These Penguins Players Should Be Suspended (videos and .GIFs included)

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1) James Neal.

Here, I’ll do this first one in my Brendan Shanahan voice (italic parts):

– SHIELD – During the third period of today’s National Hockey League Game 3 of the Flyers-Penguins Eastern Conference Quarterfinal series, James Neal turned into a dangerous, elbowy battering ram.

On one play, in which Sean Couturier skated through a mess of players in the neutral zone, Neal turned into a missile, launching himself with an effectiveness that the North Koreans could only dream of. He both left his feet and targeted the head area of the 19-year-old Couturier, who is currently in the midst of making Evegni Malkin his female companion (Bettman asked me not to say “bitch,” but that word would work best).

We have included an animated .GIF, for your viewing pleasure:


Couturier was forced to leave the ice, with assistance, but later returned to finish off Malkin’s sex change.

Later, Neal, while chasing after Claude Giroux – who has 8 points in 3 games – extended his elbow into the back of the Flyers forward's head. Giroux was spun off his feet and appeared to be feeling the effects of the cheap shot for several moments. 

Another animated .GIF, again for your viewing pleasure: [give the rest of the post a second to load– it's multimedia heavy]

Neal_hit_girouxThis one via SB Nation

After the game, Neal had this to say about the hit on Couturier: [quotes via Flyers city-leading PR department

Q: What happened there on the Couturier hit?

"I haven't looked at it again, but I'm going through a lot of guys with a lot of speed. I don't know if I just clipped him or.. I didn't mean to hit him." 

"Yeah, I'm flying through the neutral zone. I'm regrouping. I didn't even mean to hit him [Couturier]. I don't even know if the puck was at his feet or not or where it was. I think we just chipped it. I let up as much as I could and it is what it is."

Q: Seems like, some guys would describe it as almost a brawl there.  

"We were staying out of it, but sometimes it boils over with teams like that. Fighting happens in playoff hockey like that, the atmosphere when your emotions are running high." 


Reaction from the Flyers: 


Q: Sean, did you feel you were being targeting on that play [when you were hit by Neal] ?

“I don’t know. I don’t really know what his intentions were but…it was maybe accidental but I don’t know.”

 Q: Can you talk about that Neal hit? Did you see it coming…were you frustrated with the hit?

 “Yeah, it’s obviously frustrating to get hit like that but I mean, I never saw him coming. Maybe it was accidental, I don’t know. “

 Q: Was part of the reason you were caught off-guard because the puck was no where near you?

 “Yeah,  the puck wasn’t close so I was actually turning to get back in our end and boom, I got hit. I mean, maybe it was just a collision, accidental….”



Q: On what happened to Couturier

“I saw that one. Frustration. It was the same thing he did on Claude [Giroux] after that. He is not the only one. For us, we can’t worry about that. We can’t control that. All we can control is ourselves, the way we stand up for each other, they way we stick together and at the same time the way we stay composed. I thought we did a really good job of that today.”

Q: On cheap shots at end

“They certainly got a little chippy and they got frustrated. I liked the way [we] stood and stuck together.”



Q: It looked like they were going after Giroux a lot…and Couturier…

“Well, on Coots, he didn’t have the puck and Neal hit him.. the puck wasn’t even close, nowhere close. I thought it was kind of dirty play.” 


Given the fact that Neal performed two dangerous non-hockey plays (which are nothing knew to him), and because the league has empowered me, Brendan Shanahan, to suspend players in a random and somewhat reckless fashion, I have arbitrarily decided that Neal will be suspended for… – SHIELD - 

Stay tuned.

2) Arron Asham.

Of course, there were more questionable hits– like this one, on Brayden Schenn, who had just pulverized Paul Martin:


That’s a double-tap right there. A cross-check to the jaw and a sucker punch from behind. That should be five games.

Here’s what Schenn said after the game:

Q: What happened on the Asham hit?

"It was just a hit. I didn't really see him coming at me, I didn't really expect a cross-check but that's what happened."

Q: What about after when he gave you a shot on the ground?

"That's just his temper rising, nothing more then that. Really nothing really more then a cross-check and a punch."

Q: Dirty in your mind?

"I didn't expect it, that's for sure. After the hit I thought it was clean but he just came flying off after the cross-check." 


Asham didn’t speak with the media after the game.

3) Craig Adams.

And finally, we have Craig Adams, who not only was the third man in on a scrum, but also fired four punches to the back of Scott Hartnell’s head… and pulled his hair like a fourth grade boy trying to get a date:

Hartnell after the game:

Q: Where does this game rank for you as far as craziness with the fights and everything, especially in the first period? 

“Right up there. We knew it was going to be an emotional game but I think that the level that they took it to was not hockey. It’s not what you want to see in hockey…cross-checks in the face, one of their best players, Neal, going up near a couple of guys heads…It’s scary when it comes down to that level. It’s not fun to play with that kind of stuff. You ask the best player in the world, Sidney Crosby, what they were thinking out there and he said ‘well, that’s playoff hockey,’ end quote. For me, that’s not playoff hockey. It’s dangerous hockey, it’s trying to hurt some people out there and it’s scary, you’ve got to keep your head up at all times. Crosby comes in and grabs me from behind and another guy comes and throws about eight bombs at the back of my head. I’m no worse for wear myself but…We’ve got the advantage right now, we’ve got to finish them off here at home.”


And perhaps Jagr summed this all up in one sentence: 

Q: Is [this amount of fighting] a bad thing? Did it get out of hand? 

“It’s tough to say…let’s let Mr. Shanahan decide what’s going to happen.”


Yeah, let's do that.

Full video of the Neal and Asham hits: 

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63 Responses

  1. This is really comprehensive, thanks for putting it together. Over/under on total number of games of suspensions for Penguins players is currently at .5 games.

  2. Fuck the penguins. I hope Neal doesn’t get suspended and someone rips his head off. Crosby’s a pussy.. schenn should’ve knocked his fuckin teeth out when he had the chance!

  3. Shanahan has no balls and not a clue on how to hand out suspensions, add to it that’s it’s the Pens and I say Asham is only one who gets suspended, also league can take back instigator to Adams so he will not miss a game

  4. Doesn’t Adams get an automatic suspension for getting the instigator penalty with under 5 minutes left?

  5. ^^^
    I’m gonna paraphase mark mcgwire and say we aren’t here to talk about the past. If anyone cared about the past pittsburgh, as a city, might still be relevant but we don’t therefore it isn’t- get over it. Btw, if this is “pens fan going to temple” what is the deal? did you not get into pitt? Or just realize just how pathetic that city is?
    Moving on, who cares what sidney, neal or asham has to say….what about their bitch ass frog owner? What does he have to say about the shit they are pulling? Typical mario, snider at 70+ would kick his ass.

  6. I’m rooting for them to not get suspended. I want to see Rinaldo and Shelley run wild on those three wednesday

  7. Should is the key word here. If Shea Weber can escape suspension, all three of these players will follow suit.

  8. Whats gonna happen to the Penguins?

    They get more protection then Peyton Manning and Tom Brady get from the NFL

  9. On a side note, with the exception of hearing lucky Pierre McGuire verbally felate Crosby, it’s so refreshing to get mike emrick calling a game rather then Jim “no call!” Jackson.

  10. My pimp called, he said he needs a tissue for all the Dick he was sucking? Oh dear what am i going to do with him? * ties his dick in a knot, kicks his balls and kicks his candy ass all the way to bum fucked eygpt” SCORE! Oh btw i loveee Malkin 😉

  11. I say no suspension its the playoffs. Why isn’t anyone talking bout the amount of goal Bryz has given up? Is it me, or does he suck?

  12. They are gonna do some bullshit to make things seem even and suspend Asham and then to be “fair” suspend Grossmann for the knee on knee hit to Neil. I am so certain this is going to happen and it sucks because grossmann has been one of our best defenders this series.

  13. Tiffaney’s Pimp 1 – Tiffaney 0
    i recognize a true pimp when i see one and that bitch better have his money! rain, sleet or snow; he gonna get all his cash.

  14. ahhh Farewell You Flyer Fucks!! Had my fun,but now i am done. Maybe one day i shall return to Filthadelphia maybe.

  15. Oh Tiffaney,all that jizz you are swallowing seems to be affecting you mental capacity to effectively trash talk…Shame,I do hope you look better than you type otherwise you have no hope…Wait,what am I saying?You are from shittsburgh,you don’t know the meaning of the word.

  16. While I will admit that I think all of these items are suspension worthy, I do have to say I totally disagree with you on Shanahan’s way of handling suspensions. How can you call it arbitrary? The NHL is the only league to have videos from the man in charge of suspensions, and each one is clearly and succinctly explained and described.
    Yes, all three of these guys should be suspended. But I just felt the need to defend the way Shanahan works. He couldn’t be any more clear on his decisions.

  17. If Neal lays another game in this playoffs there is something seriously wrong. Two very dangerous & dirty hits – left his feet for both & directly targeted the head with both.
    Shannahan had better call this one straight.

  18. They all had better hope they’re suspended for the rest of this series for their own safety. The Flyers’ heavy hitters were both kept on the bench by the coaches and showed uncharacteristically impressive restraint when they were finally allowed on the ice well after all of this violence started. The Flyers are 3-0 in the series and the next game is in their house. Let Philly get up on the scoreboard again and these 3 will have huge targets on their heads. You think you can pull Scott Hartnell’s hair without any retribution??? Whatcha gonna do??!?!!

  19. Love how the Flyers answered all the questions with class and didn’t get into a “War of Words” with the lowly Pens. Just shows the separation of a true hockey team the Flyers strive to be while the Pens shit the bed this series and now are taking out their frustrations by playing dirty and ruining the integrity of the game. White trash town, white trash game.

  20. James Neal is a coward, Crosby is still the same cry baby, Malkin is a little diva and for Asham, going after young kids might be the only battles he can take (and by surprise attacks as well!) Adams pulling Hartnell’s hair?? wow…very weak!! Sorry Mario, but your team is not the same as it used to be! I’ve lost all respect for the Penguins, Shameful!

  21. Shouldn’t adams be suspended automatically do to the instigator and fighting penalties with less then 5 minutes to play in the game????????

  22. seeing how neal is a repeat offender he should get suspended adams should get suspended for getting an instigator penalty with under 5 minutes and asham should too but i bet he only gets fined

  23. @Todd…remember when Malkin did that in game 2 of the cup finals against detriot when the Penguins were upset cause they were about to be down 0-2?
    They revoked the auto suspension. They will probably do the same for Adams.

  24. Tiffaney,
    Next time you’re in town I’ll check out your listing on backpage and send you a dictionary and a bar of soap. Scum.

  25. How biased is this article and half the comments on it? The fight with Crosby/Schenn and Letang/Timonen wouldn’t have happened if 3 guys didn’t hit Sid at once. Simmonds instigated within 5 minutes so if you wanna go that route he gets a suspension too. Adams hair pull was barely a hair pull, look at it, he grabbed a jersey and the hair got caught, it happens when you have long hair. Plus who can cry that their hair was pulled when they are the one who bit Letang a few years ago. And lastly look at the hit Schenn layed right before Asham hit him, announcers can say it was clean but he cross checked him and lead with the stick into the chest then raised up, Asham led into Schenn’s chest then came up. You can’t hang on the punch after because it’s hockey and that happened. Plus none of this happens without a cheap shot to Sid’s back on April 1st and starting a fight after a clean hit. Philly fans can complain all they want but when it comes down to it they are just as much at fault for everything but don’t want to admit it.

  26. Aaron, you are a fucking cunt. Crosby took three whacks at Bryz after the whistle. Simmonds was never assessed an instigator, go read the fucking box score you illiterate twat. How does Schenn crosscheck Martin with one hand on his stick? Hockey is not punching a guy in the back of the head when he’s face down on the ice hurt after a bullshit crosscheck to the chops. And apparently you missed the part with Crosby swinging his stick at anyone that moved in that game. Jesus fucking Christ you’re stupid. Go back to your toothless, ugly “women.”

  27. You fucking flyers fans don’t deserve to win, piesces of shit for so many years and cry about the same exact tactics and shit your team pulls… you’re the bunch of assholes who need tampons to stick in your smelly vaginas.

  28. Pens should bring in McIntyre for Wed… the SOB took out 4 guys down in the minors a few months ago, including the goalie! If you can’t beat’em, BEAT’em!

  29. I love hearing from the Penguins fans now that the tables have turned…
    What’s it like being the dirtiest team in the NHL. Not only that but now TV hosts (Millbury and Roenick) are calling the penguins out for crying…
    Not only have the penguins embarrassed themselves with a 0-3 hole but now they are embarrassing the organization and bringing to the forefront for the entire country to see just how many pussies are on this team…
    love it…

  30. I never said he was issued an instigator, but he did instigate. After the fight was over he started more with Neal, aka instigating. I don’t need to read a box score to know what happened in the game, that’s for people who didn’t pay attention during the game. And retaliation is part of hockey, if that’s not hockey neither was the cross check to the back of Crosby during a dead puck 2 weeks ago. And Schenn still lead with his stick and went up and in, it doesn’t matter than he hit the chest first the intent was obvious, Asham also hit the chest first. You can cry all you want about Crosby swinging a stick watch the last 5 games between these two teams and look who is getting cheap shot after cheap shot, Crosby. Go watch the video of what happened by the way, Crosby never “whacked” after the whistle was blown, he did before the whistle was blown which is not illegal, its taught in every sport play to the whistle. If you lose a fight to the league pretty boy I have no respect for you. The Flyers came out game 2 trying to make it physical and then complain when the Pens do the same thing back, typical Philly sports. This is why the entire sporting world does not respect Philly. And by the way, if you have to result to language and 7th grade name calling to make an argument we can probably all conclude who the educated one is.

  31. Aaron^^
    Schenn is not a dirty player, the puck was in Martin’s possession. Asham completely cheap shotted him. Crosby has no class. from the glove incident to the hartnell incident. I hope your penguin players stop protecting him in game 4 and let him get what he deserves because all the extra shit has been instigated by the biggest pussy in the NHL. The pens players are taking it on the chin for that pussy. They are better off without him as shown all season. As for Neal, Asham, and Adams. Their hearings tomorrow will at minimum keep them out of game 4. The damage is done expect mop up duty on wednesday night.
    And when that happens…..hopefully you never log onto crossing broad again
    Level Headed Hockey Fan

  32. At least this guy can carry on a legitimate conversation without talking like a child. This happens on a lot of teams though, usually the top skill players aren’t the fighters, but yesterday Crosby got more involved than usual. Either way there is no denying the guy is one of the most talented if not the most talented in the league. I never said Schenn is all around a dirty player, but there is no doubt in my mind there was some intent to hurt him with that hit. And on top of that he is the one who layed a cross check into Sid’s back and it wasn’t even during a play. It’s Pens Flyers though, this shit happens. The Hartnell incident he didn’t try and start a fight, he was pulling a guy away from going after a teammate if you watch the whole thing. And if he is the biggest pussy why did he win a fight yesterday?(and yes I know there isn’t official win/loss I’m going by should speak to the fact that he is becoming more physical and against Giroux. I’m not saying Pens aren’t at fault, but it’s childish to think some of this isn’t on the Flyers as well. This wasn’t a one game think, its been brewing for over 2 weeks.

  33. Arguing with idiots is never productive, but for some reason, it’s fun.
    There’s no suspension if he wasn’t issued an instigator. And after going back and watching it again, you have really shown your stupidity. He didn’t even get in a fight. You need to actually fight to get an instigator. Are you really that fucking stupid? Bylsma is a shitbag for even putting Neal back on the ice after all that nonsense.
    Schenn stopped skating a good 10 feet away and his feet didn’t come off the ice until he hit Martin. He led with his shoulder, into the chest, not targeting the head and definitely not leading with stick.
    Also your contention that you blindly play to the whistle is flat out wrong. Go read the USA Hockey rule book for slashing. I’ll even paste rule 634.d here for you to read. “A minor penalty shall be assessed to any player who makes stick contact with an opposing goalkeeper while he is in his goal crease and who has covered or caught the puck, regardless of whether or not the Referee has stopped play.”
    Unfortunately for you, Crosby was exposed to the sporting world as the cheapshot artist he is. He started everything that happened yesterday. Only the dumber Penguins fans are too blind to see that.

  34. Okay so he couldn’t hit I will admit I was wrong there, it’s still not a cheap shot to hit a goalies glove. This is my reference to typical Philly sports fans, everything against them is a cheap shot. You act like Crosby doesn’t take cheap shots as well and that the Flyers do nothing wrong. And also you do not have to actually fight to be an instigator,you have instigate fighting, which he did. The fighting was over penalties had been assessed and he came back out and instigated another fight. And again I never said he was given the penalty or would be suspended, I said he could have easily got the penalty. Plus I love how you people blame Bylsma for everything.

  35. aaron really is a dumb ass..y else would he b a pens fan? far as the supposed croos check by schenn on boy wonder , that fag intentionally skated in front of schenn to be a dick…i would push him too…and if you watch , sid took a dive on that one too..something the league warned him about a coupe years ago he always does ..(is he really trying to go down on other players?)..probably..he likes the way it looks when hes down there..its his level..anyway..he went down awfully easy for such a light was obvious he was trying to draw a penalty on schenn..too bad it didnt stop crying in guys are getting owned and you know it..cant take the way aaron..i heard crosby was lookin for his bag of dicks you took from might want to return those

  36. Aaron and all other Pens fans,
    In case you didn’t notice, this website is called AKA Broad Street. AKA Philadelphia. Of course it’s slanted towards Philadelphia. This is a Philadelphia sports website. Go take your crying somewhere else please.

  37. Aaron, The Flyers played a rough and tumble style year ago when all teams had 2 or 3 enforcers. Very rarely would a Flyers enforcer target a non-fighter or someone who hasn’t done some to deserve a good whack. The league pussified the game and the Flyers have complied. the Penguins have not. They have actually shown a complete lack of respect to every other player in the league. Its one thing to hit hard or fight but when your boys began head hunting and taking sportsmanship out of their game they showed what scumnags they really are. Sydney is the biggest pussy in the league. He only fought Giroux because there were linesman right there. He wouldn’t fight Schenn because he knew nobody would save him. I hope and pray that he takes a puck in the forehead and retires because he doesn’t deserve to play in the NHL anymore.

  38. Who the cry baby o my hair got pulled I’m such a sissy. The NHL wants the pens the loose so there going to loose it’s just like football all rigged

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