…. Nickelback is a heaping pile of shit.

  12. If you don’t like it then don’t read the blog and spare us your Sidney Crosby-esque whining and complaining.

  13. People actually come here for humor? These are the same people who find Dane Cook funny I guess

  14. If anyone approaches you today to tell you how much fun they had last night getting a high speed t-shirt from G, don’t congratulate them. Knock their teeth out for going to see Nickelback. I’m embarrassed that so many Philly area people gave them money last night.

  15. Thanks dick heads. Kyle is probably debating internally whether or not he should delete his fucking amazing article on Dawkins, because a bunch of whiny cum guzzling queens pissed him off about it. If you don’t like the content just go the fuck away. I love Dawk just as much as the next guy but whathafuck, I’m not going to bitch because there isn’t an article on him here yet. Bunch of bitches.

  16. God I hate this band with a passion. Shame on the NHL for promoting this worthless piece of trash. Let it die, already.

  17. they probably agreed to this because they heard Bush was opening, but then they realized it was a concert…….. see what i did there

  18. Focus should be on the Flyers….everyone in Philadelphia loves Dawks but there will be a time to honor him and retire his jersey….it is time the Flyers get their recognition for what they are doing. I am a long time season ticket holder and it is a long season sittng at the games and when they are home it could be 2 or 3 tmes a week. Now think about these guys that play the sport. They play hard physical hockey from September to April/June (depending on how they do in playoffs) alot of times with one or two days inbetween and they earned this time. Football is physical but 16 games a season plus preseason but they don’t all play a lot in preseason and they have a week inbetween games to recoup….NOW you want us to stop everything and talk just about Dawks….love Dawks and believe we need to show our love but will never take away from what the FLYERS are doing and what they EARNED… move on and Dawks will get his day.

  19. I knew Kroeger was a jackass, but to hear him try and “shoot the shit” with the crowd….makes me want to hit 88mph in my Delorean and go back and murder his parents.

  20. Also, lets not forget how…pretty much ALL of Detroit petitioned to not allow Nickelback to play their halftime show…
    Sometimes I want to slap the NHL for trying to hard in the worst way

  21. I wonder if they will show up at the Rammstein show tomorrow and nail some goth bitches.
    I’ll be golfing..

  22. LisaR, I agree with a lot that you said. One part you were VERY wrong about though;
    “everyone in Philadelphia loves Dawks”
    Nope. I don’t. He could keel over today for all I care.

  23. Good point Lisa focus should be on the flyers but you can’t compare hockey and football in a physical standpoint theres a reason ehy they play 16 games. Most of these posts regarding Dawk is bc they’re probably still bitter about what happened with him and the eagles brass. Instead of questioning Kyle about why he didn’t post about Dawk we should be questioning why people actually went to a nickelback concert. Bdawk will get his recognition and nickelback is a travesty!!!

  24. “you can’t compare hockey and football”
    Yeah, you can’t. Hockey is FAR more physically demanding. Football is for pussies who need a break after every play. There’s no reason a game with a running clock should take 3 1/2 to 4 hours to play. Look at the numbers. There’s only an average of around 12 minutes of actual game play in a 4 hour telecast!! That’s ridiculous!!!

  25. my friends post on FB “Hartnell, Giroux, Carle & Talbot are at tonights Nickelback concert. I guess they needed to watch a shitshow before the second round starts to get it out of their systems!”

  26. Why would Flyers management and the NHL encourage the players to go somewhere 99% of Philadelphia hopes a terrorist attack will occur?

  27. Willie Nelson always brings out the t-shirt guns after he plays “Angel flying too close to the ground.” It always bring a tear to my eye.

  28. Listen, Claude… you got this city by the short hairs… don’t fuck it up by “going” to a Nickelback concert

  29. So much gayness going on with this post and its comments…first off I lost so much respect for this team going to a nickelback concert and i dont care if there Canadian and if the flyers were giving a million dollars each. DAWKINS would fuck up any flyer or anyone in the NHL. He is the man and the greatest player ever in Philly. Evaporation boy is a bitch and clearly has never played football. Meanwhile clearly the flyers have brought the ladies to the comment section. Funny they werent here during the regular season…Seriously im moving to 700level at least they show respect to Dawkins…go fuck your selves.

  30. Football bored me. I had to move on to a real sport.
    Go blow Dawkins somewhere else.

  31. Hockey is far more physically demanding that’s why they play 82 games? Ejaculationboy needs to get hit by a 300 lb linemen

  32. That’s why they’re the tougher athletes. they don’t need to be limited to 16 walks in the park.

  33. Is it a coincidence that NB and the NHL are in a playoff promotional partnership this year, and that one of the most visible faces in the playoffs this year appears at a concert of the ‘band’ that the NHL is partnered with?
    This was probably a favor asked by the league.
    Chill. G looks like he thinks it’s lame anyway. Hartnell’s shirt is awesome.
    Nobody cares about the Eagles right now.

  34. Hockey players are Canadian… Nickelback is Canadian… there were hot girls all over the damn place. They were there by choice. That said, AWESOME time at My Darkest Days – Seether – Bush – Nickelback concert last night! MDD needed more time… four songs wasn’t enough. Seether rocked, as usual. First time seeing Bush live and I was REALLY impressed. And, Nickelback… unbelievable! I know a lot of people consider them “kiddie rock,” but they put on as good of a live show as any band I’ve ever seen. Highlight of the night had to be Claude Giroux and Scott Hartnell on stage with the band, shooting t-shirts out to the crowd while Brayden Schenn and Max Talbot threw beers to the people standing on the floor. Matt Carle, Wayne Simmonds and a few of the other guys were there, too, but only the four of them were brought up on to stage.

  35. Lol lol lol lol lol I love those guys but come on, nickleback??! Wf turn in your man cards

  36. By the way the one with the hat that walks out with talbot and giroux is Schenn I’m pretty sure

  37. The Flyers actually like Nickelback and wanted to go…all you dumbasses drink beer dont you? Same shit

  38. Giroux >>>>>>> B Dork
    Fuck the Eagles, the fatass coach, the choker ex-qb, the dog killer current qb & the whole fucking team. They suck, they aren’t winning shit so dry those tears with your midnight green jerseys, douchebags.

  39. Yeah I posted the video on youtube after the concert last night… Spent all day getting emails showing each comment someone left on my video. 95% hate.. not getting it. I’ve had over 36,000 views in less then 24 hours. I agree Nickelback isn’t why I dished out too much money to go to the show last night.. I wanted to see Bush again after they reunited and Seether and My Darkest Days was a plus… planned on leaving a few songs into Nickelback.. but after each song they played my friend I were like a few more songs then we can leave. It wasn’t horrible but I had a good time… I’m appreciative of all kinds of actual music and had fun at a rock concert in the Flyers house.. The fact that they came out to support the band is one thing… but I was feeling that they came out to give love to the fans… most of which were wearing Flyers Jerseys and t-shirts.. I think people need to relax and appreciate where the team is and the upside for years to come… its one concert and a really good one at that!!

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