Video: Danny Briere Says Joe Vitale was Trying to Hurt Him


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  1. No shit. He even said that in the video. It wasn’t the hit that everyone’s pissed off at. It’s that Bylsma put his goon line on the ice with a minute left in a game they couldn’t win with the intention of hurting someone.

  2. yo danny if “everybody knows” what their intent was by putting out that line then why were you skating with your head down at center ice

  3. My roommate blew a load on my face last night and I loved it cause I’m a fag.

  4. stop stealing my handle… SMH @ insecure flyers fans.

  5. Dear Penguins Fans,
    Can you read? Probably not, but that’s why he also uploaded the video, so you wouldn’t have to read the transcript. Danny said it was a clean hit. He’s not denying that. He also said he intended to hurt him, which is true. There was no need to run at him that way with a a little more than a minute to play.

  6. I would love to be the meat in a Crosby – Malkin sandwich

  7. No shit it was a clean hit pens/temple d’bag, you can still try to hurt someone by a clean hit.
    Shelly or someone better knock the shit out of Crybaby or Malkin or both Saturday if the pens dress them, if not, game 1 of the playoffs.

  8. Karma’s a bitch, Vitale you cunt. wish that puck to the face cracked your skull for taking out two flyers in one game

  9. @Chunk: As much as I would enjoy Shelley laying a beat-down on Crosby or Malkin, there’s no way in hell Shelley would be on the ice at the same time as them, except during warmups. Nor would Malkin or Crosby ever stand up for themselves unless they’re hiding behind a referee. Hartnell, Simmonds, and Schenn have it covered.

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