Yinz Done


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  1. The other day someone said the Flyers would win 5-1…
    You sir were spot on…fucking right…

  2. The allegheny monogahela and the ohio are sure to reach flood stage from yinz tears.

  3. what is the twitter of the broad kyle made famous i want to see what she is saying now

  4. Against any other team in any other sport I would try to be classy and say good series but fuck the Pend, they are an embarrassment to the NHL with their bitching and moaning, so fuck you Cindy, Ugly ass Malkin and their fat and ugly fans, have fun on the golf course you twats

  5. Big props to Claude Giroux who set the tone early by whacking Sidney Crosby with that early hit, followed by the goal he scored 32 seconds in. Ilya Bryzgalov earned his paycheck with his play as well. Ding dong! Pittsburgh’s dead!

  6. Being stuck in Pittsburgh East (Wilkes-Barre) this win is that much sweeter! Gonna get silly drunk now! Giroux has firmly established himself as by far one of the top 3 players in the NHL. Let’s Go Flyers!

  7. I think tampon sales at the CVS near crosby’s house are about to go way up…solid fuckin win. That was the perfect way to clinch the series. Here’s hopin Washington and Ottawa take care of business .

  8. Look at the tweet from this dumb twat during today’s beatdown. Is she fucking serious? I hope she’s kidding.
    Taylor Marie ‏ @Princesss_Sass Close

  9. Tocchet made a great point after the game. God forbid Crosby give the Flyers credit. He chalked it up to bounces. Gimmie a break. You got beat. Admit it. Giroux was better than you (and really your whole team) this series. He is such a whiny bitch.
    This is starting to look like 2010 if Ottawa and Washington and win. If you remember the Flyers were a 7 seed that year with home ice in the East Final cause all the top seeds went out.
    @Wilkes-BarreneedsaWawa – LOVE THAT NAME. HA!

  10. I miss hoagiefest haha…Sheetz is terrible. Hoping the Caps can finish off Boston, Timmy is playing out of his mind right now tho.

  11. Onemanwolfpack…nice point. It’s always an excuse with the pens. Them and their fans are so out of touch and delusional that they can never just give credit where it’s due. I stumbled upon a piece from the pens blog pensburgh yesterday that said the idea that couturier dominated Malkin was a false narrative. They make some twisted mental leap using a bunch of arbitrary statistics and actually say that couturier was getting “spanked” by Malkin…what?!? They can’t even admit that Malkin flat out shit the bed this series. Sure his stats weren’t awful, but this is the league MVP and he just flat out didn’t play like it, and the pens suffered. Fucking idiots.

  12. Annoying as shit how NBC is all over the flyers.
    Flyers better hope that the rangers & bruins don’t advance or they are fucking done. Especially with that mentally unstable goalie Bryz.
    Pussy no class flyers fans

  13. Safe to say Pens fan from Temple is in the fetal position crying like baby with the rest of them playoff Pen fans. Giroux = Boss. Crosby = Loss.

  14. One aspect of the game that I know better than anyone on this blog is goalkeeping. Bryz played fantastic tonight. I tip my cap to him. Glad I was wrong. Chris, you should try admitting when you are wrong every once in a while. Pens fan from temple – beat it

  15. NBC is really all over the flyers? really? that’s literally THE most inaccurate statement i’ve heard since crosby was called a good leader.

  16. Temple pens fan…BAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!! A pens fan complaining about NBC? That’s funny…and “pussy no class flyers fans” …that statement is kind of an oxymoron don’t you think? Fuckin dope. You hop on the bandwagon now and go hang your 87 jersey up until next year like a good little shitstain pens fan.
    People can say we won’t beat the ruins or the rags all they want, but we weren’t given a chance in this series and look what happened…and I’m pretty sure Bryz was great the past two games. That coupled with the fact that he won’t have to face a team with Crosby, Malkin, and staall on it in the next round bodes well for him.

  17. Best thing about this series is Crosby got another concussion from his own teammate, thanks Malkenstein

  18. pens fan from temple – forget about finals, if you are not out of school by tomorrow I am gonna beat your ass, you hear me, next time i see you i am gonna beat your ass!

  19. @House
    You are a big, fat, stinky ass turd who sucks at goalie. You know shit about hockey.

  20. Rod Roddy – try getting your dick wet every once and awhile. It’ll take out some of your clueless hostility

  21. House why are you posting here…
    You were dismissed. You can leave now.
    Thanks for trying.
    Good night.

  22. At least Sid wont have to play hockey during nights now so I can suck his dick even more!

  23. Penguins fan who goes to temple- if I ever see you, I will break your face! most annoying troll ever.

  24. Chirp, this ain’t your site. Stop trying to be me. Its been about 10 years since I took your job, let it go dude

  25. @ Pete H….. So well said…… @ Pens fan from Temple. You mad bro? Yea, you damn sure are.

  26. I love the hilarity and irony in the fact that Temple Pens has been trolling the shit out of this blog all series and just called us pussies yet, we’re the classless ones.
    I’ll enjoy being classless watching the Flyers in the semis knowing full well the Pens are done for the season. Yinz mad bro?

  27. House
    Crossingbroad is not a dating site.
    Try match.com.
    Must be hard being a backup your entire life.
    You mad bro?

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