Video: Peter Laviolette Drops F-Bomb After First Period

Video after the jump.


More soon.

H/T to reader Michael for the video


12 Responses

  1. No but i imagine Bryz is ass fucking princess sass watchinthat glove save on a loop wit a stogie and a double stoli

  2. That fag from temple is busy taking care of all the penguins hurt asses.. im sure he’s about to get fucked in his next.

  3. That image encapsulates everything that is right about the Flyers these days, and everything that’s wrong with the Eagles.

  4. bleh – I’m with you here – I see more emotion out of Lavs every period than I’ve seen out of AR in 13 years.
    And Lavs doesn’t need a menu to coach.

  5. I counted the players on teh bench to start the 2nd period. I was concerned that Lavs killed someone by ripping their FN heart out of their chest to set an example!

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