The NHL Is “[Almost] As Upset As The Penguins” Over Blown Call

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Of course they are! Sidney Crosby is in danger of golfing (or playing with his mobile…) early again.

Colin Campbell, the NHL’s executive vice president of whatever, pointed the finger at linesman Tony Sericolo, who blew an obvious offsides call on Danny Briere’s first goal. 

Campbell: [via TSN]

"There's no other way to explain it but a missed call," Campbell told The Canadian Press in an interview. "We're as upset as Pittsburgh almost. It's a mistake."

"There's always fallout," he said. "The referees and the linesmen are judged on the work they do as far as how they advance in doing games. If mistakes are made, no matter how difficult they are, there's got to be decisions made on who advances."


Translation: Pittsburgh is supposed to win. They HAVE TO win. Sidney Crosby! Malkin! Crosby! Bylsma's glasses! We’ll just make sure the officials compensate in Game 2.

Maybe I’m misinterpreting that, or maybe I’m not. 

Anyway, former referee Kerry Fraser and his excellent hair explained last night on TSN that the referee, in addition to the linesman, actually has the ability to make an offsides call. In this case, the ref was in better position, but could not overrule Sericolo, who had already waived off the offsides. Poor Penguins.

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  1. …So the NHL is mad about the blown offsides, but they’re not mad about the blown icing that directly led to the Penguins’ 3rd goal? I see. “Typical Pittsburgh” as Lavs might say.

  2. jesus christ i hate the NHL sometimes. hockey is my sport, but come on this is awful they clearly favor pitt all the time which i dont get cause the team was so close to being in kansas city. come on stop playing favorites, that third goal was clearly icing, but noone has said anything about that.

  3. How strange that the NHL called out one of its own officials on the call.
    Well, it’s Pittsburgh, so really it isn’t.
    As others have stated, Pittsburgh’s 3rd goal should have been called an icing and wasn’t. Where is the league outrage about that blown call?

  4. Why would the NHL even comment on this instead of handling it internally? If the NHL wants to keep fueling the league-wide criticism of its officiating, by all means keep making statements like this.

  5. Please post this video especially the 1:03 mark where it is clearly icing. Tired of hearing about this already.

  6. you wanna talk about offsides? remember what happended to the flyers vs islanders in 1980!?!?!?

  7. Hey guys…
    did anyone see that missed icing call that led to the Pens third goal?

  8. ^^^^^^^ worst offsides call in NHL History.
    Game 7 of the Finals.
    P.S. Fuck Crosby

  9. Tony Sericolo is more than welcome to have a free steak dinner & beer with my crew anytime.

  10. It happens all the time. Briere did a good job of slowing down, dragging his foot on the line and looking like he was onsides even when he wasn’t. The refs are human and will make mistakes again. The NHL should be embarassed at themselves for making a big deal about it, it only shows their bias towards the Penguins.

  11. The NHL has to be the worst league ever to not defend their refs. They are asking for the fans to prey on them now. I wonder why there was no rage from the NHL for there refs calling penalties where players dive and throw their heads back to emphasize a weak hit??

  12. Linesman obviously made the wrong call, but before you throw him under the bus, note that the play was quickly made in transition (required excellent focus by a linesman moving to the red line).

  13. The NHL is an embarrassment. Just give them the fucking Cup. Super Mario must have pictures of Bettman blowing goats or something. You can’t ever say anything about Pittsburgh. Sure the icing call was blown but that’s okay because it led to a Pens goal. Suddenly, there is outrage that the officials blew a call that didn’t benefit the Pens. Sadly, all this blatant favoring of Pittsburgh makes me only want to tune in more. I just want someone, anyone to blow up Crosby at some point in this series. He has to learn that he cant just get away with everything.

  14. Kerry Frasier was one of the most respected refs in the NHL, from fans and players alike. He never went crazy with the whistle, used good ole’ common sense. Since he left the NHL, it’s been downhill with today’s refs.

  15. Notice though that the NHL wasn’t outraged about nothing being called on Orpik’s knee-on-knee on Grossmann that put him out for a week. (Or was it Vitale? doesn’t matter…) If the call is in favor of Pitts, sweep it under the rug. If it harms them, then scream bloody murder. Fucking assholes.

  16. Can’t wait to see what blown call the pens get on their way to a fluke goal tomorrow, Like the icing call that never happened when the pens scored goal 3. Fuck you Colin campell

  17. Shhh … I’m going to cut a hole in the side of Fleury’s net for Game 2 and let Danny Briere do his best impression of John LeClair … then we’ll see what the Pens have to say

  18. Hockey girl funny hun . Do you fuck pens fans????? I’m drunk n horned up
    FuvK u chirp,l
    ,7 games u Moho b

  19. I’m gonna be “that guy” since no one else wants to step up…but it’s “offside” not “offsides”. Most aggravating mistake hockey fans make.

  20. Amazing how the call was against the Penguins and all of you Flyers fans and Pittsburgh haters are the ones complaining about it. Watch any of the post game interviews with the Penguins and none of them blame the loss on that call. The Flyers won and you guys are crying over an icing call that is not as clear as you all make it to be in your heads. Meanwhile the Pens lost and had an OBVIOUS bad call and aren’t chirping a bit.

  21. @Tina…we are not crying about a missed icing. Were using the missed icing as a counter to every penguins fan that is crying about the offside play.
    Also the NHL is coming out acknowledging the missed offside but refuse to discuss the icing that evened everything out. So it looks bad on the NHL and shows that the NHL is all about the Pens.
    Learn to comprehend babe.
    We won the game, were not crying about anything…remember we were down 3-0…fun times.

  22. I was watching something on the NHL Network and they were talking to Bettman. Someone brought up the missed offsides call and he called out the refs and linesmen and said that can’t happen in the playoffs, we won’t see calls like that in the next round, blah blah blah.. moral of the story- it’s unacceptable to miss an offsides call that directly leads to a goal in the playoffs. Someone was brave enough to ask him about missed icing call, and he was like oh sorry out of time can’t answer that. Next question. For real guy? We know you love Sidney but that’s just sad.
    Furthermore, sure they missed calls.. they missed a too many men on the ice last night. BUT the player still has to beat the goalie to score the goal…

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