Today’s Daily News Cover Goes After Sidney Crosby

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Well, that should please some Yinzers.

via Daily News Flyers beat writer Frank Seravalli


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  1. Agree with first post. A bit embarrassing. Remember when the Chicago paper put prongs in a dress? Same thing.

  2. DZF…. Did anyone care when pronger was in a dress?? How is this embarrassing? Who the fuck cares what the daily news cover is? Their job is to sell papers to make money you dumb fuck.
    Why aren’t you complaining about the flyers tee shirt give away for game 4 then? Is it ok because its the flyers doing it?
    God damn some people are so fucking stupid.

  3. because the front page of the snarky sports news paper should have class.
    you fuckin sports nerds really stop throwing around the word “classless” all the time. Since when were sports about who could have the most class? Go to a fucking country club and play badminton.

  4. Philadelphia daily news will do anything to sell papers. Zero class like chirp.
    What’s he suppose to be a rat?? Frank Servalli is a 2 bit jock sniffing hack
    The Penguins fan who goes to Temple:
    Often duplicated but never outclassed.

  5. Great. Our media has dropped almost as low as the New York Post. Bravo.

  6. Yea, this cover is absurd. Id rather have something focusing on something related to the good parts of hockey, like the strategy for snuffing out the pens in gm 4. I know no neal, asham, adams, but still need to win gm 4. No need for this jackassery from a desperate newspaper.

  7. I for one would’ve been disappointed and surprised if the DN hadn’t done something like this. Doesn’t bother me, it’s what they do. No big deal.

  8. @Penguins fan that goes to Temple – I know you go to Temple but try and stay with me here. If you look at the picture and then read the headline it is Crosby’s face on the body of the lion from the Wizard of Oz. The lion from the movie lacked courage just like Sidney. The Daily News thought it would be fun to put Sidney’s face on the lions body and say, “The Cowardly Penguin.” What is really funny though is that you thought it was a rat. The only rat looking thing in that picture is Crosby’s face which therefore reinforces the fact that Sidney Crosby does indeed resemble a rat.

  9. Servalli is a cool dude, I had a couple pops with him after a golf outing before.
    The Penguins fan that goes to Temple is the most annoying mother f*cker ever

  10. @wild Bill…right on man.
    @james…lol awesome. Fucking temple idiot thought it was a rat. HAHA….wow.
    @3 Finger lenny…your second point is spot on…
    As for the paper itself. I like it. I don’t think it takes anything away from us having more class. This whole mess started because of what Crosby started being a little bitch. If he is going to be the center of attention and the face of the NHL then he deserves this…he brought this on himself.
    Its not like the paper is lying…

  11. @Penguins fan that goes to Temple – why do you always name drop Chirp in every post??? POS

  12. i think it’s hilarious and anyone taking this seriously is re-tarded. give me a break. penguins fan who goes to temple, why don’t you go back to sucking on your moms boob and idolizing crosby the pussy ! funny how they made him a lion = cat = pussy.
    my point.
    thank you.

  13. Beez Nuts – is your self-loathing that unbearable that you have to shower the forum on a sports blog with your pretentious nonsense? Your material is consistently weak and unfunny, every single day. Bring something to the table, son.

  14. @Steve
    If it was meant to be funny you would know it.
    I was referring to all the people crying about it being “classless” and “embarrassing” when clearly its funny.
    Obviously you (and “The Animal”) are those people.
    No Love,
    Beez Nutz

  15. Also
    FWIW … you called me “pretentious”
    But wouldn’t that actually be the people who are claiming its embarrassing and classless
    (being that they are taking offense to it and hence making it that they have a stake in this, ie making a claim of importance … you know the definition of your word)
    Just saying if your gonna use big words, try to use them correctly.

  16. Crosby is the best! He whoops on the flyers and then backs it up. You flyers fans are the cowards.

  17. No. Why not do this after the series is over. We are going to looks so stupid if they come back and win this sonafabitch.

  18. *shrug
    I don’t care. One of their points leaders for the Postseason is out, Malkin has been ineffective, and Crosby is so frustrated he’s willing to swat at intimate objects.
    If you wanna talk about classless, how about talking about Raffi Torres instead?

  19. NAME, if you read the comments, i think the general consensus is everyone says its stupid and lame. jesus do you people know how to read?
    and fag who goes to temple….i go to temple, i have not seen one of your “fans” wearing a pens shirt or jersey since the series started. go fuck yourself, i hope we sweep you tonight, and if i ever see you wearing a pens jersey around campus, “you can count, on me, waiting for you in the parking lot.”

  20. Beez- I’m not concerned about the classless comments that people are making, they can feel how they feel. I’m calling you out for constantly and PRETENTIOUSLY dropping comments on how everyone should move on because you have moved on, or how things don’t matter because they don’t matter to you. If things don’t matter or you have moved on, what are you doing here?

  21. HILARIOUS. Yet.. classless.. These kinds of things bother me a little bit. I’m a huge fan of them but it kind of shines a negative light on us as fans. Like I said, don’t get me wrong, it’s hilarious and I enjoy it to the fullest extent. Especially because it’s Cindy Crosby. I just feel the cover of the Inquirer should be a little more tasteful. He’s a child and that’s what we’re implying but it doesn’t say much about our “age” in this either.

  22. Once again Pens fan from Temple, start excluding that you go to Temple b/c you are an idiot and give us Temple students a bad name. Secondly, the one who are complaining about this must not be daily hockey fans, just those that come around every April pretending they watched the whole season. This cover is awesome and pumps me up for the game tonight.
    Flyers fan who goes to Temple!

  23. Steve
    You do understand the point of a messageboard right??
    If people agree or disagree with the blog or posts they reply / make comments about it.
    just as you did the other day commenting about Crosby slashing at Bryz (which you were completely wrong about by the way).
    Regardless shut the fuck up and stop crying about me telling people how I feel and what I think (hopefully you pick up on the fact you are actually doing the same here).
    And LMAO at the “Not Actually Beez Nutz” guy.. apparently I’m not the only one who thinks your an ignorant (uneducated) fag.
    No Love,
    Beez Nutz

  24. Lol
    my clone is awesome … but I think you screwed up there kid.
    Much Love,
    The Original Beez Nutz

  25. I’ll go ahead and assume Dan Griffoni and name are the same person. I’ll also assume he/she/it became a Pens fan ehhh around 2005. (Hint: When Crosby was drafted.)

  26. Penguins fans so butthurt over a picture, hilarious. Why are you still worried about hockey, you’re season is over? Go watch the Pirates and discuss 19 straight losing seasons while you enjoy your $1 game tickets or go golfing, hey you might see some of your favorite players on the course later this week.

  27. yinz mad,
    you better win the cup or this season is just like any other for you losers.

  28. At all the pens fans saying things like “well if this makes you feel better…”. WHAT?! why we need to feel better? We’ve just exposed the most fraudualnt team in the NHL and we’re about to sweep them out of the playoffs. Here’s a tissue…hope that make you feel better. *sticking my tongue out*

  29. Tonight if there’s a montage they should play the scene from goodfellas when the baby sitter says “i hate Pittsburgh, where’d you find such creeps”

  30. Name, (very creative)
    This is a Philadelphia team that wasn’t even picked to make the playoffs by most experts due to the sheer number of rookies and youth, and a Pittsburgh team that was everything but handed the cup. That just makes it more embarrassing for you. Anything after the first round at this point is just icing on the cake and building postseason experience for the years to come of Atlantic division dominance with the slew of young talent we acquired via shrewd GM work, not tanking seasons.
    Now run along to the big screen outside Consol with the rest of your smog breathing, rust bucket brethren and watch as this team of underdogs trolls you in 4 games.

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