Pat Burrell Will Sign One-Day Contract With Phillies

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The Phillies have announced that Pat Burrell will sign a one-day minor league contract so he can retire as a Phillie. He will be honored prior to the May 19th game against the Red Sox.

Earlier this spring, Ruben Amaro said that the team would consider the gesture, but no announcement had been made until today.

Awesome move. Get the legs spreading, Rittenhouse area– Pat is back.


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  1. Popping a half chub upon hearing this news isnt gay right?……yeah didnt think so

  2. I will never forget june of 2005, walking in on pat the bat railing some wh0re in the Irish Pub bathroom stall. He was my fav all-time phil ever since

  3. Lame… whole one-day contract is a joke no matter who the player is… burrell was king of the empty stat, never understood why so many people adored such a mediocre player

  4. Yea, who gives a fuck about an underachieving, over paid dick, who could give two shits about the people who paid to watch him throw his butt out on a ball over the fat part of the plate for a called strike 3?
    Prettiest strike out swing in baseball for sure.

  5. Don’t get me wrong here, he had a decent career here, but let’s be honest he was overrated, not to mention he was known for being a jerk (to put it lightly) off the field. I don’t get why so many people blindly profess their undying love for the guy that’s all I’m saying… I also believe the one day contract no matter what sport, no matter who the player is is a pointless PR move… i want to know what is classless about my remarks, unless you were referrring to the ones following mine

  6. One time I was about to go home with some girl to finger blast her and that prick cocksucker totally swooped in and snaked her right off me. I hope gets wasted and does a chinner down a flight of concrete stairs.

  7. Jay Grace u hert my feelings pal… go steal another sound drop from 97.5 u tool

  8. I remember when Mad Dog Evans beat up Dan Hartzell in SKS playground… that was a good day

  9. he loved sex and beer more then baseball. BTW rem he played for SF & could doc a pussy

  10. I think most fans still respect/like Pat the bat because while he struggled he continued to fight through and when he left, he left as a champion. I mean honestly, even the years he really struggled he always looked like he was trying, he never appeared as if he quit on the team. He never ripped the fans for booing him through the media or at least I don’t remember ever hearing about it. He took his licks and kept at it. Did he underachieve? Probably. Is he a great Phillie? No. But he was an ok player and he was part of the team that ended this city’s championship drought. I actually like the 1 day contract retiring method. I think it shows that he actually cares about the Phillies and this city and it means something to him to retire a Phillie.

  11. Oh boy. When Joe Blanton retires can we have a day for him too. After all, he has as many World Series RBI’s as Joe Blanton. And one less HR.
    Oh, and lest we forget him mouthing off to Roy Halladay in the 2010 NLCS. He had himself another parade in SF. As far as I’m concerned, he can stay in SF. I hope the sellout streak ends that night. Ridiculous

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