The Penguins Called Up Ogie Ogilthorpe For Today’s Game

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Earlier this week, Peter Laviolette, Craig Berube, Mike Milbury and John Tortorella all called the Penguins out for being varying degrees of whiny cheap shots, who have no respect for the game and other players.

Seems the Penguins didn’t get that memo.

They’ve called up Ogie Ogilthorpe Steve MacIntyre for today’s game. MacIntyre, 31, is a career goon. By my count, he has played in eight different hockey leagues since 1998, including a few dozen games in the NHL for the Oilers, Panthers and Penguins. He has played in 11 games this season, and was quoted in September as saying, “My job is to make sure Sidney’s transition back to hockey goes smoothly.”

Today his job will be to kill Flyers.

There’s no doubt that the decision to bring up MacIntyre, assuming he plays, was to give the Penguins an advantage should the meaningless game turn ugly, which it probably will. 

Game time is 4 p.m. on NBC. After the jump, watch video of MacIntyre going completely nuts in a minor league game earlier this season. Includes the line "he needs a pair of handcuffs on him now."


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  1. Yeah… I really hope that Hartsy, Giroux and pretty much all of our important players are wearing suits and sitting with Mr. Snyder today.

  2. a hundred bucks of my own money for the first of my guys who really nails that creep.

  3. I just hope Lavs doesn’t get fined 30k or would it be 40k? Does any one know if it go up 10k or doubles everytime you correctly point out crosby and malkin are dirty little bitches?

  4. so this 31 yr old man trolls the ahl beating up on 19-20 yr olds kids.

  5. This guy has zero right to be in an nhl game. Period. He makes Carcillo look like an actual hockey player.
    Hope Shelley drops him like a bad habit.

  6. Penguins fan who goes to temple…
    Do you think it really matters? Flyers are sitting Giroux and Bryz. Bourdon and Lilja will prob lead the D in ice time, and our 3rd and 4th lines will have more time then our first 2.
    This is a meaningless game for the Flyers and the result will have no bearing on anything…
    But hey if it helps you sleep at night knowing your team won a pointless game then good for you…
    Continue on fair weather fan…

  7. There, there, Penguins “fan” who goes to Temple.
    You sound like a real student.
    So are you an infantile bandwagon jumper, or are you actually from Pittsburgh. (Careful – there is no good answer to that question.)
    Enjoy your time in a real sports city.
    Looking forward to my Flyers sending your Penguins home for the season.

  8. I sucked my roommate’s cock during the entire game….boy am I tired. Tomorrow I’m gonna eat my mom’s cunt, then let my sister shit on my chest

  9. Your hockey team got bitched slap today and what happened to your baseball team?
    Another choke? You should be used to that.
    Want to bring up football teams from Pittsburgh or Philadelphia? When a Philadelphia team wins a Super Bowl, talk to me!

  10. Penguins fan who goes to Temple – I wish you didn’t. It’s embarrassing having foul, ignorant low class people like you in our state. But look where you come from, the town of low/no class people, who can’t even have a decent hockey team! Cheap shot, no ta
    Lent, have to play like goons-to-win, embarrasing hockey team! Immature, whiney coach who hides behind his assistant! Take off the skirt Bylesma u f—–ng puss! You deserve no respect—-you get no respect.

  11. Yinzer Pride…Wow…you won a meaningless hockey game where our best player and starting goalie sat and the rest of our top players ice time took a back seat for rookies. And it took you 6 fucking tries to actually get ANY points whatsoever in your new building.
    And not that basball and football have ANYTHING to do with this argument, and that the only reason youre even brining it up is because youre a fairweather fan that doesn’t understand hockey…But youre bringing up baseball? In a city where your baseball team hasn’t had an above .500 season in 18 years? And you can say all you want about the eagles, and its probably true…But tell me how your precious rapist-lead steelers did against Tim Tebow last year in the playoffs? Pretty sure they got embarassed in OT by one of the most untalented and overrated QBs to ever start a playoff game.
    How bout this?.. You go fuck right off back to shittsburgh and boo/insult jaromir jagr, one of the greatest players to ever suit up for the Pens and the NHL, a little more, and we’ll all watch your team get smoked in the playoffs. Hows that sound?

  12. Also…Whats the fuckin deal with those Rinaldo/Shelley misconducts??
    I’m fine with the idea of the refs being a little liberal with some of the calls in a situation like this to send a no-nonsense message to the teams early on…And as we all saw, they were VERY VERY liberal with those calls. That Rinaldo call? That shit could barely hold water as a minor penalty…And they couldn’t even find a replay of what Shelly did, BECAUSE HE DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!
    But whatever! If they wanna let the teams know that the playoffs are going to be tightly scrutinized, thats fine…But how do you expect to send the message to BOTH teams when the only majors/misconducts given out WERE TO OUR TEAM?!?? I think our troops read the message loud and clear, but the penguins get a completely different message: “We’ll penalize the shit out of their team and let you guys get off relatively Scott free. Malkin: keep sucker punching people and Crosby, slash away dear boy.”
    Shit…That team knocked two players out in ONE FUCKING WEEK with knee-to-knee shots, and the only punishment assessed was to John Torterella for calling them out and defending his guy? Horse shit…Fucking horse shit. I remember earlier in the year, when Ville Leino got suspended for a weak, unintentional attempt at an elbow on Matt Read. Then a couple days later, clear as day, Malkin throws an elbow right in Girouxs face. It barely missed and was very clearly intentional, and he got nothing. NOTHING! Its the typical pens double standard, and its why no one in this city, despite our solid record against them this season, wanted to land them in the first round. Whatever…It’ll make it all the sweeter once we fuckin send their asses packing. GO FLYERS!

  13. @sue- get back to looking after your Easter ham. Don’t over glaze it ho .
    Pens in 6 bitch

  14. What fucking college kid wakes up at 8:26AM on a Sunday morning? No way he goes to Temple.
    And your best come back is towards a woman who called you out with more balls and intelligence than I’ve ever seen you possess? Honorable brospeh. How about the other 2 highly intelligible posts after that shit on your teams? Nothing?
    You suck, kid. Go back to sucking your roommates cock.

  15. Me again, also why the fuck is your name “Pens fan at Temple”. Are you saying to us “look guys I’m a Pittsburgh fan but wait, I GO TO TEMPLE SO DON’T HATE ME”. I go to school halfway across the country and on Hawks forums I’m not “Flyers fan from IU” lol, loser. Just support your team.

  16. Bahhahaha…typical Pens fan…can’t argue shit about hockey so you result to tired insults. Ignore some well rounded and intelligent posts and just resort to sexism. Classy.

  17. Rob house…dude, it’s all nothing but penguin bashing…believe it of not, one of the functions of a blog is to promote knowledgable and open discussion about a certain topic. I don’t care if you’re too lazy to take 30 seconds away from your life to read a couple of paragraphs; or participate in the discussion past the point of “chirp sucks dick”. But I’m going to keep writing “book long posts”, especially when it comes to crybaby Crosby and his oaf partner in crime Malkin. You wanna be an idiot and ignore rational thought for insults, move to Pittsburgh, you’ll fit right in.

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