Wayne Simmonds: Man

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Here's an excerpt, courtesy of the Flyers, of Wayne Simmonds speaking to reporters today:

Q: Wayne, do you expect that, after what you saw yesterday, that this is the kind of playoff series you guys are going to get with them [Pittsburgh]?

“Yeah, definitely. It’s fun hockey, it’s like old school hockey. You come to the rink, you battle everyday, you know there’s going to be fights, you know you’re gonna get hit and you know you’re going to have to hit back and that’s the type of hockey that we like to play. So I think that suits our team well.”

Q: Were you going into yesterday’s game saying ‘I don’t want to get in a fight’ and then all of a sudden you’re fighting on of the toughest guys in the league…what’s going through your mind there?

“Obviously it wasn’t ideal for me to fight in that situation but, Danny took a solid hit there and obviously I’m going to go to my player’s defense, that’s the type of player I am. It doesn’t matter if I have stitches in my eyes, I have to go in there and stand up for my teammate.” 

Q: Is it a real toll on you, whether or not to keep wearing a visor?

“Yeah, this year is my first year without a visor and I’ve taken a few shots to the face but…obviously it’s something I’ll keep mulling over but, I don’t know. I like it without the visor but then again, I want to have my eyes after I’m done playing hockey.”


Who needs eyes?!?

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19 Responses

  1. Simmonds is now loved in a city that couldn’t figure out if they even liked Carts and Richards. That’s what happens when you play all out with every inch of your heart.

  2. Simmonds is the black Tim Kerr n front of that net battling, love em!!! He’s a tough mofo, loved that interview with the gash!!

  3. Simmonds is my G. A straight up homie. A real baller. I’d like to gets to know this cat for a minute. Holla at me Wayne. You damn good in dat honkey sport.

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