The PBR Mechanical Bull Mishap Videos are Starting to Roll In

I’m sure we’re all in for a slew of videos showing rodeo-averse Philly folks falling off the mechanical bull at PBR. And while something tells me the internet is already rife with these, I’m going to guess that the world is not ready for sloppy, drunk Phillies fans riding this thing on a nightly basis. So, let me submit to you this video of reader of reader Chris, who is chubby. He didn’t fare so well in his second attempt on the bull. Also, blood.

That is a Phillies jacket he’s wearing– not Giants. Find Chris on Twitter (@kissmeimbish).

Oh, and Chris– perhaps you and your hot-sounding friends should take some lessons from this chick (not at Xfinity Live!).



12 Responses

  1. How much for a ride? The girl, not the bull…
    But yea, the bull too, how much?

  2. no man should ever ever ever ride the mechanical especially when there is a bar full of drunken women waiting to take the ride.
    I wouldnt care if you were all fags in a gay bar with a mechanical bull you are never to put your ass on any parts of a mechanical bull.

  3. love how the bull rubs it in your face when you eat it..
    fat dudes on bulls = fail

  4. No doubt Eddie Snider is getting a bunch of side ass sice opening xfinity live.

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