Watch As This Pittsburgh Site Trolls You, Philadelphia

This is actually pretty funny.

Video by Benstonium, makers of "Pittsburgh's biggest and best viral videos," via The Pensblog


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  1. You know what is actually hilarious? Having a 2-0 series lead with the next two game at home. Whenever I think about that, I crack up.

  2. “… Wait, people still visit a decaying rust-belt town of unemployment and bomb threats?”

  3. Funniest thing is they are so wrong about so many things. Who visits Pitt? If we want an answer look at twitter. It proves the point that Pitt can only focus on championship and nothing else. No college in Philadelphia receive 10 bomb treats in one day. It’s funny bc south jersey is often considered Philly. They want to come at Harry Z (wrong, yes) but they still got Big Ben. Two of their heroes chose Philly over Pitt and what does Pitt even have? Rundown and abandoned steel mills and factories? Looks like someone needs to do some more research. Philly fans can’t do this towards Pitt, there is not enough memory on any device to record it all. I’ve been it Pitt or the area several times and I can say with Certaintly THAT CITY SUCKS!

  4. …Wait, stealing the style of 4 year old YouTube Videos(

    ) isn’t cool at all?

  5. No words necessary for this sorry town who the Flyers own. Let them put on their bear costumes and make their movies but we all see who is laughing at who as we sit back and enjoy our team embarrassing them. Who is Malkin in this series anyway…do we know him? Oh yea the guy who is dominated by a 19 year old. Keep it coming pittsburgh as Philadelphia is enjoying the show.

  6. I don’t know any people envious of Midwestern cities (though Chicago seems to like a great town). Philly will always be relevant (because New York is only an hour train ride away).

  7. Funny… who has the 2-0 series lead and is heading back to their home ice? Yinzer douchebags…

  8. It’s been said before and it’ll be said again: Pittsburgh is the owner of the biggest inferiority complex of any city in the US.
    Seriously, everyone has the most irrational hate of Philadelphia here. The funny thing is, 90% of those people have never been to Philadelphia.

  9. Comparing the two cities is futile, Philly is a vibrant, culturally diverse city with a fantastic restaurant scene, first class music arts and nightlife, top tier sports arenas for 7 very successful pro teams and we are steeped in american history. Pittsburgh has the incline, an elevator ride weeeeeeeee!

  10. lmao kinda funny
    its too bad they could only get 375k (being generous) out to their parade.. i think we almost had that at frankford and cottman.

  11. So I made it about thirty seconds. It really is pretty lame. Lacks creativity. Which goes without saying.
    Kyle you’re slipping bro. First you rip Man in the Box and then you post this saying “it is pretty funny”
    …. I guess it is hard for a Nova grad to be cool for this long.

  12. I thought it was at least tolerable until they starting talking shit on Ben Franklin.
    Also, the Pens have 3 cups, the Flyers have 2. If you want to brag about how many championships you’ve won, you need to have more than 1 more than the other team.

  13. Well, someone just fire back at them in the same format. Make note of the dead steel industry, rate of homelessness, and the fact that its in the most backass part of PA.

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