The Complete Peter Laviolette

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We are revisiting this post from early January– The Complete Peter Laviolette, all of Lavs' baby-punch inspiring scenes from 24/7. Get fully torqued and watch.

There were many highlights of HBO’s 24/7, the most notable of which, in my opinion, was the network’s outstanding portrayal of Flyers head coach Peter Laviolette, who witnessed his team’s ups and downs throughout December.

The entire series was 240 minutes long– roughly 11 featured Laviolette speaking to his team, cameras, or individual players. These are those 11 minutes. 

Watch it before you workout. Or before you run, go to work, eat breakfast, shower, shit, have sex… or, hell, even before you masturbate, if this is the sort of thing that gets you from zero to hero.  Never again will we get such an up-close glimpse inside Peter Laviolette’s Dry Island, which might not be filled with alcohol, but certainly contains its share of piss and vinegar. And jam. Lavs loves jam.

Hop it for the video. Fuckin' right.


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  1. Lavs is definitely the kind of coach that can help win a game with more then just knowledge(unlike Reid.) You know that when a coach can get you(a fan) pumped up, his team must want to have that same passion as their coach.

  2. I was VERY aroused by this. I immediately starting yelling at my co-workers to start working with some jam!

  3. I like Lavs but does anyone else get the impression that he is one of those, “look at me, I’m tough” type of guy? he really pis*ed me off when he started Bob for the Classic. It reeked of “look at me, I’m the coach, I start who i want, end of story.”
    All this machismo, the cursing, the hard ass nature, everything means nothing without a cup

  4. TR- it’s hard to say he only started Bob for that reason when Bryz’s play since the Classic has pretty much confirmed that he made the right decision in starting Bob. You don’t start someone in a big game because they make more money or have a cooler Winter Classic mask. You play who you think will get you two points.

  5. he needs to yell more “No more SOFT fucking goals!!!”
    make them work for it EH!

  6. Good comments. IMO 24/7 made a lovable team, even more lovable. It showed the emotion these guys play with and gave us a look at how they interact on and off the ice, more then we would ever know.
    The Flyers have always been my #1 philly team, but watching 24/7 makes me want to root for this team even more.

  7. TR – he has a cup.
    the dude is an absolute boss. it makes me think even less of Richards and Carter now. if you dont get along with this guy as your coach, then forget you.

  8. This 24/7 coverage has left me so spoiled.
    I need a button on my remote to switch audio from the CSN guys to a live mike on Lavs. Throw in a second feed from Giroux and I will never need a play-by-play announcer again. (No offense to JJ. I like JJ.)

  9. Frankenstein, exactly. Every time something happens on the ice I find myself wishing the guys were mic’d

  10. TR – Every hockey coach is a hard ass, curses, yells, gets in your face etc etc etc, this is what they do, they yell they motivate and they make the tough decisions. Bob was the best choice to start at the classic, he was playing much better (not that he has been rock solid either) But Lavs isn’t making the “Look at me” impression, he is starting the best players for the job who offer the best chance at winning… Also, He has a cup win, with the canes, so he has the “Resume” to back it up…

  11. Chris R is a fing maroon. Eagles suck until they get rid of that disgrace of a QB Vick and the disgrace of a coach Reid. Lets go get a ham sandwich.

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