Report: The Eagles Are About To Trade Asante Samuel

Screen Shot 2012-04-25 at 10.48.18 AM
Well, in news that’s not really news because it was completely expected, the Eagles are on the verge of trading Asante Samuel to Atlanta.

Screen Shot 2012-04-25 at 10.48.10 AM
Screen Shot 2012-04-25 at 10.48.10 AM

Nice to see that Roob is in compliance with CSN's (apparent) mandate that every Tweet end with an annoying #[team]talk hashtag.

UPDATE: Done deal and all but official, according to reports. Asante agreed to three-year deal with Atlanta.

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15 Responses

  1. He will love atl, close to his home in Florida, tons of chicken & waffle joints..
    Let’s not forget about all the tity bars

  2. @deuces – That was funny shit.
    And I can only assume that at this point, Kyle won’t post anything on Dawkins, just out of spite. Well played sir.

  3. A day late and a dollar short. Samuel should’ve been traded a year ago, but the Eagles, in their colossal arrogance in thinking they could’ve made a three headed secondary of him, DRC and Asomugha work cost the organization as they probably would’ve gotten a higher round pick.

  4. if its a 6th (or even 5th) round pick, we are getting hosed….we can afford him this season…..hes worth it for the experience and depth…but hey, well see what happens….maybe they are gonna learn how to draft this year……oh who am i kidding….kicker in 3rd round!!

  5. Addition by subtraction.
    Would rather pay DRC $800K to play on the outside and give Shady his big deal now, than keep Asante. Hes nothing but a check casher at this point.

  6. Guy who reads the site posted a link on his Facebook wall, and made the comment “brilliant piece” (it wasn’t, but I thought it was a funny phils recap). He is friends with Reuban and Reuban commented “no offense to whoever wrote it, but that’s hardly brilliant.” just thought it was a little uncalled for from a guy who has been toiling around as a b-list writer for years and can’t seem to write anything other than regurgitated press releases with no real insight or opinion and only now got a position serving as r diddy’s skid mark at csn.
    That’s it

  7. Multiple tweets of a trade rumor does not mean that its more solid…. It simply means ONE guy had a story, and a bunch of other bloggers/reporters than also tweet “I’m hearing…”

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