The Entire Flyers Team Showed Up at Xfinity Live! on Saturday Night

Flyers_xfinity_livePhoto via (@DaniAdi22)

See, now this is pretty cool.

I spent about six hours at Xfinity Live! on Saturday to watch the Flyers and Phillies games. We’ll have a full, reader-assisted review of the joint (hint– it’s awesome) most likely tomorrow, but this was worth calling attention to: 

At around 9 p.m., just two hours after the Flyers wrapped up the regular season in Pittsburgh, the entire team – including coaches, GM and Ed Snider – rolled in for a private party in the mezzanine VIP section. They were there to watch a playoff video (presumably some sort of pump-up, season recap jam) and, well, party.

Coming straight from the airport, players and coaches parked or were dropped off over on the 11th street side of the building, meaning that most of them had to walk across the crowded floor, amongst fans who, just hours earlier, were watching them on the big screen.

That was fun to watch.

We were seated at the bar just below the mezzanine level, which meant that just about every played walked right by us. Ms. CB sort of lost it when Lavs and Wayne Simmonds (…) walked by. We left not too long after they arrived and, when walking through the Philly Marketplace – the open area hub in the middle of Xfinity Live! – got to enjoy some of the commentary from folks who couldn’t believe that they were staring at the Flyers, who were mostly all positioned at or near the railing (as you can see in the pictures).

While The Chairman canoodled with his significantly younger significant other in plain view of the crowd, one guy yelled, “Get it in, Ed!” 

Another: “Pop a Viagra!” 

Then, when Peter Laviolette came into view, one bargoer, who would probably enjoy the humor on this here site, blankly told his friend, “That’s Peter Laviolette– he has a 14-inch cock.”

Indeed he does, bargoer. Indeed he does.

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  1. How long are you going to attempt to dick tease us with this Xfinity Live review, we’ve all been there by now. Next you can give us a full run down of how awesome the “new” ballpark is.

  2. My spies tell me that Mike Richards has already told Ed Snider that the next time Mike is in town, he has promised to do a rail road track of cocaine in the bathroom at that joint.

  3. I hope you like eating and drinking in a food court, because that’s what it is. Too bad there isn’t a Subway in there.

  4. My nephew went to penn with his youngest daughter from his …..3x wife, Marta.
    I think the girl he was all over was the same age 27, 29 area. Guess he was putting his
    Stamp all over her in front of his players. Cause she will be canoodling with one or two of them. What happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas. Should have left her behind!!

  5. Wait jojo you know that she’s from Vegas? Was with my home boys other
    Night at game, he swore he had, …… Um meet her at a party there. Could it be???
    No way man. That’s crazy man. Adoption? Another long term contract.
    Hope for his sake it’s better deal the. Goalie.

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