Video: Craig Adams Needs To Be Suspended For This


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  1. adams for the hair pull… asham for the crosscheck to the neck… and what about neal to girouxs head…
    i wouldnt be surprised if ahsams the only one suspended. theyre gonna keep running people. time to dress shelley or something. fuck the assholes.

  2. I imagine Timmonen in the locker room the whole time looking like Dean Portman when he gets ejected in D2.

  3. Half the goddamn Penguins need to be suspended, especially James Neal. You can’t tell me he didn’t leave his feet when he crunched Sean Coutorier in the third.

  4. Pens r fucking cunts, if there r any pens fans down there Wednesday they r getting fucked up no joke

  5. I can’t see these two teams shaking hands without fighting after the sweep. Break out the brooms……Bitch Ass Penguins

  6. Pittsburgh where dog the bounty hunter and his wife vacation so they can enjoy relative anonymity

  7. Adams is automatically suspended per rule 46.22. Asham without a doubt should be suspended, especially because he was assessed a match penalty. And judging by the way Giroux and Couturier looked after the hits by Neal, he should be fined or suspended.
    Where is the Pens fan from temple?

  8. You didn’t even show the part where he pulled Hartnell’s hair. What a classless organization…

  9. I almost want the series to go 5 games so the Flyers can finish shitting on the Pens in front of their bitch ass fans. Princess sass can suck a bag of dicks afterwards.

  10. Pens are fucking embarrasment to the NHL…
    Neal and Asham should be suspended.
    Wheres that piece of shit from Temple?? Love to hear him defend this classless group of fucking vaginas…

  11. Penns are a disgrace to the nhl therefore Mario has become a disgrace to the nhl. I sincerely regret cheering for that francophone fuck on his farewell tour.

  12. Asham is a no talent gook looking chink pussy. Excuse my borderline racist comments

  13. I suspect the aforementioned piece of shit from Temple is under his rock and won’t have the balls to show up. Meanwhile, I want to hear all the Pittsburgh ass kissers in the national media defend their precious Penguins after they spent all day thugging it up, only to look like flaming idiots with no poise whatsoever.

  14. As a season ticket holder sitting right behind our net I got a great view of all the cheap shots Crosby gives especially behind the net. This kid definately needs to be put in place and after what I saw Pittsburgh do today….put Shelly out on the ice and just bash his head in. He wants special attention then we will give it to him. I think Pittsburgh should be very embarassed of their team and what really upsets me is the big melee that happened was all caused by Crosby and he got 2 minutes and was still in the refs ear trying to pin it on everyone else, he slashes Bryz and does what he wants and the refs seem to be looking the other way just as they did with the hit on Couturier and what nothing the refs saw nothing and Pittsburgh wants to cry? The Flyers should be charged up to beat the heck out of this team and open up a shooting gallery on them Wed night and send them out of Philadelphia with their pacifiers to allow their fans to cottle them when they get home. Also, they have disrespectful fans and I am talking girls who marched up and down the isle with a Crosby is the best flag and was trying to torment the fans. I must say everyone was ignoring them until they decided to stand infront of the glass and when one guy in front row tried to get them to sit they would wave the flag in his face and not move. When the poor older man tried to move her aside….she punched him in the face. It was disgusting and embarassing. The fans had to scream at the usher to please come remove them….they are arrogant to the core on and off the ice….Keep knocking them down Flyer they need to be knocked down quite a few levels….Pittsburgh owners should be so embarassed of their organization….send them to Kansas.

  15. Shanahan dropped the ball on the whole Weber incident….Neal and Asham should be suspended, but I only see fines coming their way….what a fucking disgrace

  16. P.S. Adams is a pussy and fights like a girl…can’t throw a punch so pulls the hair…..was he raised by only a mother who taught him to fight…he certainly didn’t learn from a MAN!

  17. it was bush league not to let hartnell turn around but calling for a suspension on something that weak makes you look worse than the pennsyltuckians….grow a sack you are supposed to be reppin the 215

  18. I am a pens fan and agree we looked like a bunch of thugs and suspensions should be handed out, but the hair pull was weak at best and adams tried to grab his jersey. It wasn’t like he reached up and grabbed a handful intentionally and pulled, he grabbed for the jersey and got hair. Asham on the other hand will be suspended and Neal should be as well, but after the Weber incident, I cant see it happening. Regardless both teams are over the top and need to control their emotions. Alot of extra activity be both teams that is ridiculous.

  19. Ok, so we’ve got Adam’s who went up behind Scott Hartnell (who was being hugged by Crosby) and started punching him in the back of the head, Asham who threw a hissy fit after a big hit by Schenn and cross checked his face and then punched him while he was on his back when the puck wasn’t even close to them anymore, and we have Neal who left his feet (not allowed) to hit Cooter in the head (not allowed) when the puck wasn’t near him (not allowed). So the way I see it we can expect to see Giroux suspended for the rest of the series for attempting to punch Sidney Crosby

  20. Pens Fan, you are right, however Flyers are not igniting the bullshit extra activity, it has been and has always been PITT. They are playing like a bunch of adolescent teens out there, no discipline…its embarrassing, and if I were a Pens fan I would pray they learn a lesson after these 3 games…..
    Flyers have shown patience, endured alot of cheap shots and unfair checking, and have stayed disciplined. I am excited for game 4.

  21. Dont be naive here, the Flyers arent choir boys here. Both teams have had their moments and no one knows what is being said on the ice and off the camera. Heck, it looks like the bench is spitting on adams when he was done with hartnell. Neither team has shown class an the refs have let it get out of hand. The Neal run on Giroux looks worse because Giroux ducked, period. Neal on Courtier was wrong, but he also didn’t hit him the head. The Asham hit, I am speechless. It wasn’t directed at throat, but high chest, and you don’t hit there either as the follow through carries up. The punch on the ice was way over the top. Regardless, there was alot of dead fishing to get calls, and miracously all those flopping appear to be just fine.
    That being said, it still was out of line, but don’t act like all the boiling over is one-sided. Funny how Philly fans laid out Crosby for the Schenn blind-side cross-check but cant see their own team embelishes the same way. I can see it both ways, can you?

  22. I just hope the NHL is basically shitting their collective pants, having realized the team and players they’ve annointed to be the face of the league prove time and time again that they are dirty and arrogant.
    Where’s the league when it comes to acknoledging Hartnell and his foundation and the rediculious amonut of his own money he gives to charity? Last time I checked Malkin and Crosby don’t do that.
    As a season ticket holder it gives me pride to know I support an organization/team that is made up of true roll models.

  23. One thing that is well documented is that I know goaltending, and this has been arguably the worst goalkeeping I have ever seen by both teams. Bryzgalov is going to have to play much better to beat the good teams in the NHL like the Rangers
    Wow, Chirp with a good point…finally. Asham and Neal should be suspended. Neal – way worse in my opinion, what a disgrace. Anyone else feel that if it wasn’t Crosby, he would have been ejected for his garbage play
    I kicked Penguins fan from Temple off of my site
    PS love x finity live – some slut s’d House’s D again today.

  24. Malkin and crosby do plenty here in PIT, just like Hartnell. Second, the goaltending on both aides is horrific, obviously defense plays a role, but wow, for arguably the two best teams in the league this isn’t how you win the cup. My bad is Asham geta suspended, Neal gets a fine, and Adams nothing. I would say I would agree that neal was reckless and deserves a suspension, but after the Weber hit, neals looks more like a matter of circumstance and just a big hit gone wrong. Look at them objectively, Giroux ducks and I think Courtier zigged when Neal thought he would zag. Still, hits that shouldn’t have been attempted.
    Overall, i am ashamed at the way the pens have acted. They deserve to loose, they are letting the all stuff get to them.

  25. I’m a die-hard Flyers fan and watching the ass beating the Fly guys are dishing out to Shittsburgh puts a smile on my face. I’m thinking all three will be suspended. Asham, due to his match penalty, is automatically suspended until Bettman not Shanhan reviews his case. Like the above mentioned reference to NHL Rule 46.22, Adams should be suspended and Cockylsma should be fined 10,000. And this brings me to James Neal, who looked like the biggest deuche on NHL 36 always fucking with his hair. He INTENTIONALLY tried to injure Couts and Giroux with his blatant disregard to player safety. If Carl Hagelin gets 3 games for the elbow to Alfredson, than this jack-off should get the same. Even though I would love to see a sweep in Philly, if I was a Lavi, I would suit up Shelley, let him know that the organization would cover all fines, and instruct him to be original.

  26. Great response by a flyer fan, we don’t like it when they play rough, and I agree over-the-line, with us, buts lets put in a tough guy and try and hurt them… You say your team has more class, prove it…

  27. Ill take heat but ok…Let me defend Bryz.
    Game 1: Maybe the third goal was his fault but it was a missed icing so should have never happened. After that he stopped everything.
    Game 2: Even giving up 5 goals I think he was one of the stars of the night. His glove save was the turning point of the game and he was making some great saves to keep them in it. Last goal #5 was weak. back hand through 5 hole.
    Game 3: Both of Neals goals were not his fault. First and fourth goal were bad.
    Bryz DEF needs to be better if we make it further. No doubt. But we need the defense to step it up as well. There were have been some really sloppy d zone coverages and plays. Carle and Lilja are awful. Coburn was bad in game 1 and 2 played well today.

  28. @ Pens FAn – are you serious? your more of a clueless homer fan than Chirp. Know the game moron. Giroux didn’t dodge shit. Neal went for his head just like he went for Couturier’s head

  29. Clueless, doubtful. Objective when my team does somehing wrong, yes. How about you? Look at the hits objectIvely, was I flamed when Crosby got hit and concusssed twice, yes, but ably to look at it objectively. Juat becauae NbC announcers say it is so, doesn’t mean it is. Neal’s hit were unnecessary, but he didn’t target the head, and heck, he only hit girouxs after following through. Reckless, yes, but girouxs motion forced the contact. He never even hit courtier in he head, but that doesn’t mean I agree with it.

  30. I think he should be suspended for the rest of the season but I am not sure 1 game is enough 😉
    The “vegas favorites” favorites are going home. Lets not get caught up in this BS. We hav emore hockey in our future!

  31. Wow, can stand someone objective that questions your flaming. Typical. Good luck getting past the next round… When this series started, I was certain this series was going to determine the cup winner, now, I am not so sure. Goaltending is horrific.

  32. @PensFan, even if you think you’re being “objective” and saying he didn’t go for the head, he clearly left his feet. The intent to injure was there. He was clearly trying to take out the guy who has made Malkin disappear.

  33. I agree he was wrong and should be suspended, no doubt. But i doubt it has much to do about Malkin and more to do about frustration. Funny thing is, they are causing heir own frustration

  34. @ LisaR Hunny don’t make it like the Cryers team and orginazation is perfect or innocent. I seem to remember the coach from the Cryers ripping a stick from Maxipad and smashing it into pieces,but when he smashed it he was aiming for the Pens bench. The Cryers make alot of cheap shots heck if it wasn’t for the nice ref for you guys in game 1 i believe for missing offside call the Pens would have won the game. So yeah times your team gets a lucky break, my team gets a lucky break yubba yubba yubba. I was at a game in Filthadelphia, i had on my crosby shirt proudly ” not shking it in a face” I got trashed talked to, pushed and everything it was insane. Guess might as well say our feelings are mutal as you feel for us we do for you! Look at the Cryer fans saying they hope a Player gets Cancer, WOW!! That’s real Slick Dick. To be quit honest People in this world ” And i mean anywhere” are down right sick, pathetic, and cold hearted. I don’t like the Cryers 1 bit Nor do i care for Most fans who talk out their Ass. But 1 thing is certain i don’t wish any shit like that on anyone. And stop being so hypocritical. Calling crosby a crybaby and there’s Fartnall crying over his Hair. Now here’s a tissue for your issue. 🙂

  35. You’re a little flustered right now hun. It’s ok we understand. Why don’t you run along and grab us some chips and beer from the kitchen. It will calm your nerves down and take your mind off of things.

  36. Troll Hun? Bite me k? I think you might have got a little flustered there telling me to shut up! tsk tsk.. LisaR works in the kitchen now, so sure i’ll sit with ya and have some chips and beer 🙂 Then i can hand out tissue’s for all the cryers who feel some penguins should be suspended. I think i might have some of Fartnalls hair, what some for evidence?

  37. @Tiffaney First of all nice name whore. You obviously don’t know shit about hockey, shut the fuck up please and seriously what reprehensible acts have the Flyers dished in the series for what happened in Game 3. None, The Penguins were butthurt because they can’t deal with losing, especially to a rival team and decided instead of playing hockey to take their frustration out, bottomline that is what went down.

  38. Put Tiffaney with princess_sass (princess_ass whatever) two fucking cunts that know nothing about hockey!! Pucksluts is what they are! Stay the fuck in SHITTSBURGH!!! See what happens to the sissy’s next game!

  39. Hey Tiffaney, great spelling in all of your post.. No wonder Pittsburgh is the retard capital of the world and SexualChocolate is 100% right you know nothing about hockey. Refs don’t call offsides, the linesmen do.

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