Videos: Danny Briere Wins It (Again), Claude Giroux Goes Top Shelf


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  1. Bryz with big saves early, Briere does his thing, Giroux impregnates more women. Good win.

  2. Devils up 1-0! Woot Woot!
    Oh shit read the ESPN app wrong. We’ll still come back.
    Did Ilyo Kovalcheck score?

  3. Yay Flyers won!
    Too bad I didn’t get to see the final goal – I spent the entire OT in the kitchen making sandwiches

  4. “Devils fan from Villanova” is clearly an idiot. Go Flyers!! Giroux keeps giving me action in the pantalones!

  5. Devils fan from nova- stop ripping off the penguins fan who goes to temple

  6. Briere is like the best safety to ever play the game of football Troy Polamalu…….clutch in every situation!

  7. @Stephanie – You may not believe it… but your sandwich making actually contributed to the win. Keep it up!! HA!
    And I love Timonen’s reaction after Briere scores. Just awesome!
    11 Knock Knock’s left…

  8. There is nothing I dislike about this team. Great Win! 11 more Knocks!

  9. My boy Danny does it again…Love this guy and so want the Flyers to come home with a cup for Danny our Mr. Playoff guy…and, of course, the whole team especilly “G” who only has his eye on one trophy….who cares if they screwed him on the Hart trophy…he wants the one that is a TEAM Trophy!

  10. Good win for the Flyers today, but let’s not sweep two soft goals Bryzgalov let in under the rug, not to mention yet ANOTHER slow start for the whole damn team which has gone beyond annoying.

  11. Penguins Fan from Temple, don’t worry Chirp is almost 30 and is still a virgin.
    Great win tonight boys, after the first period really showed a lot of jump. Without Bryz play in the 1st they probably lose the game. However, in the same token, he played lousy the rest of the game and has to clean it up to be the elite teams.
    X Finity was bumping today, can’t wait for Tuesday

  12. I love G’s answer to Comcasts reporters question – “I love celebrating OT wins and we got to do it twice to night!”

  13. Danny really wants it. The Flyers, they can almost taste it.
    Stay classy my friends.

  14. Haha….
    House remember when we were in college and you would try to tell me I couldnt have chicks stay over night in my dorm room cause it was against the rules?
    Great attempt at being a cock block…
    1) Shame it never worked
    2) Dont be mad bro…eventually a girl will drunk enough and think your worth a lay…Just do yourself a favor and don’t be there when she wakes up. She might start throwing up.
    Rob House…the third string goalie…
    You mad bro?

  15. Not taking either side in this continuous battle but it sure was peaceful when Chirp wasn’t posting. Your just as anoying, if not worse

  16. Yes, Philly Trash, as opposed to the Devils’ very original and creative “na na na na na na na na HEY! YOU SUCK!”… Although to devils fans credit, that lackluster celebration is representative of the intelligence level of the northern half of NJ

  17. Sorry to disappoint 6 chins, But you had a few days while I was in Phoenix. Once we can get House off the boards we might be able to get back to hockey talk.
    House remember when you called me out on picking the winners for round 1.
    You went 2 for 8 and did not guess a single series completely right.
    I went 5 for 8 and had the Flyers series spot on.
    Once again…backup to me…

  18. “Flyers vs Kings for the cup bitches!!!”
    I’m really hoping for this. I was stuck in bootcamp the entire duration of the 2010 Stanley Cup run. Now that I’m in San Diego, I would like to be able to attend a Stanley Cup game, damn it!

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