Video: Scott Hartnell Films Claude Giroux and Jaromir Jagr Working Out

No idea when this was filmed, but Scott Hartnell’s latest BlackBerry Players’ Playbook – a promotion in which Hartnell was given a camera to film behind the scenes this season – was just posted by the NHLPA (quite the strategic timing, eh?).

You can watch it for yourself. But the highlight, not surprisingly, is Jagr:

“Hartsy, do I need a fucking workout? 40-years-old.”


We swoon.


16 Responses

  1. that was in edmonton. unless of course the Flyers have an oilers logo on their laundry bin in the background.

  2. Jagr is very loveable (no homo).
    Nice to see what Hartnell has become since the bad kids left and he stopped staying up till 4am.

  3. Damn dude Jags is fuckin jacked…. I love this team! They gots character and heart!

  4. I would suck on Jags cock just because he is that awesome. Damn son (no homo)

  5. You guys know he pushed his bicep with his other hand right? Watch the video, he is not that jacked.

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