Video: Flyers Locker Room Celebration Features Awkward Ed Snider-Russian Goalie High Five

We call this progress.

So that begs the question… who had the more awkward high-five, Bryz and Ed or myself and Jennaphr Frederick?

Screen Shot 2012-04-22 at 7.43.35 PM


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  1. So… Elephant in the room… Can we still hate on Blysma, or should that be put on ice till next year?

  2. G has that mad dog in him.
    Eddie “xfinity live” Snider made a lot of $$$ today

  3. These same players whose hands he shakes, he endangers every day. He doesn’t care about them. Just about making a quick buck so he can buy a new suit
    Big win though. Good clean hockey. Excited for round 2 as the movement grows

  4. Mr. Lenny, I am really hoping that you will be out there with us next round. The rain hindered our turnout today. Nonetheless, the crusade for safety will continue. Will focus this week on getting to the bottom of these travesties. Have a meeting with the league office this week. will keep you posted. Have a splendid evening friend

  5. Poor jody shelley…….hahahahaha….good you goon!! League has no room for fossils like you

  6. I could us a couple days off Neil round 2. Tired from all the drinking & fucking

  7. Lenny – I got the same problem all the time with the IPhone…but really I got to decrompress. It has been a wild first round. Can’t remember the last time I was sober or not getting laid. On to round 2, got to pick it up a bit Lenny. Hope we don’t draw the Rangers

  8. I would like to perform a sex act that involves my dick and g’s asshole. u are right Mr. 3 fingers, G does got dat dawg in em.

  9. I bet JennFrehd straps one on and makes you suck HER dick.
    Something about that crazy bitch.

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