Vote: Which Flyers Anthem is Better?

Ah yes, the ‘offs and all the pageantry that comes with them. 

One song that has been making its rounds on the interwebtuals (and on the Big Daddy Graham Show last night) is this Mac Miller-Doop mashup, Doop Doop, from current clubhouse leader, Plots (@DaBullDickTony).

Nice. Well edited with a professional sound. What it lacks in originality it more than makes up for in grammaticals. 

The runner-up, this non-playoff-specific Scott Hartnell rap song, recorded for the sole purpose of getting Hartnell on the cover of NHL 13. It was tweeted by Hartnell yesterday, though we’re not sure who made it.

Hartnelldown/EA Sports Rap | Online Karaoke

Not quite as catchy, but seemingly built from scratch and more subtle hilarity. 

I give the Mac Miller-Doop mashup the slight edge. What says you?

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41 Responses

  1. not a fan of the Doop…totally stole that from the Union…..kinda gives me douche chills every time I hear it…

  2. my bad, wrong song…was thinking of the one they play at the games after they score a goal…that’s the one they swiped from the Union….

  3. What really sucks is the Boils song used at the end of the games when they win. If anything it should be changed to Knock knock.

  4. both are terrible and none of these remixes are ever good including that shitty remix of Empire State of Mind that was Phillaphied. Guerilladelphia needs to do another song like they did after the ’08 World Series for the ’09 Playoffs. That’s the only acceptable song and not amateurs stealing already popular songs. Weak

  5. compared to that shitty ass Briere, Betts, and Pronger song from last year, both of these should win Grammy’s…

  6. I didn’t make it past 5 seconds on either of them. If these are our options ill vote for silence.

  7. Thought doop was pretty well made. Obviously it wasn’t original, but it wasn’t supposed to be original. He was trying to point out how Mac Miller is a Pens fan, and since the Flyers love Knock knock, he was just trying to say hey, lets flyers up Knock knock. Thought it was definitely good. The hartnell one was just bad….

  8. That Doop Doop “remix” is complete dog shit.
    Also, for everyone who wants Bro Hymn back – yea, we jacked that from ANAHEIM of all places.
    I don’t mind that they’ve been using the Union’s Doop only because they fully acknowledged that they jacked it – although, I was very surprised when they kept using it this year.

  9. The first song isn’t a mashup of Mac Miller’s Knock Knock and Doop. There (thankfully) isn’t any Doop in there at all. It’s a very good parody of Knock Knock.

  10. That mac miller song is as gay as the penguins fan that goes to Temple. BTW Mac Miller is from Pitt

  11. Mac Miller knock knock iz tha shit. Every time I play that it gets the place poppin yo!
    #females go nuts

  12. Agreed bro hymn was ripped off of anaheim. The band Pennywise even came out and sang it when they won the cup. I want to change the goal song to “punch you in the eye” by Phish. Just the intro part, where they yell HEY. Plus Phish’s frontman is a die hard Flyers fan.

  13. both of these are tragic. im sorry im a firm believer in rock for hockey. get some art of dying or avenged 7fold or sevendust or something cause both those rap songs flat out suck

  14. Longshot but I wish they would do Deathface by Some Girls starting at the 5:42 mark after every goal. Some of those dudes live in Philly so there’s a little connection too.

  15. The guy who did the Doop song totally bit off the #HartnellDown song. Hello. Get some orinigality.

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