Crosby_fleury.GIF work via reader Greg

At one point last night, I realized that four of the eight posts on the home page here on CB contained Sidney Crosby’s name in the title. Generally speaking, that’s entirely too many. Too much estrogen… too little jam. Plus, too many mentions of his name and the site will go down without explanation and start spamming me with error messages, just cause. Anyway, here’s one more… because we just. can’t. stop. laying. into. the. bitch. 

Word of caution: This may or may not be the post in which I reveal my quiet obsession with awful pop music and Carly Rae’s Call Me Maybe. Yeah, yeah… I know– I don’t pretend to be proud of these things. Just keep reading.

Joe and Casey Conklin remixed the bubblegum pop song into Baby Crosby for the WIP Morning Show today. Most of you feel Conklin jams on the WIP Morning Show are hit or miss, and that will likely be the case here, but you have to appreciate any song that blends whining Crosby drops with fake Ilya Bryzgalov. 

The audio, for your a.m. enjoyment, after the jump.