Source: The Flyers Will Announce That They Are Moving to 97.5 The Fanatic

I’ve been told by multiple sources that the Flyers announcement scheduled for 5 p.m. is not all that major. The team will announce that games will be broadcast on 97.5 The Fanatic.

Last week, the Sixers announced that they would be moving their broadcasts to 97.5.

Also hearing that Ed Snider was not even a little bit happy with WIP’s obligations to air Phillies games on 94.1 FM, while Flyers playoff broadcasts were relegated to 610 AM.

Our own Ryan Gillon reports that the Flyers will remain on WIP throughout playoffs and begin on 97.5 in the fall.

UPDATE: It's offical. Peter Luuko just made the announcement with Mike Missanelli.


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  1. As long as I can still yell HE SCOOORRES!! I don’t care what station I’m on

  2. WOW!!! WIP Really screwed up!! How do you air the struggling Phillies over the Red Hot Flyers?!?!?! move the Phils to 610!! Guess those 4 for 4 promos are over!! Way to go 97.5!!!

  3. I was a little yesteday going to my buddies to watch the game and tried to get it on the radio and was quite pissed it was only on am and it kept breaking up. Good move by flyers

  4. It’s because the Phillies are still on 1210 so it makes no sense to put them on 610 too.

  5. WIP is getting what they deserve! They have really gone down hill over the years. Fanatic Rules!! On air talent so much better.

  6. ^^^^agreed except for Tom Byrne, Schwartzmann and Phil from Mt. Airy…three dickbags who are always wrong on their predictions and are so over the top sure they are gonna be right, only to be wrong time and time again.
    Byrne is a celebrity too. Philly cab drivers should know that.
    Mikey Miss, Mayes and Bruno are top notch.

  7. After Sunday I’m not surprised.
    But don’t both the Sixers and Flyers have playoff games on Tuesday??

  8. So now 97.5 now has both the 76ers and the Flyers, who frequently play at the same time. There’s still only one FM station, so basically we went from being bumped to 610AM to being bumped to 950AM?

  9. Hey MacNow, when 950 first came on the air you laughed at them and said “what competition?” Who’s laughing now? You lost the race to FM and now you’ve lost the Sixers AND the Flyers. Pretty soon you will be irrelevant!

  10. Kyle, guess you’ll be jumping ship next? Aren’t you boys with Big Daddy and Angelo big nose mentions your blog sometimes.
    WIP Sucks, I wish Morganti would bail on that shit show.

  11. Mikey Miss has possibly the worst intro song to his show at 2:00…Tony Bruno and Mays are the best, Mikey Miss is good except for that song and Phil from Mt. airy should be selling hub caps not hosting a radio show

  12. I have to disagree on Byrne. Never liked him before, but it seems like he’s trying harder. Plus when he’s been on for Flyers post-game it’s been the best hockey talk in the market.

  13. Ed Snider gets shit done. He’s the only man that could get the Beatles to reunite…even with the dead ones.

  14. Not surprised. I know during the Pittsburgh series, the Flyers got dumped MID-GAME for the Phillies.

  15. BTW..Did someone ever win that “four for four” contest on WIP where they got season tickets for all four teams?

  16. Hopefully they never get bumped to AM in favor of the sixers, but we all know how much ESPN hate’s hockey.

  17. WIP is boring to listen to. I only listen to them in the mornings because I can’t stand the two Mike’s. Even then, I sometimes choose 96.5’s War of the Roses over Angelo, cause I’d rather hear people get bustedddddd. By the way, if anyone ever calls you around 7:30 a.m. offering a free dozen roses, DONT BELIEVE EM!!!!!!!!!
    Phil from Mt. Airy sounds like he has a stuffy nose and is drugged up on Nyquil. I also laugh to myself when I hear Jason Ashworth talking hockey. Seems like a good dude and is knowledgeable in football and basketball, but dude doesn’t know shiiittttttt about hockey or baseball.

  18. Haven’t listened to the radio in awhile. I guess since their phillies contract is new, they didn’t want to dump them on 610 right away…kinda stupid move. It’s funny that they have that new broadcast booth at the entrance to the wells fargo center and now they don’t even have the games to broadcast.

  19. You’d think if there was a conflict one team would be on 97.5 and the other would be on 95.7 BEN or 93.3 WMMR. Greater media wouldnt be stupid enough to make the same mistake as wip….

  20. I’m pretty sure the Sunday Flyers/Penguins game when all hell broke loose towards the end of the regular season was on 610 while a spring training Phillies game was on 94.1

  21. If 97.5 got Gargano to team back up with Mikey Miss, then there would be no more reason to listen to WIP. Although Mike and Mike in the morning is pretty weak.

  22. Yeah, the ridiculousness of airing a pre-season phils game over a late season racing for positioning Flyers game dug them that grave

  23. phil from mt. airy is terrible, who does he have naked pics of to get on the air?
    97.5 hands down over 94, its not even close. harry mays and mikey miss dominate. even their sidekick producers are more entertaining that the clowns on WIP, like that goomba homer gargano… what a joke he is.

  24. @Mike – Gargano? – He is an absolute disgrace with his south philly Tony Soprano schtick. He talks to callers like their in preschool. Not to mention, he struggles mightily with the English language. The dude is a fraud.
    Gargano: Mistery guyyyy, whats ure favorit colur….thaz awesommmmeeeeeeee

  25. Too many people trying to ‘play a character on WIP. You got ‘Howard Stern Lite for Sports’ in Cataldi, ‘Eskin Lite’ in Gargano, who if you disagree with anything ‘The Cuz’ says, will just talk over you until your time is up, Macnow who is just a crabby old man, and the random ‘ex jock of the week’. 97.5 isn’t perfect but there is much more back and forth between the callers and hosts. The guys at WIP think they are Jim Rome, doing their take, only thing is they never leave any time for the callers to get their point in. 15 seconds at the start of the call and thats it. Only Jim Rome can do Jim Rome. Glad to see WIP take a public flogging like this. Elitist jerkoffs deserve it.

  26. I’ve been waiting and waiting for WIP to finally go down. Now all we need is Macnow, Ray Diddy, Morganti and Rob Ellis to come over. I’m so tired of having to listen to those loudmouth morons Cataldi and Gargano, who are such comical lightweights. They keep trying to force Barkann and Ike Reese down our throats. I don’t ever want to hear from Rhea Hughes ever again… how and why she is still on the radio is beyond me.
    That garbage morning show spends more time kissing politicians asses and talking to strippers (there is a reason they are strippers and not radio hosts). I’m so sick of that trash.

  27. The Cuz is the worst one on WIP, can’t stand him. Agree with M, Mike and Mike suck so I usually listen to music or mmr in the mornings.
    Mikey Miss is starting to change, he better stop before his routine gets old, starting to disgree with callers more and sound more, god forbid, more like the burger king werewolf idiot, Eskin.
    Bruno and Mayes are the best show, yes Bruno should be on in the moring instead of Golic and his sidekick.

  28. WIP is sinking fast. I was a die hard WIP fan before the Fanatic and now it’s not even close.

  29. Nah… relax… I work for the Flyers… you’ll still hear me and Bundy!

  30. As long as I can still motorboat Rhea Hughes’ bodacious fun bags between periods it’s all good with me…

  31. Rhea Hughes has absolutely no sex appeal whatsoever. Even I wouldn’t drop those panties.

  32. There’s really only decent enough on-air guys for one half a sports station in town. Keep Morganti, Macnow, Diddy and Ellis and bring Mikey Miss back to WIP. Send that ass Cataldi to Boston where he belongs.

  33. Missanelli and Byrne may be the best two hosts in town but WIP still has the Eagles and Phillies…

  34. Maybe 97.5 will trade Jon Marks and Schwartzman for the Eagles and Phils. They could even throw in Sean Brace too. Phil from MT Airy should just be shot.

  35. Thats a shame. Aside from the morning show (which i think everyone can universally agree sucks a fat dick) i like WIP better. That was pretty stupid to put the flyers on AM. Playoffs should always win over a regular season game.

  36. Ya know what … I was HUGE supporter of WIP but it’s just grown old. First of all, it’s 40 minutes of commercials and 20 minutes of talk at best. Also I have to agree that “Mike and Ike” might be the worst 3 hours of radio in Philadelphia. Barkann is beyond annoying and Ike Reese just likes to repeat the same thing over and over again, he sounds like he is trying to prove himself all the time. There are a few good hosts left on there but 97.5 is now the dominate sports station in the city. I hope Linda from Mayfair makes the jump … she cracks me up with her baseball knowledge.

  37. 94.1
    Mike and Ike stink.
    Cuz and Macnow stink.
    Angelo BLOWS.
    Mike and Mike is garbage.
    Baldy and Mayes are good.
    Bruno and Mayes are very entertaining.
    Mike Miss is arrogant, but entertaining as well.

  38. Seems like Everytime I turn on The cuz & macnow show they are talking about food & lil ant

  39. Is linda from Mayfair still alive? I know she was battling the big C & I don’t hear her call anymore

  40. Still boggles my mind why they gave the cuz & cranky macnow Eskin’s time slot.

  41. Am I one of the few people who actually enjoys Mike and Mike? They’re not that bad for a national radio show, at least in my opinion.

  42. WHHHHHHAT???? This is total horse shit. What is Al Morcunty and Keith “Kermit the frog” jones going to talk about when I’m chowing down on RHEA HUGHES nasty, filthy, gooey, smelly, charred cunt? I hope Mikey Pissinsmelly slices his coarse, hairy penis off with a razor blade and fingers Howard eskin with it…what does Peter lukko think with that brain of his? Our flyers coverage was sterling! It was shinier than Mitch Williams steel dildo and more profound than RHEA HUGHES rustic vaginal canal. 95.7 doesn’t deserve Tim Saunders nasal, goofy ass Barbie voice talking about how much he likes to finger his turtle. They haven’t earned the right to hear bundy pick his cunt on the airwaves and pretend that it’s knowledgable hockey info from some guy who “played” the game. He can fuck himself in the dick. RHEA HUGHES and I are going to go insert stripped wiring into our Gentiles and hammer nails into our toes whilst munching on cow shit as a means to mourn this terrible loss. Fuck off penis breath.

  43. FUCK WIP 97.5 is great and wip is unlistenable, especially that new york sounding douchebag cataldi. Although i hope this forces missanelli to talk more flyers. Now if only i didnt have to hear about the sixers at all this would be perfect. Fuck Basketball!

  44. Agree that Mike and Mike is the last show holding 97.5 back. I don’t need to here NFL and NBA talk all day long, especially in the offseason.

  45. exactly, maybe get bruno to do mornings to get rid of mike and mike and it would be just about perfect

  46. Your little radio wars in Philly…haha. Is anybody alive out there?? The best sports talker in the nation is yours truly, Christopher Mad Dog Russo. Get Sirius/XM.

  47. Small town hosts with no real sports knowledge other than their little teams… boring.

  48. Hey Crosby bitch faggot face…I’m a shining knight that is better than every other person on this board. How much money you make bro? My nose insurance is worth more than your entire puke fuming family. Go wrap your lips around an old ladies sagging wet nipples you fucking pile of trash. Hey faggot face, while you’re at it, make me a sandwich with extra mayo so I can not tip you, shit stain. And mad dog pusso…how mch money you make bro? Go clean up Crosby cunts diarrhea

  49. we dont give a shit about teams outside of this area. Therefore id rather jam an icepick in my ear than listen to some blowhard jackass talk about the miami heat or the yankees

  50. i was talking about the real unlistenable Cataldi, not some dumb pussy who lives in his mothers basement and trolls this board all day spewing stupid vile nonsense…in short…fuck you

  51. Does this mean that if I swtill want Wayne Simmons to fuck me i have the ass and leave his big black load in my back, I have to move to 97.5 too? I need to move on from fuckng Angelo and his old balls.

  52. What would make this sweeter is by replacing light-weight Tim Saunders, with his constant mistakes and his ridiculous goal calls, with a real pro.
    Mike & Ike is by far the worst radio show going. Barkann is so over-matched with real sports knowledge and Ike only knows football and basketball (to a degree).

  53. Tim Saunders is a pro, terrific play by play man. I love his all calls, reminds me of a Rush concert, Geddy Lee like pipes on Saunders, scccccooooooooores! Love it.

  54. Great move. WIP is on its way down. I cant stand Gargano and Macnow anymore. Who gives a shit about your kid, Cuz. Mike and Ike are terrible too.

  55. Hey crosby fggot cunt. HOws it feel to be the one getting into it with some dumb internet troll who lives in his mothers bsement? Awww…Now go gargle Gargnos balls

  56. I like Mike and Mike. I can’t stand Bruno. He refuses to criticize anyone. I turn him off everyday.

  57. The Mike and Mike shows taking point tomorrow are football, football, basketball, basketball, Lebron, NBA, NFL, football, football, football, NBA, back to football then 5 minutes of baseball with Tim Scheffler.
    No other sports exist.

  58. Greenberg mentions that he’s a jets fan more then the cuz & rhea talk about their kids

  59. I am the worst. I brother-in-law everybody that calls. I’m a fat fuck who eats too much primos hoagies. I am ugly. I am the reason why many do not listen to WIP.

  60. Sounds to me like Ed Snider had a hissy fit like a spurned woman over the broadcasting situation, so he huffed and puffed and took the Flyers elsewhere. Hey, that’s his prerogative as the owner, but you mean to tell me he didn’t know going in that WIP would hitch it’s wagon to the Phillies, if but for no other reason than because they’re popular in town? I call that sour grapes, boys and girls. No matter, at least we can stop with all the “Four For Four” nonsense which I thought was stupid from jump street.

  61. I agree that 97.5 needs a local morning show but if they dump Mike and Mike they will lose their affiliation with ESPN and then they won’t get interviews from Jason Stark, Sal Pal etc. It’s just a necessary evil they have to put up with.

  62. Are Jayson Stark interviews that exciting? I’m usually bored. 97.5 does need a legit morning show, radio is all about morning radio, that’s where the big $ is made – advertising, etc. They need a local show. National sports shows don’t really appeal to Philadelphia sports fans. I’ve never listened to Mike/Mike, but in general, I hate ESPN sportsradio. Tony Bruno has morning drive experience, worked with Cataldi and Morganti back in the day, give Bruno the morning show.

  63. Sportsradio sucks everywhere, listening to non-game content is just painful.
    Too much football, Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much basketball, bandwagon baseball, no respect for hockey, and completely ignoring other sports.
    All I ask is that the Flyers always get FM priority over the sixers, and that they simulcast games with the cable feed, so I can mute the NBC idiots.

  64. I agree with the sports radio comments. However, Doc Emerick is not an “idiot.” The NHL is lucky to have such a talented play-by-play man for national games, the Vin Scully of hockey.

  65. Maybe I’m too low-key to get worked up over silly fluff like the pros and cons of sportstalk radio, but I have no problem with that, to me, it’s just another form of entertainment to enjoy, like sports itself. But, I am curious about something Mike recently said about other sports being ignored on the radio, what would those “other sports” be? Soccer? NASCAR? Boxing? Horse Racing? Formula One? Lacrosse? Track and Field? MMA? Good luck getting interest in all that, you’d have nothing but dead air, and everyone knows it too.

  66. I like Tim Saunders until the Flyers score a goal. Then the pitch in his voice is reminiscent of an adolescent girl. Ditto Jim Jackson. I need a manly G O A L call not a high pitched squeal. Both of those guys need work on that.
    Both stations on-air personnel are a disaster imo and way way too heavy on Eagles/NFL. WIP is stale outplayed. 97.5 ? Tony + Harry would be good morning zoo radio but its really hard to take them seriously.Pronger? I didnt even kiss her yack yack yack yack. The rest of the roster is a whose who on greenhorns that should be broadcasting in Altoona. Not a fan of Missanelii. This is the 4th largest media market in the usa but you would never know it by the quality on local sports radio.

  67. Ha guys,don’t forget about me. And btw,Rhea Hughes might not be much to look at,but at least she has a nice rack to look at.I’m outta here like Vladimir.

  68. ex flyers host jason myrtedus should be doing the flyers playby play. he has the besthockey knowledge in the city and isworking for 975 now. that would fresh and youger sounding and would make the games evenbetter to listen too. he was great on WIP for hockey.

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