Video: Real Househusbands of Philadelphia Visit Sidney Crosby’s House

Our friends over at – makers of the popular Househusbands of Philadelphia web series – are back with their special brand of humor. This time, a visit to Sidney Crosby’s house.


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  1. i wish their accents weren’t ridiculous. and that he wasn’t wearing a richards jersey.

  2. I saw the guy sitting in the car open at the helium comedy club. he was voted the funniest guy in philly. he is freaking highlarious, funnier than this video for sure.

  3. That was pretty funny. The old school Richards jersey was a nice touch. I (unfortunately) have the same one. I can totally see him at Xfinity Live! HA!

  4. @Vandit463 Did you mean to say “you got a boner from the guy who makes these videos”
    That isn’t Tom Papa…doesn’t even look remotely close to Tom Papa. Get your facts straight!

  5. Could’ve been a little funny is that asshole could buck up and get a jersey of a current player. Mother fuck should check with Mr. Born to see what’s available.
    Complete jagoff. Pussy

  6. 2 things: First, the guy in the car definitely is Tom Papa. He was in my homeroom for four years, so I recognize him.
    Second, I finally got a chance to watch this last night, and it was stupid as hell. Not funny at all.

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